Your Next Post Could Be Your Last


When you post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. it could be your last ever. None of us know when our time is coming. Think about this when you post on social media.

Is what you are posting, tweeting, or sharing something that you can be proud of if it was your last? Let’s face it most people never think of this because nobody wants to think that they could be gone from this world soon. So people just post not thinking of this.

I have seen family and friends pass away over the last few years. Sometimes I learn about it on Facebook. It’s a sad thing to go on Facebook and find out someone you knew passed away. I then go on their Facebook page and read the comments and even scroll down to look at some of their last posts. I’m curious to see what they have been up to leading up to their last days.

I’m not writing this to bring you down. I’m writing this to give you some insight about posting on social media. None of know when our last day or hour will be. Think about this when posting on social media because your friends and followers will look at your last posts. Social media is like a journal of your life. Don’t leave things on there that you won’t be proud of.


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How To Use Social Media If You Own A Car Dealership

car dealership

The next article in our “Your Business Series” is on how to use social media if you own a car dealership. Owning or running a car dealership is tough and competitive. Social media marketing can greatly benefit a car dealership if it is done right.

Your Business Series Article #4 – How To Use Social Media If You Own A Car Dealership


So you own a car dealership or maybe you manage one and you are wondering how you can use social media to bring in more business to your car dealership and sell more cars don’t worry we got you covered!


Live Video

If you own or manage a car dealership live video is a great social media tool to use. You have the power to instantly let your customers see what you have going on at the car dealership. Some ways you could use live video are;

  • Product Demos: Show your automobiles in action, show off the great benefits of certain vehicles. Do this live and give demonstrations to show why they should buy that vehicle. If they can see the benefits live it might peak their interest more!
  • Sales Events: If you are having a big sales event going on, put that on live video. Give a tour of the building and car lot and show off the sale prices! Tell your live audience of other things going on during the sales event like free food, drinks, etc.
  • Introduce Sales Staff and Management: Use live video to show off your staff and have them do a “take over” for a day so that they can show off their personality to potential customers.
  • Repair Shop: If your car dealership has a repair shop attached, do a live video and talk about the benefits of why your repair shop is a good place to bring a vehicle for repairs. Also let customers see some of the prices of basic repairs and specials so that they have an idea. Use the live video to tell them about any awards you may have won for the repair shop.
  • Answer Questions: If you get a decent sized audience for your live videos you will have people who ask questions and leave comments. This is a great way to instantly connect and maybe even make a sale that very day! Make sure to answer back during the live broadcast.

More Live Video Tips


Show Off Happy Customers

A lot of car dealerships do this and it’s a good thing. Showing happy people standing by a car they just bought is good for business. The mistake I see a lot is that too many car dealerships ONLY do this. Don’t believe me look up a local car dealership and chances are most of their posts are people standing by a car they just bought. There is way more to social media marketing than just posting a generic picture of the same thing over and over.

Don’t get me wrong this is a great way to show off some happy customers and you should do this, but don’t get stuck in the rut of only showing customers by their new car purchase. Expand your horizons and change it up a bit.


Updates On New Inventory

The car industry is always changing with new and improved vehicles and features. Use social media to tell your customers about the new inventory that you have or will be getting.


Community Events and Charities

If your car dealership is heavily involved in the community (and it should be) social media is a great way to show others what you care about. Talk about the charities you support. Show off pictures of teams or events that you sponsor. Give people that sense that you do care about the local community. Don’t do it to brag, just post things to show others that you care and to maybe even get more support for the local charities and events.


Updates and Improvements

If you have some new updates and improvements happening to the building you can show your customers what is happening on social media. Post pictures and videos of the improvements as they happen! Bring your customers along for the ride (no pun intended) on the improvements you are making to the business and the building. Tell them how the new improvements will help with the overall customer experience! Invite them down to come check out the new improvements or promote a Grand Opening.


Share Relevant Information

There is always something new to talk about in the automotive industry. Find good articles that you think your customers will like to read and share them on your social media. Are there new safety regulations taking effect? Share an article or video about it. Keep your customers educated and up to date and they will remember you when they are thinking about buying there next car.



If you sell cars and you know that there is a massive recall on a certain model post about it on your social media pages. When you post about it tell them how they can take the next step to get their vehicle fixed. Be proactive to show your customers that you care about them and their safety.


In Closing

There are so many ways to be fun and effective on social media if you own a car dealership. Don’t fall into the trap of just posting the same old stuff over and over again. Get creative to keep your customers and fans engaged. If you can do that you can create loyal customers who are happy that they follow you. Keeping your social media fun will only have your customers looking forward to your next post!



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5 Fun Ways To Use Snapchat For Business

5 Ways To Use Snapchat For Business

If you use Snapchat for business you know how fun and useful it can be for business. Maybe you tried it a little bit just to see if it’s worth it or maybe you never even tried it. There are so many ways to use Snapchat for business to keep your customers engaged and coming back to view more!

Let’s talk about five simple ways you can use Snapchat for business to build an audience and build awareness for you brand.


#1 Flash Sales

Snapchat is a great platform to do short term sales also known as flash sales. Since snaps only last 24 hours before they disappear it is simple to do a flash sale.

Give your customers a promo code that they can use, but make sure to let them know it’s only good for a short time. It can be good for only two hours or as long as three days. Don’t make the offer good for much longer than the three days. Keep it short to create urgency!

If you do flash sales once in awhile your followers will want to watch your snaps more to see if you have any good sales. This works really well because your customers will come in more often if you have some good flash sales.


#2 Events That You Attend

Do you attend events in your area or events that are related to your industry? Snapchat is a good platform to show your audience some of the events you are attending. It doesn’t take long just pull out your phone and post some interesting snaps of the event.

If the event you are at is a local event it will get others interested in attending the event if they are local also. If they see you are at the event it can also be a good chance to meet some of your customers!

If it is an event related to your industry you can post some snaps that educate your audience on the industry. It also shows them that you care a lot about your industry and that you attend events to learn more and grow. This can go a long way in establishing yourself as an expert in the industry you are in.

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 #3 Product Demos

Your customers will like to see your products being used. Snapchat gives you a great chance to do some product demos. Make the snaps interesting and give people a reason to watch them. Try to be fun and don’t make it look like an infomercial. Just simply explain how the product works and show it in action. Talk to your audience and don’t oversell the product. You’re not Billy Mays!

Get some of your employees to use the product while snapping. Make it funny if possible. Adding a sense of humor can build more of a personal connection with your audience. Adding humor will definitely show off the fun side of you and your business!

Fun Ways to Use Social Media


#4 Educate Your Audience

Social media is the perfect way to show your audience and customers your expertise. Use Snapchat to educate your customers on things in your industry. Give them great tips and advice for free! The more value you can give for free the more business you will earn in the future.

As you educate and give great advice people will come to you when they need what you sell. You will establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

Here’s a good example: Let’s say you own an auto repair shop. You can use Snapchat to show how you are replacing an alternator. You can go over how it’s done step by step. Give them a complete guide on how it’s done.

How does this get you more business? With the example above if you gave a good tutorial on how to replace an alternator people will think of you when their alternator goes out. They will remember the snaps and how you showed them what needs to be done. Two things will happen they will try to do it themselves from what you taught them or they don’t feel like dealing with it and they bring the car to you to get the alternator fixed or replaced.

If they like the service you offered on that alternator repair you just earned a customer for life! That’s the power of social media for business! Use this technique to get an advantage over your competitors. It’s also fun to educate your audience! I don’t make anything off this blog. I use it to educate others and if people like things they read in this blog they could turn into customers! Either way I like doing it and always intend to add value with every single blog article.

5 Blogging Tips I Learned


#5 Show Off Your Office or Store

This one is fun and easy! Just bring out the phone and start recording things from your office or store that is interesting. You don’t even need a plan just do it randomly. Let your customers see things from behind the scenes to make them feel part of the team.

Show off fun events at the office or store. Even if it’s just an employee event like an office party. If you do this your customers and potential customers will get an inside look at your office or store and a good feel for the company culture and employees. The more you show off your store and office the more people will feel a connection with your business. It will show off the personal side to your business.


In Closing

Snapchat is a great social media platform for business. It allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. The content only lasts for 24 hours so you can get creative. Experiment with some things that work. When you find what works for your business on Snapchat do more of it! Since the content disappears in 24 hours it doesn’t stick around forever so if something isn’t that great it won’t be on your profile forever. (Be careful with this because people can take screenshots so don’t post things you don’t want out there forever)


How do you use Snapchat for business? Let us know on social media or leave a comment below!


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How To Make Your Brand Fun On Social Media

Create An Amazing Brand on Social Media
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You have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more that is great!! Every business should be doing social media marketing. Are you being fun or boring on social media? Sometimes it’s hard to tell unless people tell you. Here are a few things to do to make your brand fun on social media.

Tell Your Story

Every business and person has a story about how they started, where they are now, and where they plan on going. Each brand/business story is unique so use that to your advantage. Let people see what’s going on in your business. Share things that will help others relate to your business and brand. Here are some things that you can do to tell your story.

  1. Show your employees in the office/storefront.
  2. Let people in on some exciting upcoming business news.
  3. Talk about some struggles your business may be having with product development or service issues.
  4. Show off some new equipment that the business just got.
  5. Feature your managers and tell their backstory

As you can see there are many different ways a business can tell their story. Build a brand based on your story and people will relate even more with your business!

Post Funny Stuff

It’s great to use humor on social media and I talk about this on other posts like 7 Content Ideas For Your Social Media. Posting funny stuff on social media is a great way to get engagements. One thing that you want to do is to try to make the humor relate to your brand or niche. Random humor is good too, but try to create some funny memes or graphics that show off your brand. Create some funny stories or sayings about your niche. Create a funny GIF that will get your followers to laugh and respond.

Have A Personality On Social Media

Nobody wants to follow a business that is “All Business” you need to show off a personality to get more followers and engagements on social media! You want to Be Fun On Social Media!! Don’t post as the business try posting as a person. Show your employees and management. Don’t just show pictures of the business, products, logo, etc.

When you respond to customers in the comments be personal and fun! (Do this only when it’s OK, don’t try to be fun or funny if a customer is mad about something.)

Talk About Charities Your Business Supports

If you show people that your business is charitable it will help them relate to you. Post pictures or videos of you and your employees out at a charitable event. Show off the fun events and the employees having fun while volunteering. It’s a good thing to be part of the community and to give back. Show this on your social media not to brag, but to boost the charity and to tell people who follow your business that you care about more than just business.

Have Fun Days or Themes

What does that mean? It means coming up with some themes that your followers can relate to and look forward to. Come up with some wacky days. Below are some themes you could use;

  • Monday Motivation
  • Tuesday Talk
  • Wacky Wednesday
  • Thirsty Thursday
  • Freaky Friday

The above are just some examples.There is no need to come up with a theme for every single day. Even once per week would be good. You can come up with days and themes that relate to your business and niche. Be creative and do some brainstorming. Once you have a list of some days and themes that you like you can begin testing what works. Make some creative good content to post for any themes you do. See what kind of engagements you are getting keep the themes that work best and discard the rest.

Use Branded Colors

Make sure to add your brands colors on each picture or video you post to any social media platform. It will help others to get to know you brand image.

Our brand colors are blue, red, and yellow. I try to use them as much as possible in any content that is put out on social media. Whether it be the font, background color, image, etc. Doing this will convey a consistent message on social media about your brand.


As always our main message and brand here at Fun To Be Social is about FUN!! This article should help you get some ideas on how to create a fun brand on social media. Remember that you must add some personality and be social on social media that is the name of the game. Don’t try to be serious because you are a business. People engage a lot more with fun social media profiles. Do what you can to keep it fun and never too serious!


What advice or feedback do you have about building a fun brand on social media? Let us know in the comments below!


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It’s 2017! Here’s What You Need To Do For Social Media Marketing!!

social media marketing

Now that it’s 2017 we know that social media has now been around over a decade. Social media marketing itself is younger than that. Most businesses didn’t even consider social media marketing until about 5 years ago or less. There is still a lot to learn about social media marketing and so many changes and new features yet to come.


What Will Be Big In 2017 In Social Media Marketing?

We will never be able to predict 100% what will be the biggest trend in social media marketing. The best thing to do is to predict what it will be based on past and trending social media marketing strategy. I do have an idea about what will be the biggest social media marketing trend of 2017.

It’s not really even that much of a surprise. It has been heading in this direction for quite awhile and now most social media platforms are pushing it and enhancing this feature almost daily.


What Is It?

LIVE VIDEO! That is the trend that you need to start working into your social media marketing strategy for 2017. If you haven’t started yet in 2016 it’s time to get the “live video” into your strategy.

I am not mentioning something new here. A lot of internet marketers know this and are saying the same thing. They are able to see what others may not see early and adopt the strategy before everyone else does. Your job is to also become an early adopter and hop on the live video as soon as possible!


Use The Power Of Facebook Live

Just think of the power you now have at your fingertips with Facebook Live!! It’s amazing to think how far we came in marketing and technology. It’s your job to take advantage of this great age of marketing and make it work for you.

Read more Use The Power Of Facebook Live here.

If you haven’t noticed yet Facebook is really pushing their Facebook Live feature on your Facebook feed, T.V., Billboards, and other advertising. You know that if they are putting in that kind of effort to get you to use the Facebook Live feature that they have big plans for it!

It is still fairly new and Facebook will keep adding new and improved features as time goes. Get familiar with it now so that you will be able to connect with your customers in new and fun ways before your competition even thinks about it.


Others Are Jumping In!

Recently Instagram has added a Live feature, it is a little different in the fact that the live video disappears immediately after you are done with your live broadcast. It is cool, because you are living in the moment without the video being saved.

Twitter has a live video feature as well. I personally haven’t used the live feature on Twitter yet. (as of writing this) I will have to give it a try and see how good it is.

With other social media platforms implementing the live video feature you know that this is the wave of the future for social media marketing. Know this now and start doing some kind of live video soon to stay with this trend and ahead of your competitors.


Get Started With Live Video Soon!

I do highly suggest that you add “Live Video” into your social media marketing strategy for 2017. If you don’t you will be working with an outdated social media marketing strategy. Find ways to keep it fun and to get your customers engaged.

Define goals for your social media marketing strategy even when implementing live video into your strategy. Get this Free Cheat Sheet on How To Clearly Define Goals For Your Social Media Marketing. It will help guide you to set goals so that you will know why you are doing social media marketing and what you hope to get out of it.


How will you use social media marketing in 2017? Do you have another tip about something big in social media marketing? Let us know in the comments below!




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3 Surefire Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

3 Ways To Grow Your Instagram

Are you having a hard time growing your following on Instagram? There a many ways to grow your Instagram following. Here are three surefire ways to grow your Instagram account the right way.

Tip #1 Follow Others In Your Niche

This is actually pretty easy to do and doesn’t take much time. Find other people or businesses in your niche and industry and follow them. This is a great way to connect with others who are in the same field as you and your business. It’s also a great way to see how their fans are interacting with them and how they respond to their fans.

A great way to do this is by doing a simple search of keywords for your niche. I am in social media marketing so when I look for others in my niche I search keywords like social media marketing, social media experts, social media tips, social media news, etc. This will bring up the right people to follow.

After you find the right people to follow by doing a keyword search you can click on some profiles to see the hashtags they are using in their posts. This is helpful because you can then click on some of the relevant hashtags they use and that will bring you to even more people and businesses to follow in your niche. Here is an article about How To Use Hashtags Effectively. 

Once you find others in your niche you can also click on their followers and people they follow to find more people to follow. This will help you pinpoint and find an even more targeted fan base.

You can do this everyday or at least a few days per week to start growing your Instagram following with the right people. You want to make sure that your followers are relevant to your industry and are potential customers. Using these techniques when follow other Instagram accounts will definitely help you grow your Instagram following.

Pro Tip: To prevent getting your account shutdown by Instagram don’t go overboard on following others. I recommend that you follow no more than 100 Instagram accounts per day. If you follow too many accounts in one day Instagram may flag your account as a spam account.


Tip #2 Leave Good Constructive Comments

I get so many spam comments on my Instagram accounts and it can be annoying. I will delete those comments as soon as I see them. Spamming others on their Instagram is bad practice. Don’t be that person!

Find relevant posts and leave good constructive comments on these posts. Let others know that you really do like their post. Leave some advice or let them know how awesome their post was!

A great way to show your expertise is to leave some great advice. You can add to their post with some experience you may have had. This will show them and their followers how knowledgeable you are in your niche. It will also lead to more Instagram followers because if people see that you give great advice and contribute value in comments they will follow you.

Always give value whenever you can on social media. Leaving good comments is a great way to add value! Here is an article about Adding Value On Social Media.



Tip #3 Post Great Content

In this day and age in marketing Content Is King! Your Instagram account is a great place to add awesome and amazing content. This is a great way to show your customers value.

If you are going to be great at social media marketing remember the first rule of great social media marketing is to put out great content. This can be pictures or video.

If you are promoting some products or services put out content that is eye catching and not just promotional. Use the filters on Instagram to make the content even more appealing. I use Canva to create a lot of my content it’s easy to use and the best part it’s free!

Look at what your competition is posting and find the content that they get really good engagement on and do the same. If it’s working for them it will work for you. Don’t just copy them, take the concept and make it your own. Use what is working for them and make your own content that will get some great engagement. After awhile you will know what kind of content works best for getting the most engagements on Instagram.

Here are 7 Content Ideas For Your Social Media.


Use these three ways to build your Instagram following. I have used them and they have worked great! All three of these ways are also free! Sure you can grow your Instagram account even faster with some paid ads, but if you want to grow your Instagram following organically the three tips here will go a long way.


How do you grow your Instagram following? Do you have some cool tips for us? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!




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7 Content Ideas For Your Social Media

7 Content Ideas For Your Social Media

Do you need some ideas on what to post on your social media? After awhile it can be tough to keep coming up with fresh content to post on social media. Below are seven content ideas for your social media that will help you get through a creative mind block.

Content Ideas #1 – Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes are great for posting on social media because it can be a mood lifter and inspiration for people. It can help somebody get through a tough day. Motivational quotes can motivate others to work harder to accomplish their goals. When people log on to social media in the morning motivational quotes are great inspiration to start the day! Be the reason someone has a good day. Here are 42 motivational quotes you can copy and paste into your social media post.

Content Idea #2 – Funny Pictures or Videos

Who doesn’t love to see funny stuff? I know that when I see funny pictures or memes on social media I will share them if they are funny. Making people laugh is great medicine that is why funny pictures and videos get lots of engagement. Try to come up with some of your own funny content. Don’t copy others be unique and who knows you could get lucky and one might go viral!

Content Idea #3 – Helpful Content

Helping people with some great tips is a great way to get peoples attention on social media. Make sure that when you give some tips that it is related to your niche/industry. If you help enough people with some great tips and advice others will notice you and start seeing you as an expert in your field. Here is a good article on adding value on social media.

Social Media Tip

Content Idea #4 – Your Office and Employees

Everybody likes to see pictures of other businesses behind the curtain. Showing pictures and videos of your office and employees will show the human side to your business. When coming up with a plan to do social media marketing find a way to add in content that will show your business behind the scenes. You could post pictures of the office, employees having fun, employee of the month, some new equipment your office just got, etc. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there for people to see the awesome people that work at your business!

Content Idea #5 – Links To Your Blog

If you have a blog it’s good to promote it to your audience on social media. Don’t be afraid to put links to your blog posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. If your blog has some great information then post links to it! Let your audience know that you have some great advice for them through your blog.

My advice is don’t overdo it by posting links all the time. Mix it up with the other content ideas from this article. Talking about links here’s one that is for 17 Awesome Post Ideas You Can Totally Steal from us.

Content Idea #6 – Product Pictures & Videos

Having some great product pictures and videos you can put on your social media can be a strong selling point. Make sure they are really good pictures and high quality video that really make the product stand out. Don’t just put pictures and videos of the product with a sheet in the background. Be creative and put pictures and videos showing the product in use or how it can be useful. Make it interesting to get some good engagement. Video demonstrations for products are getting more attention. Use video more when showing off your products. Better yet use live video like Facebook Live to show off your products! Here’s an article on why you should be using the power of Facebook Live. Also when showing off your products on social media try not to make it look like an advertisement. Make it FUN!

Content Idea #7 – Fun Stuff!

Since our name is Fun To Be Social it would not be right if we didn’t mention to have fun on social media! Just be random on some days and find fun stuff you can post on social media. Be attentive and ready to snap a picture or shoot a video if something funny pops up! Post pics of fails at the office that are funny, or product fails that are funny. It will get people to engage more. Whatever you do just try to have fun on social media and your audience will engage and have fun too!


What kind of content do you post on social media? Let us know in the comments below.



Fun To Be Social specializes in social media marketing, management, and consulting. If you need help with social media for your business don’t hesitate to contact us.

Social Media Marketing


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Be Fun On Social Media!

Fun profiles get more engagement on social media

If you are going to be doing social media marketing you might as well have some fun with it! Nobody wants to see a boring social media page. I know I don’t want to see boring social media pages. Think about it would you want to like or follow a page if it was boring? Take the opportunity to show your audience your fun side on social media!

We have many articles about being fun on social media and they are all a little different with unique ideas. Since we all about being fun on social media you will see many more articles about fun social media! If you can be fun on social media it will really show off your personality! Being fun will lead to more engagements from your fans and hopefully they will remember you more! How can you be more fun on social media? Below are some ideas you can use to get you going in the right direction. If you would like some post ideas here are 17 posts you can totally steal from us!

Post Funny Pictures

You can post funny pictures of your employees that show the fun side of your business. People love to see behind the scenes stuff on social media especially if it is funny!

Some Funny Pictures You Could Post

  1. Funny pictures of your employees
  2. A picture of a bad product that didn’t turn out right
  3. A funny mistake made in the office (in good taste of course)
  4. An office party
  5. A fun meeting
  6. Employees at a business conference
  7. Bad parking jobs at your office

There are so many funny pictures you can post. Funny just happens and you need to have your camera ready! Purposely look for funny things about your business and you will find some things to post.

Post Fun Videos

Not all videos need to be serious and educational. Come up with some fun video ideas to post on your social media. Make a video poking fun of your business or industry. Prank someone in the office and post that on social media. (get their permission first before posting) Anything fun or funny you can capture on video that shows the light fun side of your business!

Video is a great way to show off the fun side of your business. A lot of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are encouraging people to share more video and they are making it easier and easier to do it even with Live broadcasting. Facebook Live is gaining traction and now YouTube is doing Live video. Get more video out there to stay up with this growing trend. Use it as a way to show the fun side of your business! Get creative who knows it could even go viral!

Run A Fun Contest

Try different ideas to get your audience engaged with contests. You can give out free products, cash, gift cards, etc. Be creative and find some good contest that people will respond to. There are so many ways to do this find what others do and get some inspiration and ideas of what works for them on their social media pages. Look for others in your niche and see if they are running any contests. Don’t copy just use the information to get some ideas and start your own unique contest!

Share Fun Stuff

Look for people who already are posting fun stuff on social media. Search hashtags that are related to funny or fun and find some great content to share.

This will be great for two reasons;

  1. You will have some fun or funny stuff to share with your audience.
  2. You will be sharing content from others and engaging with them.

Leave Fun or Funny Comments on Social Media

When you respond to other posts take the opportunity to show off your personality. Stay on subject with whatever you are commenting on! Find a fun and creative way to respond and people will see the personality of you and your business. This is a great way to interact with others. Interacting with others is very important to building a social media presence. I even wrote an article just about that! click here to read it

social media is fun

Run Fan Only Promotions on Social Media

Offer exclusive deals to your fans on social media to keep them engaged and interested. It will show them that you appreciate them being fans of your page and it will get you more business! Make the deals exclusive and only for a short time to get people to take action! Here is a great article about How To Run A Facebook Fans Promotion.

Offering short term exclusive offers will drive traffic to your website or storefront! Of course you need to reach a good number of people to see results, but that is not hard on social media. If your fans like what you post they will seriously consider your offer!

In Closing

The main point of this article to to give you some ideas on how to be more fun on social media. If you can find creative ways to be fun on social media you will be doing better than your competition if their social media is just boring and plain. People will be drawn more to your business online because they actually like what you post and the personality you bring to your social media pages.

The cool part about social media is it is a way to show your audience and customers what your business is all about. Don’t waste the opportunity to connect with them in a way that they will remember! If you are wondering how Fun To Be Social does it on social media follow us and get some inspiration or ideas on how we do with social media. Click on the social media icons on this site or find us (@funtobesocial) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat.


What do you do to be fun on social media?? Let me know in the comments below to give others some ideas. Plus I love hearing new ideas!



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Interact With Others On Social Media

Interact With Others On Social Media

Take time to interact with people on social media. Don’t just talk about yourself and ignore others.

Make It A Two Way Conversation On Social Media

It’s OK to post stuff and to get your information out on social media. Put out some great content, but don’t ignore your audience while doing it. Make it a point to interact with people on social media whenever you can.

Put Your Loudspeaker Down For A Minute

Don’t keep yelling out your message on social media! Have you ever been to a party and get stuck talking to a person who just wants to talk about themselves? Nobody wants to be around that person and that is the way social media works these days. Make it a two way conversation.

Like Others Posts

Go out of your way to like other peoples posts. “Like” the stuff you really do like. Don’t just start throwing “likes” around acting as if you just hit the “Like Jackpot”! I know they are unlimited, but “like” things on social media that you truly like and be authentic. I admit I used to “like” others posts just to be nice or to return the favor because they “like” my posts. I don’t do that anymore I only “like” posts that are really cool or inspiring or funny or awesome or… well you get the point.

Comment On Others Posts

Commenting on others posts on social media is a great way to connect. It beats out just hitting the “like” button. It lets the other person know that you read their post or that you really do like the picture or video they posted. This is a great way to interact with people and to form relationships on social media! Commenting on others posts will also get them curious and they will check out your profile to learn about you.

I comment on things that I really want to comment on. Some people just leave emoji’s. Which is fine, but it’s not the greatest way to connect when commenting. Words are more powerful and show that you actually payed attention to their post. I like to leave emoji’s here and there (especially on Instagram) cause it’s fast and easy, but whenever you have the time make sure to write a good comment. Don’t just always leave emoji’s.

Leave A Direct Message (DM)

Send someone a nice direct message on social media. Be personable and let them know you like following them. Maybe ask them if they had any questions you can help them with. Even ask them for some advice. I love when people ask me for advice about social media marketing or about business.

Whatever you do when leaving a direct message don’t spam people. Most will ignore you or worse delete you.

Be genuine in your approach. Have a real desire to help them or add value when you can. Never leave an automated direct message. It just feels too robotic and not very personal.

Be A Social Media Superstar!

Interacting with people on social media is fun! I love meeting new people and possible new business contacts on social media. I will rarely promote myself on social media. I just want to add value and have fun while doing it!

I know it takes time to interact with people all the time on social media. It can really drain the time if you do it too much. Find the right balance even if it’s just five minutes on each social media platform per day. Something is better than nothing. You will be amazed at the new connections and relationships you form when interacting more on social media.

Don’t just speak at people, interact with them!


Hey, thanks for reading! Do you want to add something? Let me know in the comments below.


How To Run Special Promotions For Your Facebook Fans Only

Social Media Marketing Tip

Running promotions only for Facebook fans is a great idea. It let’s them know that you appreciate them and you appreciate that they follow you on Facebook.

A Promotion Only For Facebook Fans

Make sure to let them know it is only for them! An exclusive Facebook Fans only promotion! People love exclusivity! It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Social media is a great way to make your customers feel special. Offering a special promotion only for your Facebook fans will do that.

Everybody Loves A Deal

I know that I love a great deal anytime I can get one. Think about it, if one is offered to you and you know that you are in a special group that only members gets the deal isn’t it more enticing? That’s exactly why promotions on social media work so great.

Make It Worth It

People like your Facebook page for many reasons. They might like your products/services, they might like your business culture, heck they might even like you. The point is people like your Facebook page for a reason. Doing Facebook only promotions gives them another reason to love your page!

Give them a great promotion that will be hard to pass up. If you sell ice cream and your slow day is Monday offer them a “Buy One, Get One” offer good only for that Monday.

If you sell tires offer a “Free Installation” promotion good only for Facebook fans with a special promo code or a coupon they can show with their phone.

Whatever kind of promotion you decide to do offer a great one and make it worth it for them.

Make It Fun

This is where Fun To Be Social excels! Fun! Fun! Fun! Promotions! You can make the promotion FUN many different ways. Have people do something fun to earn a big discount or a free item. Below are some samples of fun promotions you could do on Facebook.

  1. Make them sing a quick song for the offer
  2. Have them do a funny dance at your location
  3. Have them upload a video to Facebook doing something funny that relates to your business.
  4. They can upload funny pictures with your product. (in good taste of course)
  5. You can do a fun event like the “Sumo Suits” winner gets a good deal or free item. Loser still gets something just for doing it.

There are so many ideas for doing a fun promotion. I could come up with a least one per day for any business. If it gets people involved and engaged it is a success! If not then just toss it aside and move on to one that got better engagement in the past.

Marketing is a never ending process to learn what works and what doesn’t. Things in marketing change so fast especially in today’s fast paced world.

Don’t Fear Failure While Promoting On Facebook

Some things will work great and some not so great. If you can succeed at 40% of the promotions you put out there on Facebook that would be a huge success! All it takes is for one that really takes off and it will really help to drive business.

If you find a few Facebook Fan Promotions that work go back to them later in a few weeks or few months alternate the ones that work. Add new ones in to see what sticks. Throw out the ones that didn’t really work.

Keep notes on what Facebook Promotions work and which ones don’t. There’s no need in wasting time with the ones that don’t work.

Stick with the best Facebook Promotions and the best ones will lead you to think of more good ones that could work great in the future.

Make It A Habit To Do Facebook Fan Only Promotions

Do these once per week or once per month. You can even get on a schedule so that your Facebook fans look forward to your next promotion. Test what works and build on it.

For example one of your weekly Facebook Fan Promotions could be “Tuesday two-fer” or a “Friday Frenzy”. Make it catchy and let your Facebook fans know it’s just for them.

Doing Facebook Fan Promotions is a great way to engage with your Facebook audience. It let’s them know that you appreciate them and that there are rewards for following your business on Facebook. Don’t waste the chance to connect with your Facebook fans through fan only promotions.


Thanks for reading! Do you have any “Fun and Effective” Facebook Fan Only Promotions that works for your business? If so let us know below in the comments.

3 Social Media Post Ideas

Run a contest on social media

What Should You Post??
I could write a very long list of things you could post on your social media pages, but let’s start with a few that are sure to get some attention and engagements from your customers/fans. I don’t want to get into the boring ones because we are all about FUN here at Fun To Be Social! so let’s get to it!

This is always a popular one! Remember when you post a contest on your businesses social media pages make sure to read the rules of each social media platform. Each company has set rules when it comes to contests. Make sure to read them! Contests usually get a good response. The two main components are to 1. Have a nice prize, 2. Make it simple. Easy as that get creative and make it Fun!

Give people a fun puzzle to solve and tell them to share it if they can figure it out. People love to do puzzles on social media!

Make some funny memes that relate to your industry. A good meme can go viral pretty fast. Make sure to put your company name in the corner of the picture so if it does go viral people will see where it originated from.

If you need a place to manage all of your social media pages try our Social Media Dashboard it’s free and free is good. I love free!

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Just a few post ideas for you from Fun To Be Social.

Don’t Pitch People On Social Media

Be Social, Don't Pitch People


Be Fun and Social

This isn’t 1985 people don’t want or need to be sold with the old school marketing techniques. Years ago companies would push their sales and marketing messages down people’s throats. Just advertising their products and services with very little value to the consumer in the message.

Add Value

In today’s business world people don’t want to be pitched or sold. Instead they want to connect with a company or brand on a personal level. Think about how you respond to other companies online. You don’t care about their products and advertising so much. Most people care if the company can offer them something of value first. That’s where social media really becomes valuable to businesses in today’s world.

Use Social Media To Be Social

When using your social media for business don’t even think about how you can promote. Think about how you can connect with your audience in a FUN way! Is there a post that people will engage with? Can you share some info about your company and employees? How about a FUN contest! Here are some post ideas. Just use social media to be “social”. Test posts and find out what gets your customers talking about you. Earn respect and business will follow!

Can You Promote Ever?

Now don’t get me wrong you can do a promotion here and there, but keep it to a minimum! When I say minimum maybe 10% or less of your posts should be promoting your products, services, or brand. Even when you decide to do a promotional post try to keep it social in some way so it doesn’t look too promotional or pitchy.

Keep It Fun!

No matter what you do never get too serious on social media! Keep it FUN!! Make sure the value you add outweighs the selling. Customers will come to like you and trust you and in today’s business world that’s what matters most.

How often do you promote on social media? Let us know in the comments.

Fun To Be Social: Social Media Marketing, Management, and Consulting. We are located in the Las Vegas, NV area and serve companies Nationwide! 920-246-7060


Have A Personality On Social Media

Have A Personality On Social Media


Use Social Media To Show Off Your Personality!

Basically what I am saying is people like people. Don’t be a robot and post as a business only. Use social media as a way to show your personality and the personality and culture of your business. Post FUN stuff!

How To Be More Personable

There are many ways to be more personable on social media. Do posts that are fun and engaging. Be as social as possible without looking too much like a business. Here are 17 posts you can totally steal. Below are some things to do when posting to be more social and less like a business.

  1. Post pictures of employees
  2. Run fun contests
  3. Talk about some mistakes you have made as a business
  4. Ask people for their opinions
  5. Post pictures at seminars/events

Be “Likable” on Social Media

By posting more as a person your customers will see a human side to your business and you will become more approachable. It’s natural for people to put up a barrier when they think they might be sold. Most people don’t like to be sold. Don’t pitch people all the time be a person.

Barriers Will Fall

By being personable on social media it opens up the dialogue between you and the customer. People will begin to trust your company. They will take down the barriers that they put up at first when they don’t want to be sold. Building trust on social media is very important. It may take some time, but, it will be worth it in the long run. Just like real life it take time to build relationships. The same holds true for social media.

Act As If

Act as if you don’t want to sell them. Act as if you want to just be social. Act as if you really genuinely care! Here is the main part DON’T ACT! Really be like that. What I really am getting at is just be FUN!! Use social media for what it is meant to be “A Social Place”. Just be likable and a person and after awhile it will get easier. The posts and customer engagements will flow like a beautiful chocolate river. Like the one in Willy Wonka! MMMM……..Chocolate!


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What do you think of chocolate? Oops…I mean what are your thoughts on being more personable on social media? Let me know in the comments below.

Fun To Be Social: Social Media Management, Marketing, and Consulting. Located in the Las Vegas, NV area and Green Bay, WI serving businesses nationwide!

17 Fun Posts To Copy and Paste

17 Posts You Can Totally Steal!


Here are 17 FUN posts that you can totally copy and paste (free!) If you are out of ideas take one of these. Use them on Facebook, Twitter or just go out and get them tattooed on your ankle. Use them however you would like.

  1. My favorite topping on pizza is ___________?
  2. If the world ended today who would you spend your last hour with?
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you like this post?
  4. 4 out of 5 dentists recommend you should floss between your toes.
  5. I get offended when people get offended.
  6. I walked 12,872 steps today and nobody liked my post about it!
  7. What did you do today to get one step closer to your goals?
  8. One thing I wish I could change about my past would be _____________?
  9. How many times a day do you check your social media pages?
  10. My favorite inspirational quote is _________________?
  11. Survey…Which one of our products do you like best?
  12. My go to snack at the movies is ___________?
  13. If there is one thing we can do better what would it be?
  14. Truth Time: When you were growing up what did you want to be when you got older?
  15. My favorite CD/Album of all time is _________________?
  16. What decade was better the 80’s or 90’s? Tell us why.
  17. The best movie ever was ____________________?

Not all of these posts will work for certain businesses, but I’m sure you will be able to use at least a few of them. The best part is that all 17 of these posts are meant to stir up a conversation. Getting people to interact with you and your brand is what it’s all about! Get people talking with you and about you on Social Media.

Do you have some good posts? If so, please post them in the comments below for people to use. That would be so awesome of you!

Fun To Be Social: Social Media Marketing, Management, and Consulting

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Are You Fun On Social Media??

Be Fun On Social Media!!


How Fun Are You on Social Media?

​I ask this because maybe you aren’t very fun on social media, but may not even know it. Some businesses are so focused on talking about themselves on social media and they don’t know that they are. Look back on some of your old posts and determine if they are fun or boring. Ask yourself if you would like that post if you were a fan of the page.

Pretend You Are On A Date

When you are on a date with someone you want to make a good impression. (At least I hope you do.) Now think of the conversation you will have. Do you want to make it all about you? If you do the other person is going to lose interest pretty fast. Have you ever been around someone and when you talk about something they bring it right back to being about them or their experiences? It’s annoying right! When it happens you basically lose interest in continuing the conversation. Social media is the same thing in a way. You want to keep the conversation going, but not make it all about you and your business.

Keep It Fun!

Post things that get people talking and interested. Here are 17 Post Ideas. You can post fun questions, contests, deals only for your Facebook fans, motivational quotes, fun jokes, funny pictures, videos, etc. Find things that get fans to engage with your business. Get them involved! With the new Facebook Algorithm “comments” are king! Get people to respond with a comment to keep the conversation going to expand your organic reach.

Cause Boring Sucks!

Don’t be boring on Facebook or Twitter like a lot of businesses do! Imagine you are on a date or out with friends. Keep it professional, but fun. Don’t swear too much or be dirty. Being fun on social media gets your customers to remember you and then they actually look forward to your posts! Be FUN, Cause boring sucks!

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What Do You Do To Stay Fun On Social Media?

Let us know in the comments. I would love to hear your tips about being fun on social media!