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You have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more that is great!! Every business should be doing social media marketing. Are you being fun or boring on social media? Sometimes it’s hard to tell unless people tell you. Here are a few things to do to make your brand fun on social media.

Tell Your Story

Every business and person has a story about how they started, where they are now, and where they plan on going. Each brand/business story is unique so use that to your advantage. Let people see what’s going on in your business. Share things that will help others relate to your business and brand. Here are some things that you can do to tell your story.

  1. Show your employees in the office/storefront.
  2. Let people in on some exciting upcoming business news.
  3. Talk about some struggles your business may be having with product development or service issues.
  4. Show off some new equipment that the business just got.
  5. Feature your managers and tell their backstory

As you can see there are many different ways a business can tell their story. Build a brand based on your story and people will relate even more with your business!

Post Funny Stuff

It’s great to use humor on social media and I talk about this on other posts like 7 Content Ideas For Your Social Media. Posting funny stuff on social media is a great way to get engagements. One thing that you want to do is to try to make the humor relate to your brand or niche. Random humor is good too, but try to create some funny memes or graphics that show off your brand. Create some funny stories or sayings about your niche. Create a funny GIF that will get your followers to laugh and respond.

Have A Personality On Social Media

Nobody wants to follow a business that is “All Business” you need to show off a personality to get more followers and engagements on social media! You want to Be Fun On Social Media!! Don’t post as the business try posting as a person. Show your employees and management. Don’t just show pictures of the business, products, logo, etc.

When you respond to customers in the comments be personal and fun! (Do this only when it’s OK, don’t try to be fun or funny if a customer is mad about something.)

Talk About Charities Your Business Supports

If you show people that your business is charitable it will help them relate to you. Post pictures or videos of you and your employees out at a charitable event. Show off the fun events and the employees having fun while volunteering. It’s a good thing to be part of the community and to give back. Show this on your social media not to brag, but to boost the charity and to tell people who follow your business that you care about more than just business.

Have Fun Days or Themes

What does that mean? It means coming up with some themes that your followers can relate to and look forward to. Come up with some wacky days. Below are some themes you could use;

  • Monday Motivation
  • Tuesday Talk
  • Wacky Wednesday
  • Thirsty Thursday
  • Freaky Friday

The above are just some examples.There is no need to come up with a theme for every single day. Even once per week would be good. You can come up with days and themes that relate to your business and niche. Be creative and do some brainstorming. Once you have a list of some days and themes that you like you can begin testing what works. Make some creative good content to post for any themes you do. See what kind of engagements you are getting keep the themes that work best and discard the rest.

Use Branded Colors

Make sure to add your brands colors on each picture or video you post to any social media platform. It will help others to get to know you brand image.

Our brand colors are blue, red, and yellow. I try to use them as much as possible in any content that is put out on social media. Whether it be the font, background color, image, etc. Doing this will convey a consistent message on social media about your brand.


As always our main message and brand here at Fun To Be Social is about FUN!! This article should help you get some ideas on how to create a fun brand on social media. Remember that you must add some personality and be social on social media that is the name of the game. Don’t try to be serious because you are a business. People engage a lot more with fun social media profiles. Do what you can to keep it fun and never too serious!


What advice or feedback do you have about building a fun brand on social media? Let us know in the comments below!


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Should You Use A Chatbot for Facebook Messenger?


Facebook allows users to use a chatbot on Messenger. Chatbots are a way to automatically communicate and answer questions on Facebook Messenger. It takes some time to get set up, but once set up it can save you time and money. It can also lead to better customer service.

Here’s an article on Social Media Examiner on how to set up a chatbot.


Usefulness of Chatbots

Personally I have not used a chatbot yet on Facebook Messenger. I have seen them in action and understand why a business would use them. They can save time for you and your customer. If you set up your chatbot correctly it can be very useful.

It is a good way to help answer basic questions and to lead customers to the right answer. Chatbots are becoming more of the norm especially for large businesses.

Chatbots are also very useful when it comes to speed of service. Customers can get an instant answer anytime and any day whether your business is open or closed.


Should You Use A Chatbot?

I think it could be beneficial if you don’t have time or have someone who monitors your social media constantly. The fact that customers can get an instant response is reason enough to set up a chatbot and see if it is right for your business.

If you aren’t sure if you should use a chatbot on Facebook Messenger or not, maybe set one up for a little while and monitor it’s effects on customer service. Worst case scenario you can remove it and go back to live customer service on Facebook Messenger.

With social media constantly changing and adding new and improved ways to communicate with customers it is worth trying them to find the right social media tools that will work for your business. If some don’t work out you can always go back to what was working. The thing is you don’t want to not try some of the new useful ways to use social media to help your business and get behind the technological curve. Stay up to date on the new social media tools and find the ones that work for you.


Save Money

If you are using a chatbot to help customers get answers then you don’t have to pay someone to monitor Facebook Messenger as much. They can allocate more time to social media marketing instead of answering questions that the chatbot can take care of automatically.


In Conclusion

Personally I haven’t set up a chatbot yet, but I think I might experiment more with it in the near future. I like to do live customer service, but the problem with that is sometimes I can’t answer a question on Facebook Messenger for a few hours or longer so chatbots could be very useful to help my customers. I also plan on using them more on client accounts (if they prefer) to save time and money for my clients.

Know that Facebook allows chatbots and it is not against their policy. Since they allow it that means Facebook must see some value from chatbots as well.

What is your opinion on Facebook Messenger chatbots? Let us know in the comments below or share this on social media with a comment.



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Facebook Live Now On Desktop!

Facebook Live

Social Media News!

If you haven’t heard Facebook Live is now available on your desktop. For a long time it was only available on mobile devices. This new development is nice because it will make doing webinars and other videos from your office easier.

The Power of Facebook Live

Of course you will need a webcam on your desktop computer. I do like doing Facebook Live more on mobile because I can do it anywhere and anytime, but having the option to do Facebook Live on a desktop is nice and gives us more options!

I think live video should be a part of every social media marketing campaign in 2017. It is probably the biggest trend in social media right now. If you haven’t thought about using Facebook Live yet for your business you should start thinking of ways you can add it your social media marketing strategy.

The Biggest Trend In Social Media For 2017


What do you think? Do you like the fact that you can do Facebook Live on desktop now? Let me know in the comments or share this on your social media with a comment and I will respond.


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How To Use Social Media If You Own A Casino


The next article in our “Your Business Series” is on how to use social media if you own a casino. I know there aren’t many small business owners out there who own casinos, but since we are based out of Nevada I thought this would be fun to write. Even if you don’t own a casino you can use some ideas in this article for your own business.

Your Business Series Article #2 – How To Use Social Media If You Own A Casino.


If you are one of the few people that do own a casino that is awesome! Casinos are basically a license to print money. I give you lots of credit if you own a casino because I’m sure there is a lot of red tape to go through before you can even think about opening the doors.

Casino marketing is the same as any other business. You need to get the word out to as many people as possible. You need to keep it fresh and fun and give people incentives to come into your establishment.

There are many fun ways to promote your casino on social media while making it look as though you are not trying too hard. The main thing is you need to be doing social media for your casino. Believe it or not I know of some big casinos that don’t even do social media marketing yet or they do very little of it! It’s 2017 and I don’t know why any casino would not be taking advantage of social media marketing.

If you own a casino and haven’t done social media marketing it’s time to start. Let’s get into some fun ways you can do some fun and effective social media marketing.


Casino Events

Casino events such as concerts, blackjack tournaments, slot tournaments, etc. are great ways to show off your casino!

  • Post the dates and times of upcoming events
  • Put posters/pics of upcoming performers
  • Show off players in any casino tournaments
  • Post a picture of winners holding up their cash
  • Have a promotion for fans to have a chance to win tickets to concerts or shows


Profile Restaurants In The Casino

A lot of casinos have restaurants in them. Show off each restaurant to show your social media followers what your casino has to offer. There’s a chance that a lot of your followers haven’t been to the casino yet. This is a great opportunity to show them why they need to come in.


Feature New Slots

With technology always changing casinos are always adding in new machines and taking out the old ones. Whenever your casino gets a new machine brag about the cool new features on it! This will get people excited to come in and try the new and improved slots. If they haven’t been in the casino for a long time this might get them curious to come in to see the new slots.


Use Live Video

This is a must in 2017! Live video is now a big and growing trend in social media. If you own any business you will want to add live video into your social media marketing campaign.

There are so many ways to get fun and creative with social media and live video. If you own a casino here are some ways to use live video;

  • Show off your employees
  • Give tours of your casino
  • Do a live broadcast with your restaurant chefs and have them do a video on how to make a dish
  • Film the outside of the casino at night with the lights glowing
  • Give lessons on how to play some of the table games
  • Ask some of the talent from any shows if they would give an interview
  • Film any other fun events going on (concerts, local bands, comedy shows, etc.)

Of course if you film some of a show like a concert or comedy show you don’t want to give away too much maybe just a 3-5 minute live video broadcast.


Update People On New Changes

Social media is a great way to be transparent and let people in on new things coming to the casino. You can talk about some upcoming remodeling plans or any new restaurants coming to the casino. Post pictures and video of the changes as they happen to keep people up to date on social media. Doing this will make them feel like they are part of it. This is another way to build excitement around the casino.


Special Discounts

Social media is a great way to get people in the doors. Use special discounts for your social media followers to get them in to use at the restaurants or gift shops. Make the discounts for a short period of time like 1 day, 2 days, or up to 1 week.

Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are great for doing flash sales. A flash sale is a sale that lasts for a very short time. With disappearing content like Snapchat and Instagram stories you can use those platforms to do some limited time promotions that only your followers will see.

Doing very limited time special discounts for only your social media followers work and gives them great incentive to keep following you.

Here’s how to run special promotions for your Facebook fans only.


In Conclusion

As you can see there are many ways to effectively use social media marketing if you own a casino. There are so many other ways to do this in a fun way, but I hope this article helps give you an idea on some creative fun ways to promote your casino on social media.

If you are like 99.9% of the population that doesn’t own a casino take the ideas in this article and think how you can incorporate them in your social media marketing.

This is article #2 in the “Your Business Series” check back as we add more articles about other types of businesses and how social media can benefit any kind of business.



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Social Media Marketing

If you own a business and need help with social media marketing contact us today for a free consultation!

It’s 2017! Here’s What You Need To Do For Social Media Marketing!!

social media marketing

Now that it’s 2017 we know that social media has now been around over a decade. Social media marketing itself is younger than that. Most businesses didn’t even consider social media marketing until about 5 years ago or less. There is still a lot to learn about social media marketing and so many changes and new features yet to come.


What Will Be Big In 2017 In Social Media Marketing?

We will never be able to predict 100% what will be the biggest trend in social media marketing. The best thing to do is to predict what it will be based on past and trending social media marketing strategy. I do have an idea about what will be the biggest social media marketing trend of 2017.

It’s not really even that much of a surprise. It has been heading in this direction for quite awhile and now most social media platforms are pushing it and enhancing this feature almost daily.


What Is It?

LIVE VIDEO! That is the trend that you need to start working into your social media marketing strategy for 2017. If you haven’t started yet in 2016 it’s time to get the “live video” into your strategy.

I am not mentioning something new here. A lot of internet marketers know this and are saying the same thing. They are able to see what others may not see early and adopt the strategy before everyone else does. Your job is to also become an early adopter and hop on the live video as soon as possible!


Use The Power Of Facebook Live

Just think of the power you now have at your fingertips with Facebook Live!! It’s amazing to think how far we came in marketing and technology. It’s your job to take advantage of this great age of marketing and make it work for you.

Read more Use The Power Of Facebook Live here.

If you haven’t noticed yet Facebook is really pushing their Facebook Live feature on your Facebook feed, T.V., Billboards, and other advertising. You know that if they are putting in that kind of effort to get you to use the Facebook Live feature that they have big plans for it!

It is still fairly new and Facebook will keep adding new and improved features as time goes. Get familiar with it now so that you will be able to connect with your customers in new and fun ways before your competition even thinks about it.


Others Are Jumping In!

Recently Instagram has added a Live feature, it is a little different in the fact that the live video disappears immediately after you are done with your live broadcast. It is cool, because you are living in the moment without the video being saved.

Twitter has a live video feature as well. I personally haven’t used the live feature on Twitter yet. (as of writing this) I will have to give it a try and see how good it is.

With other social media platforms implementing the live video feature you know that this is the wave of the future for social media marketing. Know this now and start doing some kind of live video soon to stay with this trend and ahead of your competitors.


Get Started With Live Video Soon!

I do highly suggest that you add “Live Video” into your social media marketing strategy for 2017. If you don’t you will be working with an outdated social media marketing strategy. Find ways to keep it fun and to get your customers engaged.

Define goals for your social media marketing strategy even when implementing live video into your strategy. Get this Free Cheat Sheet on How To Clearly Define Goals For Your Social Media Marketing. It will help guide you to set goals so that you will know why you are doing social media marketing and what you hope to get out of it.


How will you use social media marketing in 2017? Do you have another tip about something big in social media marketing? Let us know in the comments below!




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