8 Great Reasons To Do Social Media Marketing

Social Media Offers So Many Benefits!

If your business is not on social media yet check out the infographic below. If this doesn’t get you fired up about social media marketing I don’t know what will. So many benefits it makes my head spin!

Social Media Rocks!
Social Media Rocks!

Use social media marketing to your advantage! Over 40 million small businesses are on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook yet at least get on there and create a page. It won’t hurt just to get on there and at least set up a page. You can always go back on later and adjust things. Just get started so that you can build it up slowly and add info and pictures as you go.

What I Like Best

I love the part of being able to communicate live with my customers. Customer interaction is a very good benefit of using social media for business! This in itself (if done properly) will help you build trust with your customers. Don’t leave them hanging, answer their questions as soon as you can. At least make an effort to answer most customer questions or concerns within 24 hours on each social media platform. It’s impossible sometimes to answer 100% of the questions or comments, but at least make an effort to answer a good percentage. This will show customers that you do respond when you can.

I hope you enjoyed the infographic. Check back often for more info, tips, and advice about social media marketing! Drop me a comment below!

Infographic Sources: Brandwatch.com