12 Ways To Persuade Others

12 Ways To Easily Persuade Others

Everyday we have to persuade someone. Whether it’s persuading your boss to let you have a certain day off, your kids to clean their room, or trying to persuade new clients to give your business a try. You are selling someone or persuading them on a daily basis whether you realize it or not. Are you good at getting your way? Most people aren’t that good at selling/persuading they try, but really don’t have the skills. There are people who are really, really good at this.

Here are 12 ways that you can persuade and sell people a little easier.


 1. Have Confidence: People who come off as really confident tend to get their way more often. Like the late great Vince Lombardi said “Confidence is contagious, so is a lack of confidence.”

Don’t be afraid to show off your awesomeness!


2. Limited Choice: Give someone a very limited choice and ask them to pick one. For example: if you are talking with a customer and they have some interest show them the two best options and ask them which one they would like. When you do this most people will answer with the one they like best. You gave them a limited choice so they don’t feel overwhelmed and this makes for a great close! For more sales tips click here.

3. Go Big First: Ask for something bigger than what you actually want first. This way you can negotiate down to what you really wanted in the first place. Do you want $100? Ask for $500 at first! When you go down to $100 the person you are asking won’t think of it as such a high dollar amount because $100 is far less than $500. (This works well when negotiating)

4. Talk With Your Hands: Use your hands more when you talk. This will make what you are talking about seem bigger. Don’t stand there with your arms at your side or crossed. Use your hands to make big gestures and the person you are talking to will take notice.

5. Do Favors: If you add value and do favors for someone once in awhile they will feel like they owe you. Don’t do favors for this reason only, but if you are of value to someone they will want to be of value back. (at least we hope so)

Add value first before asking for business.


6. Agree: Even if you don’t agree with someone don’t argue. Agree with them and they will feel like you have something in common. You don’t have to believe what they are saying, but agreeing with someone is a way to find common ground. If you don’t really like what they are saying agree anyway, because an argument will be worthless and your chances of persuading that person will drop significantly!

7. Use Their Name: When you meet someone use their name within the first minute or two of the conversation. This will bring a more personal feel to the conversation it will also help you to remember their name easier. Don’t overdue it with using their name in the conversation. Use it in the beginning, somewhere in the middle, and at the end of the meeting. You don’t want to come off as tacky for using someones name too much in a conversation.

8. Compliment Them: There is always something nice to say to someone. Complimenting people will actually give them a good impression of you. Who doesn’t like to get a nice compliment? It’s good practice to compliment people when you can. It reflects back on your character.

9. Dress Good, Feel Good: If you dress good you will feel good. When you feel good you will be more confident. If you dress good, it will be harder for people to tell you no.

10. Make People Come To You: It is always easier to get your way when people come to you. If you go to them they will almost always feel like they have the leverage. When someone feels like they have leverage the chances of persuading them goes way down.

11. Give Gifts: Everybody loves gifts! Even small gifts give people a favorable opinion of you.

12. Give Them A Vision: If you are trying to sell something like a service give your customer a vision of what you can do for them. Use the words “Imagine This” in the beginning of a sentence when explaining the benefits your service offers. Those two words can be very powerful.


Persuading and selling people is an art and mental chess game you are playing with the other person. If you use the right combination of these 12 ways to persuade others getting your way will be easier and the person you are persuading won’t feel like they made a bad decision.

Of course don’t use these 12 ways to deceive people to get your way. Be good with your intentions!


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How To Easily Grow Your Instagram Live Views

Grow Your Instagram Live Audience
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Instagram Live is still a fairly new feature on Instagram. It is similar to most live video on other social media platforms accept that the live broadcast disappears right after it is done. You do now have the option to save the video and post on other social media platforms if you wish.

It can be difficult to build an audience for your Instagram Live broadcasts unless you have a massive following. As a social media marketer I have seen and done lots of things in social media. Now, some of the things I have tested work out and some don’t, but that’s what marketing is. Marketing is all about testing and data.

Here is one simple trick that I learned….


Learn From Others

I learn a lot of things from other social media marketers and digital marketers. The people in this industry are great at sharing their ideas! I am the first to admit that I don’t know everything. I am always willing to learn new tricks and tips that can benefit my company and my clients with social media marketing.

I even wrote a book How to Be Crazy Fun and Effective on Social Media  and I am still learning new things every day! That’s why I am always watching videos, reading blogs, and connecting with other social media marketers. Learning from others is one way I can get better at social media marketing, but that’s not the one thing I learned to grow Instagram views.

The one trick I learned (below) could help you grow your Instagram Live audience. If you do this and stay consistent you could see your audience grow over time.


Set An Exact Schedule

This is the one tip that I am talking about! You will want to produce an Instagram Live show that you do at the same time and same days. If you have a consistent schedule for your Instagram Live show people will start to remember when you are going live.

One good example of this is Brian G. Peters with Buffer. He runs an Instagram Live show called the “Social Social” that runs every Monday-Friday at 2:00 p.m. Pacific time. It is a show run on the Buffer Instagram page where he gives out social media marketing advice. I tune in as much as I can he gives great tips and advice and answers questions during the live broadcast. Brian stays consistent when going live. It’s easy for me to remember and just like clockwork he is on there right on time!

The “Social Social” is a great example of what I am talking about. Come up with a schedule that you can keep. Let your audience know the times and days of your Instagram Live show and STAY CONSISTENT! The consistent time and days will help people to remember when your Instagram Live broadcast will be.

If your audience likes what you have to say and likes the value that you give them they will remember the times and days of your Instagram Live broadcast.

3 Surefire Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

Over time if you stay consistent with the schedule you will have a good chance to see your Instagram Live audience grow!


Your Next Steps

  1. Find a time and the days that you want to do an Instagram Live show.
  2. Create a name for your show.
  3. Brainstorm ideas of subjects you want to cover for each show.
  4. Post the dates and times on your other social media pages.
  5. Be consistent! Do not miss a show, otherwise people will start to think you are not very reliable. Show up when you promise!

It Will Take Time

Expect that it could take 3-6 months or longer to see your audience grow. The two main things you want to do are give great value and have a consistent time when you are going live on Instagram.

It might work out or it might not, but you won’t know until you try this method for awhile. If your audience does start to grow larger and larger you may generate more leads over time because your audience will love the value you give and look to you when they need what you are selling! Instagram Live could work for you if you use it the right way.

Go out and make it happen!


Do you have any advice for growing an audience on Instagram Live? Let us know on social media by sharing this post or leave a comment below!


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How To Use Social Media If You Run A Nonprofit

How To Run Social Media If You Run A Nonprofit

If you run a nonprofit organization you know that marketing and fundraising can be a challenge. Without the proper revenue the nonprofit organization cannot survive. This means that every dollar counts when it comes to marketing. In this article we explore some fun and effective ways you can use social media to gain more visibility and eventually raise more funds.

Your Business Series Article #3 – How To Use Social Media If You Run A Nonprofit.


Special Events

Social media is a great place to promote an event. You can do this free or with paid ads. If your nonprofit has a special event coming up get on social media and promote it! Fundraising with social media can be fun with promoting your events.

Start early and post often to remind people to attend or register to attend your event. You want to post often, but not too much maybe space it out to about one post every three days. This way it isn’t too much, but enough to keep it fresh in people’s minds. Create an event on Facebook by going to the events tab. Facebook makes it easy to add events just follow the steps and after you create a few events you will get better at it. Share the link to this Facebook event on your other social media pages.

Use Snapchat to promote the event on your story. If you have a good following on Snapchat they will watch your snaps and this could lead to a nice turnout. Make the snaps interesting and show your followers why they should attend.


Show The Benefits

The great thing about running a nonprofit organization is that most likely you are doing it for a great cause that will help people or something else like animals or the environment. People like to see the reason you are out there raising money. They want to see how they can help out your cause.

Social media is the perfect place to show what your organization is accomplishing and how your cause is making a difference. Post pictures and videos to show your followers how your nonprofit is impacting others and why they should care too. The cool thing by doing this is it’s not bragging it’s showing others why your nonprofit is valuable and will get them interested!


Get Viral

Remember the “Ice Bucket Challenge”? That reportedly raised nearly 200 million dollars for ALS! If you are lucky you can find something that can raise one percent of that. One percent of that would still equal two million dollars!! Experiment with some videos and some ideas that you think can get some engagements and shares.

Find a challenge that is related to your nonprofit and maybe it will catch fire like the Ice Bucket Challenge. You never know until you do it. Sometimes things just catch on! Sit down with your team and brainstorm some ideas.

Contact us to find out how we can help your nonprofit with social media!

Pay attention to other things that are working or things that have worked in the past. Try to come up with your own viral challenge and it can lead to HUGE rewards!


Run A Contest

Running a contest will be a fun way to connect with your audience. It can be a contest that is related to the cause of your nonprofit or it can even just be a random contest.

Keep the contest fun! The main goal of a contest is to get more engagements. More engagements can eventually lead to more revenue if you run a nonprofit organization. A contest is a great way to build awareness for your nonprofit.

You can run a contest every week or plan one that runs once per month. If you run a contest on a weekly or monthly basis you can promote it on the days leading up to it. You can also make it a theme that people can look forward to. If you run a contest on a consistent basis people will look forward to the contest!


Ask For Donations

If you post valuable and engaging content consistently it’s fine to ask people to donate once in awhile. Don’t think that you can’t do this. The trick is you don’t want to ask all the time. Space it out to once in every ten posts or so. You are on social media to engage and eventually raise more funds for your nonprofit organization!

If you are just starting out on social media build your audience and focus on more engagements before asking for donations. Get your followers to like you and like what your nonprofit stands for.


Ask Others To Share

If you have a following that engages with your nonprofit ask them to share your content. If they believe in your cause they will share to help raise awareness. I see this all the time and on my personal social media accounts I see my friends share posts for nonprofit organizations. They do this because it’s a cause they believe in and they want to help even if it means just sharing a post. Build a loyal following and they will share your content also.


I hope you found this article useful if you run a nonprofit organization. There are so many ways to get creative and add some fun engaging content on social media. Just like any business you want to keep it fun on social media! You will want to raise awareness and eventually use social media to raise money. It can be done if you use social media the right way and stick with it. Use the tips in this article to get started or get better at it. Most nonprofit organizations have a great cause that is for good. Find ways that you can show why your nonprofit is worthy.


Do you have any tips to add? Let us know in the comments below or share this on social media with a comment!


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