How To Get More Customer Referrals


Referrals are one of the most effective ways to grow your business. If a customer gives you a referral the chances of closing that sale are much higher. The question is how do you get more referrals from your customers?


Make Your Customers Happy! 

If you give your customers amazing service they will be very happy and happy customers are more than willing to help you out! A happy customer will not hesitate to give you some great referrals. If they love what you offer and they are benefiting from it they will want some of their friends and business colleagues to benefit as well.

Happy customers will not shy away from helping you out if you are helping them tremendously. Your number one job is to give your customers the best service you possibly can. Even if it means losing a little money on the account. You can make up that loss later on their account or through a very good referral.


Ask For The Referral

If you don’t ask the chance is you won’t get a referral. You cannot ask for the referral too early! First you must take care of the customer with amazing service. You need to do this for awhile before asking for the referral. If you ask too early you could annoy the customer and possibly never get a referral.

I cannot give you a timeline on when to ask because it depends on your industry and what kind of service or product you offer. This could take a little testing to find out the best time to ask a customer for a referral. Take notes and find the optimum time to ask for a referral. It could be a month or six months after they become a customer. After awhile you will get a feel on when to ask a customer for a referral.

The one thing you MUST do is ASK! Use your best discretion on the timing of when you ask for a customer referral.


Make Up A Short Form Or Email Template

Make up a customer referral form. You can do this on paper and through email. Just a short form with four spaces for customer name, phone number, email, and business name. That’s all you really need to have on the customer referral form. Print them off and give them to your sales team to use or save the template in a Word or Google docs form to copy and paste in an email.

Doing this simple step will get you in the routine of asking for customer referrals.

Good customer service


Give Out A Referral Bonus

You have probably seen a lot of business do this. Something like “refer a friend and get a $100 referral bonus.” I see this a lot at places like dentist offices, health clubs, etc. It is very effective because something like $100 is a good price to get a new customer. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers! This gives them even more of a reason to tell their friends about you.

Sit down and figure out how you want to implement a customer referral bonus program. How much are you willing to give out for a referral? What are the stipulations before someone is paid? Is there a limit on how many people they can refer? Sit down and write up a referral bonus program that will benefit both you and your customers.

Once you figure out the details of your customer referral bonus program advertise and promote it. Put it on your social media pages. Have signs and posters in your office or store. Put it at the bottom of the customers receipts or invoice. Get the word out and don’t forget to tell them the reward they will get!


Ask Family and Friends

This could be a very easy way to get good customer referrals. Ask family and friends if they know of somebody who could benefit from your service or product. Most family and friends will be willing to help, but if they don’t know of anybody don’t keep asking. If you do have a customer referral bonus program in place let them know about it and pay them if any of their referrals becomes a customer! If you do this it will give them even more reason to get the word out for you.


In Closing

Customer referrals can be a big part of generating new business if you know how to get them! A lot of business owners don’t even have programs in place to get customer referrals. Some sales people are afraid to even ask for a referral.

If you offer a great service or product don’t miss out on the opportunities that customer referrals can bring to your business. Sit down with your team and figure out ways that you can get more customer referrals to generate more business. Successful businesses use the method of customer referrals and you should too!


Thank you for reading! What tips do you have for getting more customer referrals?


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5 Fun Ways To Use Snapchat For Business

5 Ways To Use Snapchat For Business

If you use Snapchat for business you know how fun and useful it can be for business. Maybe you tried it a little bit just to see if it’s worth it or maybe you never even tried it. There are so many ways to use Snapchat for business to keep your customers engaged and coming back to view more!

Let’s talk about five simple ways you can use Snapchat for business to build an audience and build awareness for you brand.


#1 Flash Sales

Snapchat is a great platform to do short term sales also known as flash sales. Since snaps only last 24 hours before they disappear it is simple to do a flash sale.

Give your customers a promo code that they can use, but make sure to let them know it’s only good for a short time. It can be good for only two hours or as long as three days. Don’t make the offer good for much longer than the three days. Keep it short to create urgency!

If you do flash sales once in awhile your followers will want to watch your snaps more to see if you have any good sales. This works really well because your customers will come in more often if you have some good flash sales.


#2 Events That You Attend

Do you attend events in your area or events that are related to your industry? Snapchat is a good platform to show your audience some of the events you are attending. It doesn’t take long just pull out your phone and post some interesting snaps of the event.

If the event you are at is a local event it will get others interested in attending the event if they are local also. If they see you are at the event it can also be a good chance to meet some of your customers!

If it is an event related to your industry you can post some snaps that educate your audience on the industry. It also shows them that you care a lot about your industry and that you attend events to learn more and grow. This can go a long way in establishing yourself as an expert in the industry you are in.

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 #3 Product Demos

Your customers will like to see your products being used. Snapchat gives you a great chance to do some product demos. Make the snaps interesting and give people a reason to watch them. Try to be fun and don’t make it look like an infomercial. Just simply explain how the product works and show it in action. Talk to your audience and don’t oversell the product. You’re not Billy Mays!

Get some of your employees to use the product while snapping. Make it funny if possible. Adding a sense of humor can build more of a personal connection with your audience. Adding humor will definitely show off the fun side of you and your business!

Fun Ways to Use Social Media


#4 Educate Your Audience

Social media is the perfect way to show your audience and customers your expertise. Use Snapchat to educate your customers on things in your industry. Give them great tips and advice for free! The more value you can give for free the more business you will earn in the future.

As you educate and give great advice people will come to you when they need what you sell. You will establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

Here’s a good example: Let’s say you own an auto repair shop. You can use Snapchat to show how you are replacing an alternator. You can go over how it’s done step by step. Give them a complete guide on how it’s done.

How does this get you more business? With the example above if you gave a good tutorial on how to replace an alternator people will think of you when their alternator goes out. They will remember the snaps and how you showed them what needs to be done. Two things will happen they will try to do it themselves from what you taught them or they don’t feel like dealing with it and they bring the car to you to get the alternator fixed or replaced.

If they like the service you offered on that alternator repair you just earned a customer for life! That’s the power of social media for business! Use this technique to get an advantage over your competitors. It’s also fun to educate your audience! I don’t make anything off this blog. I use it to educate others and if people like things they read in this blog they could turn into customers! Either way I like doing it and always intend to add value with every single blog article.

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#5 Show Off Your Office or Store

This one is fun and easy! Just bring out the phone and start recording things from your office or store that is interesting. You don’t even need a plan just do it randomly. Let your customers see things from behind the scenes to make them feel part of the team.

Show off fun events at the office or store. Even if it’s just an employee event like an office party. If you do this your customers and potential customers will get an inside look at your office or store and a good feel for the company culture and employees. The more you show off your store and office the more people will feel a connection with your business. It will show off the personal side to your business.


In Closing

Snapchat is a great social media platform for business. It allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. The content only lasts for 24 hours so you can get creative. Experiment with some things that work. When you find what works for your business on Snapchat do more of it! Since the content disappears in 24 hours it doesn’t stick around forever so if something isn’t that great it won’t be on your profile forever. (Be careful with this because people can take screenshots so don’t post things you don’t want out there forever)


How do you use Snapchat for business? Let us know on social media or leave a comment below!


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How To Actually Enjoy Your Time Off

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Do you always have errands and things to do on your days off? You should use your days off to unwind and refresh!


I understand that everybody has different situations. If you have kids and need to bring them to school or activities you need to do that on your days off. That kind of thing is understandable, but what I don’t understand is why people save all their chores or errands for their days off?? There are ways you can actually enjoy your days off without putting off important things that need to get done.

Use this one trick to win at business.


Shop On Your Work Days

It can be a lot to do things on the days you work, but if you can get some basic stuff done on days you work it will free up time later. Shopping is one of them. I hate grocery shopping, but my wife and I like to get this done on days we work. This way we can stay out of the grocery stores on our days off. I don’t understand why someone would want to grocery shop on their days off. It just seems like a boring way to spend free time.

If you have off on the weekend try to plan your grocery shopping for a Wednesday or a Thursday. Once you get into this habit you will not regret it.


Clean Early

If you clean your place on your days off that is one thing you won’t have to worry about when you have some time off. If you don’t have time for that maybe hire somebody to come in and clean while you work.

If you have kids this one will be hard to do because if you’re a parent you know cleaning is basically an everyday thing. My suggestion is to do the bigger stuff during your work days so that way on your days off you can just do the smaller stuff to keep your place kept up.


Get Other Errands Done

Whether you have to run to the hardware store or the department store to pick up miscellaneous items you can do this on your work days also. I personally like to stay out the stores on the weekends if I can. They are usually busy and it seems like everybody is shopping on the same day.

So if you have things to buy for around the house go get them on your work days. Who wants to miss a football game because they are out shopping! I know you won’t catch me shopping on the weekends during football season!! 🙂


Get Work Tasks Done

If you have things you have been putting off try to get them done little by little so that they won’t be on your mind. Even if you had to get to work a little early everyday just get there and work on the things you have been putting off. On your days off you won’t have to think about these things and you can focus on having fun and recharging!

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Make Your To Do List On Your Last Day

Put together things that you need to do when you get back to work on a list. Put it in writing so it’s not on your mind on your days off. I do this all the time and trust me it works great! I write down all the things I need to get done when I get back. It’s like freeing your mind so that you don’t have to think about that stuff all the time. It helps me to unwind and enjoy my time off. Try this and you will agree it works great!


Hire An Assistant

OK, I know this isn’t an option for everybody, but if you have the money in your budget this could really help free up more time. Even if you don’t want to pay a lot you could hire somebody one day per week to get small things done like shopping, cleaning, yard work, etc.

If hiring somebody can free up your time to let you recharge more on your days off it may be very beneficial. How can it be beneficial you ask? By recharging and getting away from work you can be more productive on the days that you do work. This can lead to more productive days which can lead to more income. More income could more than cover the cost of hiring someone to help with little chores and errands.


Enjoy Your Days Off!

Everybody needs a break here and there and by getting simple small tasks done before your days off you can really ENJOY your days off! Clearing your mind is essential to being more productive and to prevent burnout and fatigue. You want to do this because it can lead to more productive days when you are working.

Take a walk and smell the fresh air! Go for a swim, sit by the beach, go to a movie, or just do nothing. The point is your body and mind need a break every once in awhile so don’t save the mundane tasks for your days off! Get out and have fun and enjoy the days off that you earned!

During the week live by the motto Work Hard, Play Hard to keep you going. What’s the sense of life if you don’t take time for yourself and your family. Life is to be lived and working all the time is no life. Find the right balance so that you can create a happy balanced life.


What are some things that you do to enjoy your days off? Let us know on social media by sharing this article or leave a comment below!


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Win At Business With This Easy Principle


Being a business owner is tough and challenging. In fact most businesses don’t survive past the first five years. You need to be tough, methodical, and persistent to make almost any business successful. What you want to do is WIN AT BUSINESS!


Don’t Let Small Things Defeat You!

When starting and running a business there will be so many little problems that distract or discourage you. Trust me it happens to every entrepreneur. Your job is not to let these little problems get you down. Just know that there will be problems that arise almost on a daily basis. If you expect them they won’t seem so overwhelming. Expect that there will be issues and you look for the solution without worrying too much.

If you use the principle below it will help you to see small problems as a fun challenge.


Use This Principle In Business: COMPETE WITH YOURSELF!

If you are a competitive person this will be easy to do. I am a very competitive person and I hate losing! When I run my business I like to see certain things as a competition to help drive me. I compete with myself to see if I can beat my own personal records.

This really works when it comes to sales. Sales are usually pretty easy to track and remember from month to month. If I signed five new clients last month I want to beat that number the next month!

Think of your past self as an opponent and do your best to beat and crush you past success! You are better today than you were yesterday so there is no reason you cannot crush you past numbers. Show you past self that even though you did good that you can do better! To succeed in business you need to have that competitive spirit.

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Create Friendly Competition Among Your Employees

Steve Jobs was famous for creating competition with his teams. There are stories where he would create such intense competitions with his employees that they would put in fifteen hour days or longer to beat the other team. They also had some fear thrown in to the fire because they did not want to disappoint Steve Jobs! This is an example I don’t think you need to push your employees that hard, but it is an example of how creating competition between employees can create better results.

Winners Never Give Up!

Steve Jobs was always ahead of his time and when he would create teams of employees to compete with another team of employees it was kind of considered a bad thing because they would say he was creating a bad work environment and resentment between employees. This may be true, but he was onto something when it came to creating results. It probably could have been handled in a more friendly way.

Create fun and friendly competitions with your employees to drive results. You can add prizes or cash for performance. Have them select a teammate or you can assign teams to make things more fair. Don’t put the two top performers on a team this could make it very hard for the others to even compete and they might lose interest or ambition. In other words you don’t want to put Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan on the same team. If you have two all-star employees keep them on separate teams. This will also create more competition because the two top performers will want to win against each other for bragging rights!


Treat Each New Day As A Game

If you are a sports fan and a competitive person you can find ways to create competition for yourself and your employees. You and your strongest employees will hate losing. Find what drives you and your employees to WIN!! Create a competition that creates results and adds fun to the job at hand. Treat each day and new problem as a game and find ways to win that game!

I find that competition works well for me. I love a challenge and most of all I like to win. Applying this technique to business can make things more fun and drive better results. What kind of competitions can you create to make your business more successful? Do you wake up with that drive to win everyday?

Every morning you wake up is a chance to get a win! Get up and get ready for the game of business and crush it!


Do you find being competitive in business helps drive you and your results? Let us know in the comments or share this on social media with a response.


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5 Keys To Success

5 Keys To Success

We will examine five things that you can do today to be successful in any venture you pursue. These five keys to success have been mentioned over and over again by entrepreneurs, motivation gurus, and business titans.

They are easy to follow and can dramatically improve your results if you stick with them.


 1. Stay Positive!

This is easy and hard at the same time. Negative things can happen to us daily. When things don’t go as planned it’s easy to dwell on the negative.

The trick here is to brush off the negativity! It’s fine to let negativity creep in, but don’t let it last more than a few minutes. Get back to thinking positive! Negativity can eat away at your day and even worse ruin your momentum.

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Quick Story: It took me a long time to start Fun To Be Social. I didn’t make any money whatsoever for over a year. I didn’t let that get me down I just kept a positive attitude and kept moving forward. Thankfully I have a partner who stands by me and believes in me so that made things easier. My wife didn’t mind working and struggling for the short term. She understood the long term goals were way more important than short term comfort!

That brings me to this point; Don’t let short term discomfort get you down. Know your goals and keep working toward them with a positive attitude.

Some people will try to discourage you and tell you to give up and get a real job. Don’t let them get to you! The people who say things like this to you gave up on their dreams long ago. They want to give you advice when they have no idea what risk is. They have no idea what it takes because they either never did anything or they failed miserably and gave up quick. Stay positive around these people or better yet avoid them. You don’t want their average thinking rubbing off on you!


2. Gain More Momentum Everyday

I have a motto and that is EVERY LITTLE STEP COUNTS! It doesn’t matter how small the step as long as you are moving forward. Over time the little steps keep adding up. This blog post is a small step towards my goal of producing over 100 blog posts this year. 

Think of it this way let’s say you have a french fry. Just one lonely french fry. It’s about a medium sized french fry. Now you add a small french fry to your plate. You have a small french fry and a medium french fry. Everyday you keep adding different sized french fries to your plate. What will that plate look like in one year? That’s right it will be a heaping plate of french fries!! That is the same as adding one step at a time to your success. Over time it will be like that heaping plate of french fries! (mmmm… french fries now I’m hungry!)

french fries

That my friends is how you must think. Keep adding a little more to your goal each day. Some days you will get more done and some days it won’t be much, but the main thing is you are still moving forward!


3. Get Attention!!!

For your business to strive, thrive, and survive you will want to get as much attention as you can for your business!! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there as the face of your business. It might seem intimidating at first, but after awhile you will get used to it and be better at it.


4. Get Started Fast!

One thing I like to do is to get my days started fast! It helps build momentum for the day. If you start off sluggish you will likely carry that on throughout the day. Find things that get you going in the morning like music, coffee, exercise, a good breakfast, etc. and use what works to give you a boost to your day.

I like some good upbeat music and a good high protein breakfast to start my day. I then will hold off on coffee for a least the first two hours. This way I can generate energy naturally at first. This works for me you might have other things that work for you.


5. Dominate On Your Best Days

We all have really good energetic days where everything seems to be going great. You feel great and you have lots and lots of energy. Use these days to your advantage!

One way you could take advantage of these days is to make more sales calls when you are feeling energetic and positive. This will make you more immune to rejection. It will also give the people you are talking to a better perception of you because you are in such a great mood.

These days don’t come all the time, but when they do take full advantage of them! These are the days when you can add BIG steps to your little steps. If you can take advantage of these kind of days at least two days per week imagine what you can accomplish!!


In Conclusion

If you use these 5 keys to success they will help you to accomplish more and more. Eventually the results you are seeing will give you even more motivation to keep going. Nothing can motivate you more than seeing your successes adding up!


What are some keys to success that work for you? Let us know on social media by sharing this article or leave a comment below.


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