Instagram Adds Live Feature

Instagram Live


Instagram added a new live feature to their platform. It is out now on limited accounts, but will be rolled out app wide in the coming weeks. Since adding the Stories feature Instagram has been adding a lot of Snapchat like features. This one is different and more resembles Facebook Live or Periscope.

Disappearing Live Video

The new Instagram Live feature will have disappearing video. Meaning once the live broadcast is over the video disappears from the news feed for good.

This is meant to help people to get more comfortable with live video. Your friends and followers will get notifications when you go live just like on Facebook Live.

You will also see that they are live under their profile picture and in the stories bar. Instagram wants you to see when people are live to encourage you to view. This in turn can help the Instagram Live feature become more popular.


Will This Be Good To Use For Business?

Honestly I’m not sure if the new Instagram Live feature will be beneficial for business or not. The video disappears soon after the live broadcast and for a business that is not as good. For personal use it could be great.

If you go through all the time to produce a great live video and it disappears right after and not a lot of people seen it yet it could be a waste of time. There will always be pros and cons to new social media features.

I think Instagram should give us the option to keep the video or have it disappear. That would be a win-win for business and personal use. Maybe they will make that an option in the future.

One Way To Use Instagram Live For Business

I do think that this feature will be good for “flash sales” if you promote it through Instagram Live. Flash Sales are very short term promotions/sales. Just like Facebook Live you can let your audience know that you will be going live on Instagram soon and do a countdown posting every 5-10 minutes about the upcoming live broadcast and to let them know they won’t want to miss it!

Let’s Give It Time

Until it actually rolls out app wide I can’t tell you too much how good it will be for business. Once it comes out I will tinker around with some ideas once I use it. I’m sure other digital marketers will find marketing techniques with Instagram Live that will be creative and beneficial.

The fun part is once it’s out and we all get to experiment with Instagram Live we will all learn as we go. I’m sure after awhile I can find some fun ways to use Instagram Live for business and as I do I will share them in this blog. Stay tuned my friends!


What are your thoughts on Instagram Live? Let us know in the comments!



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7 Tips To Start The Day Fast!

Start Your Mornings Fast

Motion Creates Emotion!! Hit the ground running don’t walk around all groggy in the morning it will only make you feel even more tired! Start the day fast to gain some great momentum for the rest of the day! Below are 7 tips to get the day started fast.

Use The Morning To Your Advantage!

The morning is what sets the tone for your day. If you start off crabby or irritated it’s a good indication of how your day is going to go.

Get Up and Get Motivated!

One thing that works for me is I don’t use an alarm! I don’t need to my body knows when to wake up. With an alarm going off and telling you when to get up it can actually ruin your morning. I like to get up when my body says it’s time not when an alarm clock tells me! I do have the luxury of being my own boss so I have nobody to answer to if I’m late.

My advice for a good start in the morning is to try waking up with no alarm clock. Set it just so you won’t be late for work, but make it a habit to get up 10 minutes before it goes off. You will notice the difference!

More of our motivational posts here.

Don’t Drink Coffee Right Away!

One thing that I’ve noticed is that if I wait about 2 hours to have any coffee in the morning it will be more effective. You need to give your body time to wake up and start running right before ingesting caffeine.

Drink some water to start your day and wait until you actually are awake and working before drinking coffee. I know what you’re thinking “I need my coffee right away!” Here’s my answer NO YOU DON’T!! It’s just in your head! It might be tough to do at first, but it will be worth it once you get past the first three days. Don’t start your day immediately with caffeine that’s not what it’s really meant for. It’s meant to give you some energy when you get a little tired. It’s not meant to be fuel to start your day!

Don’t get me wrong I love coffee (in moderation), but what I learned is if you skip it for the first couple hours of your day you will notice it works much better with giving you energy later in the morning.

Business Tips

Put On Some Music

A good way to start the day is to listen to some of your favorite music. Who doesn’t love hearing the songs that get them singing and dancing??  Getting that feel good energy right away in the morning is good for the soul. Just make sure not to be blasting music if others are sleeping yet! Put in some earbuds you maniac!

Take A Moment To Visualize Your Day

Take just 3-5 minutes with your eyes closed and visualize your day and what you hope to accomplish. While you do this also visualize your day going great with no negativity. This is important to getting you day off to a great start.

Visualize how your first few hours will be, then how your mid day will go, and how you will finish the day strong. Really put it into perspective.

I don’t really meditate or anything, but find this does help me get the day going in the right direction.

Visualize Your Long Term Goals

After visualizing how your day is going to go focus on your long term goals and what they will look like 5, 10, 20 years down the road. This will help give you the reason why you are working today or why you are building your business. Picture how it will look and how it will feel when you reach your goals. This doesn’t have to take long three minutes should be enough time to really visualize your long term goals. If you do this everyday you will not lose focus on your goals!

Visualizing your long term term goals frequently will also put them into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is what the brain thinks about even when you are not. After burning your goals into your subconscious mind it will give you more plans and strategies to reach those goals when you are not even thinking of them. Napoleon Hill talks about this more in depth in “Think and Grow Rich” if you haven’t read it yet you should!

One thing you don’t want to do is overthink things in a negative way it can ruin your motivation. Here’s what I’m talking about.

Do Something Nice For Someone

Even if it is something small like buying them a donut, telling an employee they are doing great, or complimenting someone. Do something nice for someone in the morning and it will keep the positive energy going!

Avoid Time Sucking Useless Activities

Don’t start doing something that will not get you closer to your goals right away in the morning. You want to start your day off right and doing useless stuff will suck your time and energy right away. You want to start the day off running at full speed so don’t get sidetracked by stuff that doesn’t matter.

Give some of these tips a try and find which ones work for you. There is no need to do all of them, but at least a couple of the tips above will help you to get started fast in the morning and on the right track.

The morning time really does set up the rest of your day don’t waste it. Use the morning time to get a jump start on your day! The early bird does not get the worm if he doesn’t do anything!


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What tips to you have for starting the morning on a positive note? Let us know in the comments below!



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A.I.D.A. Is Still Important In The Sales Process

Sales Tip

Put That Coffee Down!!! Remember the movie Glengarry Glen Ross where Alec Baldwins character had that famous sales speech? He used the terms A.B.C (Always Be Closing) and A.I.D.A. (Attention, Interest, Decision, Action). In this article I want to talk about A.I.D.A. and why it is still an effective sales strategy.


In any business and marketing strategy you need to have your customers attention. If nobody knows about you it will be hard to generate new business. You MUST get your customers attention! You can get their attention either before a meeting or during the meeting, but you MUST get their attention or they will get bored and tune you out. I’ve been in sales many years and know that when I don’t get a customers attention the sale is already lost before I even get started.

There is good news, you can recover if you failed at this step early in the sales process. If you noticed that you have lost them and that they are disinterested early figure out how you can grab their attention. Get louder, use hand gestures more, use keywords that will get them to perk up. Don’t give up on getting their attention, but do it early otherwise you will lose the sale no matter how good your presentation is.


If there is no interest in you, your product, or service what is the point? You must generate an interest for what you are selling! You must solve a problem they have. Show them that you are there not just to sell them, but to help them. Don’t go in trying to force a sale. You need to demonstrate in your presentation that your product or service is what they need! If they truly do need what you are selling their interest will peak.

Can your product or service really help them? If yes that is good! Now show them why and how it can help them! Really drive that point into the presentation. Sales is about showing how you can help them.



If you do the previous two steps of Attention and Interest right it will make this step easier. Getting a customer to make a decision is crucial in the sales process. If you cannot get this your whole sales process and presentation will be worthless.

First things first is you need to be talking with a decision maker! Don’t waste your time on someone who is going to listen and report to the decision maker. That is a huge waste of time! The person who is not the decision maker is going to report back to the decision maker and there is no way they can sell the product or service you are selling as good as you. Also they don’t care as much as you do so their explanation to the decision maker will SUCK! You will lose the sale 95% of the time if you aren’t speaking to the decision maker. There are times when you can make a sale without speaking with the decision maker, but it’s rare, time consuming, and frustrating. My suggestion is don’t set up a sales call without knowing that the true decision maker will be present.

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Most sales people are actually too scared to ask for the sale. It’s true they will go through the whole process and presentation, but clam up at the end when it comes time to close the sale. It’s actually more common than you think. I’m sure it has even happened to you too.

It’s happened to me many times. You need to make sure to ask for the sale! It needs to be part of your sales presentation. You need to practice the close and make it strong. Don’t be timid when asking for the sale it needs to be strong and commanding! Don’t overdue it, but also don’t be scared and timid when closing. If you know that they are interested and that your product or service is something that will help them solve a problem feel confident that they will buy. Be confident when closing the sale!

In Conclusion

Go into each sales meeting knowing that you will get the sale! There’s a phrase “Assume The Sale” and confident sales people know how powerful those three little words can be.

Even though sales and marketing are changing constantly some things remain the same and A.I.D.A. still remains an important part of any sales process.


Have you used the Attention, Interest, Decision, Action as part of your sales process? How did it work for you and what kind of tips can you give? Let us know in the comments below.



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Secure Your Name and Brand on All Social Media Platforms!!

Secure your business name

If you have a business and brand one thing you want to do is to secure your name on all social media platforms as soon as possible!

Secure Your Business Name Today!

If you haven’t yet, get on at least the top 4 or 5 social media platforms and secure your business name before someone snatches it up! It’s your brand and you want to protect it. If you don’t secure your brand name on as many social media platforms you risk the chance that someone else gets it and you will have to settle with a different social media handle.

I suggest that you get on as many as possible even if you don’t plan on using that social media platform. This way you will at least have your name secured on there. If you plan on using that social media platform in the future at least you will have the name/handle you wanted.

It’s Your Brand Protect it!

The main reason you would want to do this is to protect your business and brand name. You worked hard to get your business this far and you don’t want some imitator out there using your name! I know that it’s hard to keep up with every single social media platform out there, but secure your name on at least the top four or five social media platforms. Even if you only plan on using one or two.

When doing social media marketing it is important to convey a consistent brand message and by securing your brand name on most social media platforms this will help to show that consistency with your brand message.

It Won’t Take Much Time

It won’t take long if you sat down and did it all at once. Figure out the four or five social media platforms that you would like to secure your name on first. Then go on each one and sign up and HOPE that your business name is still available on each one. If it is that is very good! It should only take 30-40 minutes total to sign up for five social media platforms. That is not much time to secure your brand name! Do it all at once so you don’t forget.

The Top Social Media Platforms

In my opinion the top five social media platforms would be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. I would even throw Pinterest on that list. Get on these social media platforms and secure your brand name before it’s too late!


Did you secure your business and brand name on most social media platforms? Let us know in the comments and even leave your social media handle for others to follow you on social media!!


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Winners Never Give Up!

Winners Never Give Up!

It’s true Michael Jordan didn’t win all his games, not even close! Brett Favre lost many many games, but he is known for never giving up! They are both known as winners not because they always won, but because they won a lot because they never gave up and didn’t let losses get to them for very long. They were focused on one thing and that was winning!

Don’t Let Little Things Get You Down

Sometimes it may feel like you will never get out of a bad situation. The feeling of hopelessness can linger. Don’t let it keep you down! Bad situations never last forever. You could be closer to success than you think! Click here for some Awesome Motivational Quotes.

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” -Michael Jordan


Don’t Stop!

Winners win because they never give up! If you think of some of the most successful people ever you will notice one thing. That thing is most of them struggled and went through many tough times before success. There are lots of movies out there about successful people who had to overcome many obstacles before success.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” – Vince Lombardi


Your Losses Make You Better

When you are struggling it’s not all bad news. If anything you are becoming smarter, stronger, and better! The struggles will make you so much better if you do one thing DON’T GIVE UP!!!! Successful people have one thing in common and that is they refuse to give up. If you can find one trait all successful people have that would be the number one trait.

Every Little Step Counts

It may seem like you are not making much progress, but every little step adds up to big things. No matter how slow the you are moving just keep moving forward. In three or five years the little steps will be the reason you succeeded! If I’m having a bad day or week I just keep going because I always think to myself that even if it doesn’t seem like I am accomplishing much I know that every single little step counts!

motivational quote

Winners Will Always Find A Way

Think of what you are doing as a game. Find ways to win the game! Make it a competition with yourself. Use your competitors to motivate you to be better. Whatever you do find a way to win. I am a competitive person and I find that if I make things into a competition I will work harder to win or be better. I do this all the time in business, life, fitness, etc. Look for ways to make it fun and competitive. Find the drive to win no matter what!

You are a winner! Everybody has it in them to accomplish big things. It’s up to you if you will. Always remember that you don’t have to win all the time. All it takes is one thing, one step, one decision. Are you willing to put in the work to win? Will you find a way to win? Make the decision today that winning is all that matters no matter how many setbacks you may experience!


I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and you put the work and time into it. I think your mind really controls everything. -Michael Phelps 


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What are some things you do for motivation? Let us know in the comments below.



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