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If you haven’t heard Facebook Live is now available on your desktop. For a long time it was only available on mobile devices. This new development is nice because it will make doing webinars and other videos from your office easier.

The Power of Facebook Live

Of course you will need a webcam on your desktop computer. I do like doing Facebook Live more on mobile because I can do it anywhere and anytime, but having the option to do Facebook Live on a desktop is nice and gives us more options!

I think live video should be a part of every social media marketing campaign in 2017. It is probably the biggest trend in social media right now. If you haven’t thought about using Facebook Live yet for your business you should start thinking of ways you can add it your social media marketing strategy.

The Biggest Trend In Social Media For 2017


What do you think? Do you like the fact that you can do Facebook Live on desktop now? Let me know in the comments or share this on your social media with a comment and I will respond.


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It’s 2017! Here’s What You Need To Do For Social Media Marketing!!

social media marketing

Now that it’s 2017 we know that social media has now been around over a decade. Social media marketing itself is younger than that. Most businesses didn’t even consider social media marketing until about 5 years ago or less. There is still a lot to learn about social media marketing and so many changes and new features yet to come.


What Will Be Big In 2017 In Social Media Marketing?

We will never be able to predict 100% what will be the biggest trend in social media marketing. The best thing to do is to predict what it will be based on past and trending social media marketing strategy. I do have an idea about what will be the biggest social media marketing trend of 2017.

It’s not really even that much of a surprise. It has been heading in this direction for quite awhile and now most social media platforms are pushing it and enhancing this feature almost daily.


What Is It?

LIVE VIDEO! That is the trend that you need to start working into your social media marketing strategy for 2017. If you haven’t started yet in 2016 it’s time to get the “live video” into your strategy.

I am not mentioning something new here. A lot of internet marketers know this and are saying the same thing. They are able to see what others may not see early and adopt the strategy before everyone else does. Your job is to also become an early adopter and hop on the live video as soon as possible!


Use The Power Of Facebook Live

Just think of the power you now have at your fingertips with Facebook Live!! It’s amazing to think how far we came in marketing and technology. It’s your job to take advantage of this great age of marketing and make it work for you.

Read more Use The Power Of Facebook Live here.

If you haven’t noticed yet Facebook is really pushing their Facebook Live feature on your Facebook feed, T.V., Billboards, and other advertising. You know that if they are putting in that kind of effort to get you to use the Facebook Live feature that they have big plans for it!

It is still fairly new and Facebook will keep adding new and improved features as time goes. Get familiar with it now so that you will be able to connect with your customers in new and fun ways before your competition even thinks about it.


Others Are Jumping In!

Recently Instagram has added a Live feature, it is a little different in the fact that the live video disappears immediately after you are done with your live broadcast. It is cool, because you are living in the moment without the video being saved.

Twitter has a live video feature as well. I personally haven’t used the live feature on Twitter yet. (as of writing this) I will have to give it a try and see how good it is.

With other social media platforms implementing the live video feature you know that this is the wave of the future for social media marketing. Know this now and start doing some kind of live video soon to stay with this trend and ahead of your competitors.


Get Started With Live Video Soon!

I do highly suggest that you add “Live Video” into your social media marketing strategy for 2017. If you don’t you will be working with an outdated social media marketing strategy. Find ways to keep it fun and to get your customers engaged.

Define goals for your social media marketing strategy even when implementing live video into your strategy. Get this Free Cheat Sheet on How To Clearly Define Goals For Your Social Media Marketing. It will help guide you to set goals so that you will know why you are doing social media marketing and what you hope to get out of it.


How will you use social media marketing in 2017? Do you have another tip about something big in social media marketing? Let us know in the comments below!




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Why Facebook Live Gives You The Power!

Are You Using Facebook Live For Business?


Today we live in an amazing age for marketing and technology! Facebook Live gives small businesses the power that only huge corporations used to have. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity afforded to you!

How To Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live gives us the power to broadcast live to customers at any given moment. It’s super easy all you have to do is go to post and hit “Go Live” and start filming. That’s all you need to do to get started. You don’t need any technical skills. Facebook makes it very easy for all to use!

Facebook Live For Social Media Marketing

You do however need a plan for Facebook Live if you are going to use it as part of a social media marketing plan. Don’t just start with no plan at all! Think about what you want to accomplish by going live on Facebook. I like to give value when on social media so I will go live to give some advice on marketing, social media marketing, business tips, etc. If you own a car repair shop maybe you go live to show people a problem with a current customers car and how you will fix it. A flower shop may go live to show how to make an awesome floral arrangement. The main thing is to be creative and even start writing down some notes on some fun subjects/ideas that you could do for Facebook Live. Social media is about being fun and creative! Facebook Live gives you that option to get creative live in front of your customers.

If you are new to video and live video don’t be afraid to get started. Just like anything it takes some practice to get good at it. Start out by doing a little bit at a time. Start with one video per month for a few months then go to two videos per month. This way you will gradually get good at it without it being overwhelming. Honestly I didn’t like doing video at first either, but I started to do it because I know it’s the future of social media marketing and if I didn’t start soon I would get behind the growing trend. So I started out a little here and there. It has become easier to me now that I have done it for awhile for Fun To Be Social and for our customers. I now actually like making videos!

Use The Power of Facebook Live!

Any business can take advantage of this great technology of live video! It is something that only a few years ago big businesses with large budgets could do. We are all now on the same playing field it is up to you how you use it and take advantage of it. Social media has changed our lives in so many ways and it has also changed the way businesses market to customers.

Start out with just a short Facebook Live video and get familiar with it. Have some sort of plan before starting. It can be just a five minute video. The main thing is just start! Odds are your competition is too scared to do it so if you start now you will be ahead of your competition when it comes to live video marketing.

There are so many ways you can get creative with Facebook Live and the possibilities are endless.

One thing you do need is a good following on Facebook because if you only have 100 page likes not many people will see your live video. Make sure to build up your page so that a good number of people will see it live. After you post the video on your timeline you can promote it so that others can watch it. If you are proud of your Facebook Live video and only a few people seen it live go ahead and promote the video!

Social Media Marketing Is Evolving

Live video is part of the the ever evolving world of social media marketing. It will continue to change months and years from now. Get started today so that you can keep up with the changes and get really good at it. Your competition and customers will notice!


Are you doing Facebook Live yet for social media marketing? If so let us know of any great tips you may have in the comments below!



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