7 Ways To Brand Your Business

7 Ways To Brand Your Business


Branding your business is important because it helps your customers identify you business based on constant brand awareness. They will recognize your company products, services, and company culture just by seeing your logo.

You will want to create a consistent brand message on and off-line. There are many ways to do this and sometimes it can take many years to get it right. Whatever you do you want to get started now to build a great brand. Below I will give you 7 ways to brand your business.


#1 Your Business Name

If you are just starting out this will be your first step to creating a brand. Come up with a name that describes what you do, but keep it short and simple.

Once you find a name that you like you will want to do some research to see if the name is taken. You will want to get a domain name that has that name so be unique because it’s hard to find a domain name that you want. It’s OK if you can’t find the perfect domain name you will need to find one that is the closest to the name you picked.

Take some time when thinking of a name give it a few days before settling on a permanent name. In the few days you might come up with a name that is even better. In the meantime you can still keep working on your business just wait to put the business name on any material.


#2 Create A Unique Logo

You will need a logo first of all. Don’t be cheap and don’t do it in a hurry. Create a logo that will let people know what your company is all about with just a simple image.

These days a simple logo works the best. Don’t try to get too fancy when designing your logo. Sometimes simple is the best. Look at some of the biggest businesses in the world and you will see a simple logo. Our logo is simple and you know what our business is about just by looking at the logo.

Don’t be afraid to spend some money to have a professional make your logo. It may seem expensive at first, but you need to consider that your logo is your image! Don’t skimp on getting a great logo done. You will be using it on almost everything like your website, social media pages, business cards, stationary, advertising etc. When it comes to your company logo don’t be cheap!!


#3 Brand Colors

This can come as you design your logo. While designing your logo think of what colors you want to represent your brand. Find the perfect colors for your brand and stick with them. Use the colors on everything that represents your company.

Every time I make content for our social media pages I always stick with our brand colors on things like pictures, fonts, borders, etc. Be consistent when using your brand colors.

Pro Tip: Stick to three colors or less to keep it simple.


#4 Slogan/Tagline

This part is really fun because you get to tell people exactly what you do in a short easy line of very few words. This is time to get creative and maybe sit down with a group of people to do some brainstorming. Write down all kinds of phrases and words that you or your employees can think of that describe your business.

Your slogan should catch people’s attention! It is a verbal equivalent of your logo and brand.

Examples: Nike- “Just Do It”,  McDonalds- “I’m Lovin’ It”,  M&M – “Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands”

Here’s an article on Hubspot with some more samples of good slogans


#5 Customer Service

Yes you read that right! Customer service is a very important part of branding. If you have great customer service it is remembered and people will share their experience with others in person and online. Same goes for bad customer service.

Do whatever it takes to give the best possible customer service. Don’t let one employee ruin it for your brand. If you find out an employee is not giving good customer service get rid of them fast! A bad employee can easily tarnish your brand. Never tolerate somebody who doesn’t give your business and brand a good name and image!

Come up with processes to ensure that your business is giving great customer service. Train your employees on a regular basis and hire people based on personality. Try to do at least two interviews before hiring people that will work with customers. If you get to talk and meet with someone at least a couple of times you will get a better feel for them and their personality.

There has been many times where I didn’t get good customer service and never went back to that business. On the flip side there were many times where I got amazing customer service and always go back to those businesses. Remember that customer service is very important to your brand and image.


#6 Your Website

Your website is a great way to show of your brand. It is a blank canvas to where you can build up your image in any way you wish. Be creative and implement things like your logo, slogan, and brand colors.

Put testimonials on your website so that others can see what your customers are saying.

Add pages for your products/services and really show off how great they are!

Always have a way that people can get in touch with somebody on your website. Add a contact page and put some contact info on your Homepage and your “About” page.

You can keep your contact page simple there is no need to get fancy just put the basic info on there so that people can quickly find a way to contact your business. Check out our Contact Page to see what I’m talking about.


#7 Social Media Presence

Social media is another great way to build your brand and brand awareness. Use the same profile picture, cover photo, and social media handle ( we use the same handle on all social media @funtobesocial).


Napoleon Hill Quote
Find Us On Instagram!


For our social media we stay as consistent as possible when it comes to images and our company name on ALL social media platforms. You will want to do the same to build a constant brand image.

Notice in the post above from Instagram that we use our logo, brand colors, social media handle, and website address. Be consistent when creating content for your social media.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the same social media name on all social media platforms. My suggestion is to pick a name that is available on as many social media platforms as possible. Do some research to find the right name to use. It may take a little while, but it will be worth it in the long run. You will be using your social media handle/name on a lot of marketing material.


There you go 7 ways to brand your business. This list keeps it simple and if you follow it you will start to build a great brand!


Do you any tips or advice for branding a business? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading!



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How To Focus When Working From Home

How To Focus When Working From Home

It is very easy to lose focus if you work from home. Being an entrepreneur is tough enough but those distractions at home can really take away the production. Let’s talk a little about how to focus when working from home.

First Things First – NO T.V.!!

Most kids are told “No T.V. while you are doing your homework!” It should be the same thing for adults when working from home! Having the T.V. on while working can be a major distraction even if you are not watching it. The noise can make you lose focus and don’t get me started on annoying loud commercials! Turn that T.V. off! You will be glad you did and you will notice your work and focus will improve a lot!

No Random Texting Or Phone Calls

It is easy to get distracted while working from home because you have nobody who keeps an eye on you. No supervisor or manager to tell you what needs to be done. So why not send your friend a quick text and say “What’s Up”? It’s easy to do if you lose focus you start thinking of other things besides work and your tasks that need to get done. I’m guilty of this big time, but have learned that all it did was make me lose focus and before I knew it I wasted away a big part of the work day! I don’t make random phone calls or texts to family or friends anymore while I’m working. I can always talk later when I have free time, but during a work day I don’t need to lose focus.

When you are working at home it is no different from working at an office. You wouldn’t sit and waste a bunch of time talking about nothing on the phone at your office. Take this advice and don’t let your phone become a distraction. If a friend texts you or calls just tell them politely that you are working and can call or text when you are done. After awhile they will know that you are working and not just sitting at home doing nothing just eating cereal and watching funny cat videos! An easy way to do this is to tell family and friends your work schedule and most of them will understand and not call or text during that time.

Don’t Start Cleaning

I am really guilty of this one. I would take a break from work to get something to eat and see something that needed cleaning. Before I knew it I wasted an hour or two cleaning. What??? That is stupid and unproductive! Clean after you are done working. Don’t look for stuff to do other than work while working from home. It is easy if you’re a clean freak (like me) to let this one waste some of your work day.

Get Inspired!

Before you start your day look for motivational quotes or videos that get you pumped and ready to crush the day! Don’t put too much time into this but a good 5-10 minutes of inspiration can really help you to get the day started. Here are 42 Awesome Quotes that you will love!

Check Email Only Twice Per Day

As a business owner you will need to use email quit a bit. The trick is don’t check your email every 15 minutes. Set two good times to check your email each day. I like to check my email in the morning and then about an hour before I’m done for the day. This way you can respond to emails consistently without needing to check it all the time. Doing this will ensure that you aren’t leaving important emails and customers hanging for a long time. It will also leave you to focus on other tasks while working at home.

If you really need to check it more than twice maybe check it on lunch and respond to some important emails. That way when you do it on lunch you aren’t losing focus of work that needs to get done. Make it quick when checking emails during your lunch break because you need to get away from work a little also to recharge.

Don’t Go On Social Media For Personal Use

If you are a business owner working from home chances are you will need to do some social media marketing. It’s OK to use social media for business while working, but don’t go on your personal social media accounts. It will only distract you and before you know it you will have lost an hour of work doing nothing! Most of us have done this, but if you catch yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed just because you wanted to means that you are wasting valuable time. Check your personal social media pages when you are done with work. Also if you keep posting and sharing random stuff all day during the weekdays people will think you don’t work.

If you haven’t yet started a Facebook page for your business here are 11 Steps To Setting Up An Amazing Facebook Page.


Make Your “To Do List”

Everyday before you get done with work make a To Do List for tomorrow. That way when you wake up and start work you know exactly what needs to be done without wasting time thinking of what needs to get done. It will help you stay focused! If you wake up each day not sure what you are going to do it will be very easy to get distracted. Have a plan on how you are going to stay focused while working from home. Having a To Do List is a great way to have a plan and direction for your day.

Get Out And Work Somewhere Else

Sometimes working from home can get boring. You need a change of scenery once in awhile where there are other people. Find restaurants or coffee shops that have free WiFi. It will be nice to get out and that change of scenery can really help spike the productivity. It’s also a great way to get some lunch or breakfast while still working!


Make Working From Home Work For You

Working from home is a great thing. It gives you so much freedom as an entrepreneur. Not having to deal with rush hour traffic or bad weather, getting to work in comfortable clothes (or even your undies), saving money on gas, not having to pay for an expensive office space, etc. It has many benefits that’s for sure! Staying focused and actually getting work done while working from home can always be a challenge.

If you know the things that distract you start to cut them out. Use the advice from this article and it will definitely help to cut out the distractions when working from home. Staying focused and productive is key to accomplishing your business goals. Don’t let working from home be the thing that led to failure. Let it work to your advantage!


For other business tips you can find informative videos on our YouTube Channel!


What kind of things work for you when working from home? How do you stay focused and productive? Let us know in the comments below!


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