11 Steps To Setting Up An Amazing Facebook Page!

Make Your Facebook Page Pop
3 Page Cheat Sheat

Not sure of how to set your Facebook Page? Don’t worry we got you covered follow the steps below and you will have an amazing looking page very soon!!

1. Set Up: Set your page up first by signing up on Facebook and follow the

2. Unique Name: Make a unique name for your page. You can use your
business name, industry type name (Las Vegas Pizza Guys), your
name, or a product name (Shamwow, George Foreman Grill, etc.).
Get creative, just make sure your page name let’s people know who
you are just by looking at the name. When picking a name follow these Facebook Policies to make sure your page doesn’t deceive people.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to secure your business name on all or most social media platforms! Do this even if you don’t plan on using a social media platform. Watch this video to learn more about securing you business name on all social media platforms.

3. Profile Picture: Add a picture that really shows what your business is
about. Add a logo, product pic, store/office pic, employee pics, a pic
of you (the owner), etc. Just make sure it gets people’s attention and
lets them know what you are about.

4. Cover Photo: This is where you can get really creative and show off
your businesses personality! Use lots of colors and make sure to put
your address and phone number on there. Use the cover photo to show off your brand. Use Canva it is a great tool for creating pictures. I use it all the time! Once you use it you will thank me. (I’m not affiliated with Canva I just love the free tool.)

5. Add Links To Cover and Profile Pics: Once you set the cover and
profile pic on your Facebook page click on them and add a
description and add a link to your website, blog, etc.

6. Add A Call To Action Button (CTA) : This is a nice feature that
Facebook added in 2014. You can add one call to action. Choose
from: Book Now, Call Now, Contact Us, Send Message, Use App,
Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video, Send Email, and
Learn More . (Whew.. That’s a long list got through it all!) Choose the
one that will work best to generate leads for your business. I like to use the Call Us button. It is located just below the “cover photo area”. It’s real easy to set up! Don’t worry if you want to you can change it later. (below is a sample of how it looks on mobile)

Facebook Setup

7. Short Description: Fill this in with a short, but to the point description
of your business.

8. Long Description: This is an opportunity to really explain what your
business is about! Use this section to let people know all about your
business, employees, business hours, specials, products, etc.

9. Website Address & Phone Number: Make sure to add this for sure!
You want to give people all the info they need to contact you. This
makes it easy for them. Put it in the phone number and website
section and in your “Long Description”.

10. Proofread: Make sure to proofread everything before or right after
hitting “save”! Nothing looks more unprofessional than tons of spelling
errors and typos.

11. Add Services: If you are in the service industry there is a section on Facebook where you can add services you offer. Don’t leave this empty it is a great chance to tell your customers the exact services you offer! You can put them in order of importance once you are done. Just rearrange them to show your best and most popular services at the top. Below is a sample of the services section and how it looks on our Facebook page.

Services section on Facebook

Once you do all that then publish your first post! Let the world know you
are on Facebook. Market your new Facebook Page on your website, at
your office or store, tell your friends and invite them to like your page. You are now on your way to a great social media presence!!

One Last Thing: Make sure to update your page every once in awhile.
Update your profile pic, cover photo, any useful info in the description
section, business hours, phone numbers, services and website address (if they change). You want your customers to have the most up to date info so that they can contact you if needed!

Bonus Tip: You can also add video playlists to put all your video uploads into a category. I have some of my videos sorted into playlists labeled Social Media Tips, Business Tips, Sales Tips, etc. It’s a great way to organize any videos you post. This is something you can do later once your page is setup and you’ve been posting for awhile. Check out the video here on how to add a Video Playlist.


Update: Facebook recently added some new CTA (Click To Action) Buttons to make it even easier to reach out to customers. This will give you even more options to get clients to respond to you and your Facebook ads. Test the CTA buttons and find which ones work best to generate new business. Some are meant to generate leads and some are meant for instant sales.


Do you have any tips for setting up a Facebook Page for business? Let us know in the comments below!



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7 Content Ideas For Your Social Media

7 Content Ideas For Your Social Media

Do you need some ideas on what to post on your social media? After awhile it can be tough to keep coming up with fresh content to post on social media. Below are seven content ideas for your social media that will help you get through a creative mind block.

Content Ideas #1 – Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes are great for posting on social media because it can be a mood lifter and inspiration for people. It can help somebody get through a tough day. Motivational quotes can motivate others to work harder to accomplish their goals. When people log on to social media in the morning motivational quotes are great inspiration to start the day! Be the reason someone has a good day. Here are 42 motivational quotes you can copy and paste into your social media post.

Content Idea #2 – Funny Pictures or Videos

Who doesn’t love to see funny stuff? I know that when I see funny pictures or memes on social media I will share them if they are funny. Making people laugh is great medicine that is why funny pictures and videos get lots of engagement. Try to come up with some of your own funny content. Don’t copy others be unique and who knows you could get lucky and one might go viral!

Content Idea #3 – Helpful Content

Helping people with some great tips is a great way to get peoples attention on social media. Make sure that when you give some tips that it is related to your niche/industry. If you help enough people with some great tips and advice others will notice you and start seeing you as an expert in your field. Here is a good article on adding value on social media.

Social Media Tip

Content Idea #4 – Your Office and Employees

Everybody likes to see pictures of other businesses behind the curtain. Showing pictures and videos of your office and employees will show the human side to your business. When coming up with a plan to do social media marketing find a way to add in content that will show your business behind the scenes. You could post pictures of the office, employees having fun, employee of the month, some new equipment your office just got, etc. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there for people to see the awesome people that work at your business!

Content Idea #5 – Links To Your Blog

If you have a blog it’s good to promote it to your audience on social media. Don’t be afraid to put links to your blog posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. If your blog has some great information then post links to it! Let your audience know that you have some great advice for them through your blog.

My advice is don’t overdo it by posting links all the time. Mix it up with the other content ideas from this article. Talking about links here’s one that is for 17 Awesome Post Ideas You Can Totally Steal from us.

Content Idea #6 – Product Pictures & Videos

Having some great product pictures and videos you can put on your social media can be a strong selling point. Make sure they are really good pictures and high quality video that really make the product stand out. Don’t just put pictures and videos of the product with a sheet in the background. Be creative and put pictures and videos showing the product in use or how it can be useful. Make it interesting to get some good engagement. Video demonstrations for products are getting more attention. Use video more when showing off your products. Better yet use live video like Facebook Live to show off your products! Here’s an article on why you should be using the power of Facebook Live. Also when showing off your products on social media try not to make it look like an advertisement. Make it FUN!

Content Idea #7 – Fun Stuff!

Since our name is Fun To Be Social it would not be right if we didn’t mention to have fun on social media! Just be random on some days and find fun stuff you can post on social media. Be attentive and ready to snap a picture or shoot a video if something funny pops up! Post pics of fails at the office that are funny, or product fails that are funny. It will get people to engage more. Whatever you do just try to have fun on social media and your audience will engage and have fun too!


What kind of content do you post on social media? Let us know in the comments below.



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Why Facebook Live Gives You The Power!

Are You Using Facebook Live For Business?


Today we live in an amazing age for marketing and technology! Facebook Live gives small businesses the power that only huge corporations used to have. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity afforded to you!

How To Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live gives us the power to broadcast live to customers at any given moment. It’s super easy all you have to do is go to post and hit “Go Live” and start filming. That’s all you need to do to get started. You don’t need any technical skills. Facebook makes it very easy for all to use!

Facebook Live For Social Media Marketing

You do however need a plan for Facebook Live if you are going to use it as part of a social media marketing plan. Don’t just start with no plan at all! Think about what you want to accomplish by going live on Facebook. I like to give value when on social media so I will go live to give some advice on marketing, social media marketing, business tips, etc. If you own a car repair shop maybe you go live to show people a problem with a current customers car and how you will fix it. A flower shop may go live to show how to make an awesome floral arrangement. The main thing is to be creative and even start writing down some notes on some fun subjects/ideas that you could do for Facebook Live. Social media is about being fun and creative! Facebook Live gives you that option to get creative live in front of your customers.

If you are new to video and live video don’t be afraid to get started. Just like anything it takes some practice to get good at it. Start out by doing a little bit at a time. Start with one video per month for a few months then go to two videos per month. This way you will gradually get good at it without it being overwhelming. Honestly I didn’t like doing video at first either, but I started to do it because I know it’s the future of social media marketing and if I didn’t start soon I would get behind the growing trend. So I started out a little here and there. It has become easier to me now that I have done it for awhile for Fun To Be Social and for our customers. I now actually like making videos!

Use The Power of Facebook Live!

Any business can take advantage of this great technology of live video! It is something that only a few years ago big businesses with large budgets could do. We are all now on the same playing field it is up to you how you use it and take advantage of it. Social media has changed our lives in so many ways and it has also changed the way businesses market to customers.

Start out with just a short Facebook Live video and get familiar with it. Have some sort of plan before starting. It can be just a five minute video. The main thing is just start! Odds are your competition is too scared to do it so if you start now you will be ahead of your competition when it comes to live video marketing.

There are so many ways you can get creative with Facebook Live and the possibilities are endless.

One thing you do need is a good following on Facebook because if you only have 100 page likes not many people will see your live video. Make sure to build up your page so that a good number of people will see it live. After you post the video on your timeline you can promote it so that others can watch it. If you are proud of your Facebook Live video and only a few people seen it live go ahead and promote the video!

Social Media Marketing Is Evolving

Live video is part of the the ever evolving world of social media marketing. It will continue to change months and years from now. Get started today so that you can keep up with the changes and get really good at it. Your competition and customers will notice!


Are you doing Facebook Live yet for social media marketing? If so let us know of any great tips you may have in the comments below!



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