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Social media changes so fast that even social media marketers heads are spinning on a daily basis! Just when you get used to something or a certain format they change it!

That’s not a bad thing. The reason for most changes is to improve the social media platform.

Just last year Instagram introduced Instagram Stories. Since then they have added so many features. It already looks totally different today than it did last year when it came out. Most of the improvements are meant to make it more fun for users. The new improvements encourage people to use the features more. The more people use the new features the more traffic they can generate and more traffic equals more ad revenue.

As a social media marketer it can be frustrating, but good at the same time. It is a daily task to read up on any new or upcoming changes to social media. If you don’t keep up with the changes you can get lost fast.

Keeping up with the changes to social media is very important because if you don’t you could be wasting money on advertising or you could lose opportunities to reach people with the new features they introduce.

My advice to you is to find a couple resources like Social Media Examiner or Social Media Today and read some articles daily to keep up with the constant changes in social media. It doesn’t take long maybe 15-20 minutes, but it will be worth your time to do some reading so that you can keep up or stay ahead of the competition.


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Use Social Media To Tell Your Story

Fun To Be Social

If you own or run a business one thing that you should be doing is using social media to tell your story. Tell your story, tell your businesses story, tell your employees story. Doing this can give your customers an inside look at your business. They will feel more of a connection and this builds trust.

This is actually the first thing I do when we start working on a new social media marketing campaign for our clients. Step one of the process is to get a good profile of the company and find out what their story is, and why their customers should care about their story. This is an important step that we take to ensure that we can give our clients the absolute best way to use social media so that their customers can relate.

Without a story it’s hard to show your customers why they should care about your business. Years back it was not that common to really tell a story about a business. Most businesses would just buy T.V., newspaper, billboard, and magazine ads and just push their products. Today’s marketing is much different. If you just push products constantly now people will ignore you. Why? Because you are not adding any value to the relationship. You should give value first before expecting to ask for someones business.

Telling your story is a great way to add value by building a connection with your customers. When they need what you sell they will think of you because of the connection and familiarity you have build with them through your story.

Telling your story will also help build authority in your industry. Give great advice to people when they ask. Write a blog to keep them educated and informed about your niche.

Why Should They Care?

Your story should be interesting to get people to care. Tell your audience why you started the business. Let them know some of the challenges you are facing. Show them why your products or services are worth their attention. Most of all be FUN! Get them involved some way by asking your followers and customers for their feedback.

Keep Them Updated

As you are making progress with your business keep your followers and customers up to date on what is going on. People love transparency and transparency helps build trust. Be a transparent business and you will get much more engagement on social media.

In Conclusion

Don’t just be boring and post basic stuff on social media. Let your audience in on your story. Be transparent so that they can follow along with your business story. Bring attention to the employees and management. Don’t hide behind a logo and expect people will connect with you on a personal level. Go out today and tell your story on social media!


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5 Fun Ways To Use Snapchat For Business

5 Ways To Use Snapchat For Business

If you use Snapchat for business you know how fun and useful it can be for business. Maybe you tried it a little bit just to see if it’s worth it or maybe you never even tried it. There are so many ways to use Snapchat for business to keep your customers engaged and coming back to view more!

Let’s talk about five simple ways you can use Snapchat for business to build an audience and build awareness for you brand.


#1 Flash Sales

Snapchat is a great platform to do short term sales also known as flash sales. Since snaps only last 24 hours before they disappear it is simple to do a flash sale.

Give your customers a promo code that they can use, but make sure to let them know it’s only good for a short time. It can be good for only two hours or as long as three days. Don’t make the offer good for much longer than the three days. Keep it short to create urgency!

If you do flash sales once in awhile your followers will want to watch your snaps more to see if you have any good sales. This works really well because your customers will come in more often if you have some good flash sales.


#2 Events That You Attend

Do you attend events in your area or events that are related to your industry? Snapchat is a good platform to show your audience some of the events you are attending. It doesn’t take long just pull out your phone and post some interesting snaps of the event.

If the event you are at is a local event it will get others interested in attending the event if they are local also. If they see you are at the event it can also be a good chance to meet some of your customers!

If it is an event related to your industry you can post some snaps that educate your audience on the industry. It also shows them that you care a lot about your industry and that you attend events to learn more and grow. This can go a long way in establishing yourself as an expert in the industry you are in.

Get the book: How to Be Crazy Fun and Effective on Social Media

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 #3 Product Demos

Your customers will like to see your products being used. Snapchat gives you a great chance to do some product demos. Make the snaps interesting and give people a reason to watch them. Try to be fun and don’t make it look like an infomercial. Just simply explain how the product works and show it in action. Talk to your audience and don’t oversell the product. You’re not Billy Mays!

Get some of your employees to use the product while snapping. Make it funny if possible. Adding a sense of humor can build more of a personal connection with your audience. Adding humor will definitely show off the fun side of you and your business!

Fun Ways to Use Social Media


#4 Educate Your Audience

Social media is the perfect way to show your audience and customers your expertise. Use Snapchat to educate your customers on things in your industry. Give them great tips and advice for free! The more value you can give for free the more business you will earn in the future.

As you educate and give great advice people will come to you when they need what you sell. You will establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

Here’s a good example: Let’s say you own an auto repair shop. You can use Snapchat to show how you are replacing an alternator. You can go over how it’s done step by step. Give them a complete guide on how it’s done.

How does this get you more business? With the example above if you gave a good tutorial on how to replace an alternator people will think of you when their alternator goes out. They will remember the snaps and how you showed them what needs to be done. Two things will happen they will try to do it themselves from what you taught them or they don’t feel like dealing with it and they bring the car to you to get the alternator fixed or replaced.

If they like the service you offered on that alternator repair you just earned a customer for life! That’s the power of social media for business! Use this technique to get an advantage over your competitors. It’s also fun to educate your audience! I don’t make anything off this blog. I use it to educate others and if people like things they read in this blog they could turn into customers! Either way I like doing it and always intend to add value with every single blog article.

5 Blogging Tips I Learned


#5 Show Off Your Office or Store

This one is fun and easy! Just bring out the phone and start recording things from your office or store that is interesting. You don’t even need a plan just do it randomly. Let your customers see things from behind the scenes to make them feel part of the team.

Show off fun events at the office or store. Even if it’s just an employee event like an office party. If you do this your customers and potential customers will get an inside look at your office or store and a good feel for the company culture and employees. The more you show off your store and office the more people will feel a connection with your business. It will show off the personal side to your business.


In Closing

Snapchat is a great social media platform for business. It allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. The content only lasts for 24 hours so you can get creative. Experiment with some things that work. When you find what works for your business on Snapchat do more of it! Since the content disappears in 24 hours it doesn’t stick around forever so if something isn’t that great it won’t be on your profile forever. (Be careful with this because people can take screenshots so don’t post things you don’t want out there forever)


How do you use Snapchat for business? Let us know on social media or leave a comment below!


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How To Easily Grow Your Instagram Live Views

Grow Your Instagram Live Audience
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Instagram Live is still a fairly new feature on Instagram. It is similar to most live video on other social media platforms accept that the live broadcast disappears right after it is done. You do now have the option to save the video and post on other social media platforms if you wish.

It can be difficult to build an audience for your Instagram Live broadcasts unless you have a massive following. As a social media marketer I have seen and done lots of things in social media. Now, some of the things I have tested work out and some don’t, but that’s what marketing is. Marketing is all about testing and data.

Here is one simple trick that I learned….


Learn From Others

I learn a lot of things from other social media marketers and digital marketers. The people in this industry are great at sharing their ideas! I am the first to admit that I don’t know everything. I am always willing to learn new tricks and tips that can benefit my company and my clients with social media marketing.

I even wrote a book How to Be Crazy Fun and Effective on Social Media  and I am still learning new things every day! That’s why I am always watching videos, reading blogs, and connecting with other social media marketers. Learning from others is one way I can get better at social media marketing, but that’s not the one thing I learned to grow Instagram views.

The one trick I learned (below) could help you grow your Instagram Live audience. If you do this and stay consistent you could see your audience grow over time.


Set An Exact Schedule

This is the one tip that I am talking about! You will want to produce an Instagram Live show that you do at the same time and same days. If you have a consistent schedule for your Instagram Live show people will start to remember when you are going live.

One good example of this is Brian G. Peters with Buffer. He runs an Instagram Live show called the “Social Social” that runs every Monday-Friday at 2:00 p.m. Pacific time. It is a show run on the Buffer Instagram page where he gives out social media marketing advice. I tune in as much as I can he gives great tips and advice and answers questions during the live broadcast. Brian stays consistent when going live. It’s easy for me to remember and just like clockwork he is on there right on time!

The “Social Social” is a great example of what I am talking about. Come up with a schedule that you can keep. Let your audience know the times and days of your Instagram Live show and STAY CONSISTENT! The consistent time and days will help people to remember when your Instagram Live broadcast will be.

If your audience likes what you have to say and likes the value that you give them they will remember the times and days of your Instagram Live broadcast.

3 Surefire Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

Over time if you stay consistent with the schedule you will have a good chance to see your Instagram Live audience grow!


Your Next Steps

  1. Find a time and the days that you want to do an Instagram Live show.
  2. Create a name for your show.
  3. Brainstorm ideas of subjects you want to cover for each show.
  4. Post the dates and times on your other social media pages.
  5. Be consistent! Do not miss a show, otherwise people will start to think you are not very reliable. Show up when you promise!

It Will Take Time

Expect that it could take 3-6 months or longer to see your audience grow. The two main things you want to do are give great value and have a consistent time when you are going live on Instagram.

It might work out or it might not, but you won’t know until you try this method for awhile. If your audience does start to grow larger and larger you may generate more leads over time because your audience will love the value you give and look to you when they need what you are selling! Instagram Live could work for you if you use it the right way.

Go out and make it happen!


Do you have any advice for growing an audience on Instagram Live? Let us know on social media by sharing this post or leave a comment below!


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7 Ways To Brand Your Business

7 Ways To Brand Your Business


Branding your business is important because it helps your customers identify you business based on constant brand awareness. They will recognize your company products, services, and company culture just by seeing your logo.

You will want to create a consistent brand message on and off-line. There are many ways to do this and sometimes it can take many years to get it right. Whatever you do you want to get started now to build a great brand. Below I will give you 7 ways to brand your business.


#1 Your Business Name

If you are just starting out this will be your first step to creating a brand. Come up with a name that describes what you do, but keep it short and simple.

Once you find a name that you like you will want to do some research to see if the name is taken. You will want to get a domain name that has that name so be unique because it’s hard to find a domain name that you want. It’s OK if you can’t find the perfect domain name you will need to find one that is the closest to the name you picked.

Take some time when thinking of a name give it a few days before settling on a permanent name. In the few days you might come up with a name that is even better. In the meantime you can still keep working on your business just wait to put the business name on any material.


#2 Create A Unique Logo

You will need a logo first of all. Don’t be cheap and don’t do it in a hurry. Create a logo that will let people know what your company is all about with just a simple image.

These days a simple logo works the best. Don’t try to get too fancy when designing your logo. Sometimes simple is the best. Look at some of the biggest businesses in the world and you will see a simple logo. Our logo is simple and you know what our business is about just by looking at the logo.

Don’t be afraid to spend some money to have a professional make your logo. It may seem expensive at first, but you need to consider that your logo is your image! Don’t skimp on getting a great logo done. You will be using it on almost everything like your website, social media pages, business cards, stationary, advertising etc. When it comes to your company logo don’t be cheap!!


#3 Brand Colors

This can come as you design your logo. While designing your logo think of what colors you want to represent your brand. Find the perfect colors for your brand and stick with them. Use the colors on everything that represents your company.

Every time I make content for our social media pages I always stick with our brand colors on things like pictures, fonts, borders, etc. Be consistent when using your brand colors.

Pro Tip: Stick to three colors or less to keep it simple.


#4 Slogan/Tagline

This part is really fun because you get to tell people exactly what you do in a short easy line of very few words. This is time to get creative and maybe sit down with a group of people to do some brainstorming. Write down all kinds of phrases and words that you or your employees can think of that describe your business.

Your slogan should catch people’s attention! It is a verbal equivalent of your logo and brand.

Examples: Nike- “Just Do It”,  McDonalds- “I’m Lovin’ It”,  M&M – “Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands”

Here’s an article on Hubspot with some more samples of good slogans


#5 Customer Service

Yes you read that right! Customer service is a very important part of branding. If you have great customer service it is remembered and people will share their experience with others in person and online. Same goes for bad customer service.

Do whatever it takes to give the best possible customer service. Don’t let one employee ruin it for your brand. If you find out an employee is not giving good customer service get rid of them fast! A bad employee can easily tarnish your brand. Never tolerate somebody who doesn’t give your business and brand a good name and image!

Come up with processes to ensure that your business is giving great customer service. Train your employees on a regular basis and hire people based on personality. Try to do at least two interviews before hiring people that will work with customers. If you get to talk and meet with someone at least a couple of times you will get a better feel for them and their personality.

There has been many times where I didn’t get good customer service and never went back to that business. On the flip side there were many times where I got amazing customer service and always go back to those businesses. Remember that customer service is very important to your brand and image.


#6 Your Website

Your website is a great way to show of your brand. It is a blank canvas to where you can build up your image in any way you wish. Be creative and implement things like your logo, slogan, and brand colors.

Put testimonials on your website so that others can see what your customers are saying.

Add pages for your products/services and really show off how great they are!

Always have a way that people can get in touch with somebody on your website. Add a contact page and put some contact info on your Homepage and your “About” page.

You can keep your contact page simple there is no need to get fancy just put the basic info on there so that people can quickly find a way to contact your business. Check out our Contact Page to see what I’m talking about.


#7 Social Media Presence

Social media is another great way to build your brand and brand awareness. Use the same profile picture, cover photo, and social media handle ( we use the same handle on all social media @funtobesocial).


Napoleon Hill Quote
Find Us On Instagram!


For our social media we stay as consistent as possible when it comes to images and our company name on ALL social media platforms. You will want to do the same to build a constant brand image.

Notice in the post above from Instagram that we use our logo, brand colors, social media handle, and website address. Be consistent when creating content for your social media.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the same social media name on all social media platforms. My suggestion is to pick a name that is available on as many social media platforms as possible. Do some research to find the right name to use. It may take a little while, but it will be worth it in the long run. You will be using your social media handle/name on a lot of marketing material.


There you go 7 ways to brand your business. This list keeps it simple and if you follow it you will start to build a great brand!


Do you any tips or advice for branding a business? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading!



Create An Amazing Brand on Social Media
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Learn how to get even better at social media by getting our eBook How to Be Crazy Fun and Effective on Social Media. 

How to Be Crazy Fun and Effective on Social Media


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Should You Use A Chatbot for Facebook Messenger?


Facebook allows users to use a chatbot on Messenger. Chatbots are a way to automatically communicate and answer questions on Facebook Messenger. It takes some time to get set up, but once set up it can save you time and money. It can also lead to better customer service.

Here’s an article on Social Media Examiner on how to set up a chatbot.


Usefulness of Chatbots

Personally I have not used a chatbot yet on Facebook Messenger. I have seen them in action and understand why a business would use them. They can save time for you and your customer. If you set up your chatbot correctly it can be very useful.

It is a good way to help answer basic questions and to lead customers to the right answer. Chatbots are becoming more of the norm especially for large businesses.

Chatbots are also very useful when it comes to speed of service. Customers can get an instant answer anytime and any day whether your business is open or closed.


Should You Use A Chatbot?

I think it could be beneficial if you don’t have time or have someone who monitors your social media constantly. The fact that customers can get an instant response is reason enough to set up a chatbot and see if it is right for your business.

If you aren’t sure if you should use a chatbot on Facebook Messenger or not, maybe set one up for a little while and monitor it’s effects on customer service. Worst case scenario you can remove it and go back to live customer service on Facebook Messenger.

With social media constantly changing and adding new and improved ways to communicate with customers it is worth trying them to find the right social media tools that will work for your business. If some don’t work out you can always go back to what was working. The thing is you don’t want to not try some of the new useful ways to use social media to help your business and get behind the technological curve. Stay up to date on the new social media tools and find the ones that work for you.


Save Money

If you are using a chatbot to help customers get answers then you don’t have to pay someone to monitor Facebook Messenger as much. They can allocate more time to social media marketing instead of answering questions that the chatbot can take care of automatically.


In Conclusion

Personally I haven’t set up a chatbot yet, but I think I might experiment more with it in the near future. I like to do live customer service, but the problem with that is sometimes I can’t answer a question on Facebook Messenger for a few hours or longer so chatbots could be very useful to help my customers. I also plan on using them more on client accounts (if they prefer) to save time and money for my clients.

Know that Facebook allows chatbots and it is not against their policy. Since they allow it that means Facebook must see some value from chatbots as well.

What is your opinion on Facebook Messenger chatbots? Let us know in the comments below or share this on social media with a comment.



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How To Set Goals For Your Social Media Marketing

social media marketing


No Goals, No Real Plan

If you don’t have goals you really have no plan. You will need to put together some real goals that you hope to accomplish with your social media marketing campaign. Without goals you will not know which direction to head, how much to spend, how much time it will take, what kind of return on investment (ROI) you will get out of it, etc. You will be like a ship with no direction.

I’ve worked with businesses that really had no clear cut goals for their marketing. I’m not just talking about social media marketing all marketing needs to be clearly defined!


Start With The Budget

Always start with the budget because you will need to know how much resources you will have to work with. This includes cash and time. I suggest that you start with a yearly budget and plan it out over the 12 months.

When dividing the budget into 12 months you will want to consider your busiest months and slowest months and figure out how much to put into those months. There is no one answer you can look at it different ways.

  1. Busy Months: If you put more marketing efforts in at this time you may make a lot more or you can put less money and save that money for the slow months.
  2. Slow Months: If you put more marketing efforts in at this time you may get a little more business during the slow times or you could just save that money and put it into the busy months to generate more revenue to make up for the slow months.

A lot of how you plan out your marketing budget will depend on your industry, location, money available, size of your company, and products/services.

Pro Tip: A good way to figure out a budget is to plan 70% and leave 30% open for adding to other marketing, or to current marketing that has been effective. Always leave some room to work with.


Where You Want To Invest Your Marketing Dollars

I always suggest that if you’re new or limited on resources start with only one or two social media platforms. This will give you time to get familiar with these social media platforms and to get good at them.

This also works really good for your budget planning. Try not to spread your money too thin by advertising on a lot of social media platforms. Stick with one or two and you will have more money and time to invest in those one or two social media platforms.

Let’s say you have $10,000 to invest in social media marketing for the year. If you are advertising only on Facebook you can make that $10,000 go a long way. If you were going to use that $10,000 on four social media platforms you only have $2,500 to invest on each.

If you can attack one social media platform with more resources you will be much better off than spreading your resources thin on multiple social media platforms. Pick the one social media platform that works best for your business and really crush it.

Pro Tip: Not sure which social media platform to start with? My suggestion is to pick the two that you think are best for reaching your demographic. Spend some time building an audience and learn which one gives you the best engagements.


Figure Out The Main Goal

Why are you doing social media marketing? Are you using it to get more leads, get more sales, build brand awareness, to connect with customers? You will need to figure out exactly why you are doing social media marketing in the first place.

Here are 10 Reasons To Do Social Media Marketing

Once you know your reason you can decide which platform is best to hit your goals. Don’t start a social media marketing campaign without knowing what you want out of it. Just remember that social media marketing is a marathon so don’t expect major ROI from the get go. (unless you have a huge marketing budget) If it were that easy everyone would be millionaires from using social media.

If fast sales are what you are looking for it probably won’t happen until you nurture relationships on social media. This can take time, but sales will come you just need to be patient. If you know this going into a social media marketing campaign it will reduce a lot of stress.

Clearly Define Goals For Social Media


Define Engagement Numbers

A good way to tell if your social media marketing is going well is by engagements. If you are getting some good engagements that means your customers and followers are finding some value from what you are posting.

When defining your goals you will want to clearly define how many engagements you want per day, per week, or per month. When defining engagement numbers remember your budget and how much time you have to commit to social media. Keep your numbers reasonable so that you have a realistic goal to hit.

Remember also that organic reach is is dropping and getting free engagements is getting harder. You may have to pay for a big percentage of engagements through some advertising. This is something to consider when you define your engagement numbers.

Customer engagements are a way of building relationships with your customers online. That’s why I said not to expect a quick ROI on social media. Use engagements as a gateway to promote down the road as customers and followers look forward to your content.

If you are getting a good number of customer engagements you can use that trust you’ve built to promote your products and services. Just do it sparingly or give away free stuff to build an email list to generate leads.

What should my engagement goal be? A lot will depend on two things your budget and your time. If you have a person who handles your social media for you I’m sure that time is built into the budget. If you don’t have someone who handles your social media you need to factor in the time you have to commit to social media.

Start with a monthly goal and go from there. You can always adjust the goal after a couple of months. I like to keep things simple because a lot of people over complicate things. Just start with a monthly goal and you will be able to clearly define your engagements as you go.


In Closing

Setting goals for social media marketing is very important. You need to know why you are doing it in the first place. There is no reason just to do random posts here and there because you think it will be good for business. Most likely you would be wasting your time without clear cut goals.

Want More?

Would you like even more information about how to set goals for your social media? Get the FREE Cheat Sheet Here it has 6 pages plus a worksheet to help you really define your social media marketing goals!


Do you have any suggestions for setting goals for social media marketing? Add a comment below!


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50th Blog Post, Here Are 5 Great Tips I Learned

5 Blogging Tips

This is our 50th blog post!! Over the course of one year and fifty blog posts I learned a lot about successful blogging. I would like to share with you five great tips with you to help you with your blogging.


Let me start by saying that I did not like blogging at first because I am not really a writer and really had no ambitions to be one. I am in marketing and I love being creative, but not through writing. I want to be creative with ad campaigns and digital marketing strategies, social media marketing, etc.

Blogging was never something I never even considered when it came to marketing. They didn’t teach this to me when I was in college in the early 2000’s it wasn’t even a subject, but neither was social media marketing. Things have come a long way since then and I had to learn a lot on my own even though I have a degree in marketing (2004).

Having a blog on your website is very important in today’s business world. It is a great way to help your customers, creating internal links on your website, show your expertise, help you with SEO (search engine optimization), and have great content to share on your social media pages.

It can also serve as future content down the road if you needed it for a course, an ebook, or for a speaking engagement. You can reference some of your older blog posts to gather info needed for future endeavors. Just because a post is older doesn’t mean it won’t be useful in the future.

You can also use a blog to generate some great revenue after awhile. There are lots of bloggers out there making six or seven figure incomes. If you are good at it you can make a very good living.

I have written more than fifty blog posts because this business was actually named Rattlesnake Marketing in past years. I changed the name to reflect more on what we do, but I lost a lot of blog posts when I created the new website. So even though this is about my 50th blog post on this website I really have more experience than that.

OK, so let me dive into the five tips that I hope can help you with your blogging or future blogging endeavors.


Tip#1 – Quality Over Quantity

You will see some articles out there talking about “The longer the post the better” this is true in a way, but not a rule. I think that quality content is always better than quantity. Who cares if a post is 5,000 words long, but it is horrible and doesn’t entertain or add value. People don’t have time for long useless posts.

Most people skim posts and look for quick points that they can use from the article. I skim posts all the time and get the info I need quick. If I do it I know a lot of other people are doing the same thing.

Don’t worry how long your blog post is, focus on creating a quality blog post that can add some great value for your readers. You will want to write to help with your SEO, but focus on value first and work the SEO into your post.

The main takeaway here is a post between 500-1,000 words can be very useful when written well. I am not even concentrating on the length of this post and I ended up with 1,477 words in this article. All I am doing is trying to give you the best advice I can. I am not concentrating on the length of this post at all.

Longer posts are great, but only if they are useful or entertaining to the reader. Focus on quality content!


Tip #2 – You Will Get Better

Like I said earlier I did not really want to blog for this website, but as a marketer I knew it was important so I sucked it up and did it anyway. I doubt my earlier post were even that good. The first 25 posts are probably OK at best, but maybe that’s me being my own worst critic.

I am however more proud of my last 25 blog posts or so and even more proud of my last 10 blog posts.

I know that my next 50 blog posts will only get better and better. Just like anything you will get better at it over time. You will look back at some of your earlier posts and think “What a rookie!”

In order to get better you need to start! Whether you are good at writing or not, just get started and over time you will get better. Keep reading and educating yourself in the process to build up your skills.

It’s fine to doubt yourself we all do, but just keep going and learning and you will start to erase that doubt over time.

Tip #3 – Images Are Important

When I started out I would put only one image on each blog post. Now I try to put two or more in each blog post. Images are proven to keep people’s attention longer. They can help tell the reader what your article is about before they even start reading.

I suggest that at minimum you put at least two images in each blog post. This will also keep your readers attention rather than just having tons of text and no images.

Pro Tip: I use Canva for a lot of my blog images. (the header image in this post was made on Canva)

Pro Tip #2: Videos are great for putting in your blog post as well.


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Tip #4 – It Takes Time

If you are just starting out with a new blog it will take time to grow it and to get a good following. Search engine optimization (SEO) can take awhile. Sometimes over a year for your blog to start getting some good traffic from the search engines.

It took me at least six months to really see any traffic on this website. It’s frustrating at first because it seems like all your work is going unnoticed. That is true at first, but if you keep at it people will notice and the hard work will pay off. Don’t look for a bunch of traffic at first. If you keep this in mind you won’t get discouraged and stop altogether. 

Just keep going and doing the best SEO that you can. If you have some money to invest maybe hire someone who is really good at SEO to optimize your site to get more organic traffic.

Set up Google Analytics to track how your blog traffic is growing and where the traffic is coming from. After a few months you will start to see what kind of content and blog posts are getting the best traffic. You can capitalize on that and create more of the same kind of content.

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Tip # 5 – Always Promote Each Post

Every time I publish a post I post it on ALL of my social media platforms. This gets the word out fast about your new blog post.

If you have some money put a little money in promoting it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Doing some paid ads on social media will get you more visitors even faster. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money just put $10 – $20 in ads to promote it.

The key here is to get the word out as soon as possible and in as many places as you can. What’s the point of having a great blog post if nobody see’s it? Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars to promote it. You put all that work into the blog post so paying a little money for more people to see it will be worth it.

Pro Tip: Always have a CTA (call to action) somewhere on you blog posts. Whether it be a phone number, email signup, contact us, etc. Just have something to let readers know what their next step is. I usually put this at the end of a blog post. (see below)


Of course there will always be more to learn as we go. Once we reach our 100th blog post I will write another post with even more tips that will help you with blogging. I hope this article was very helpful for you! Thanks for reading and if you have anything to add please comment below.



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