How To Get More Customer Referrals


Referrals are one of the most effective ways to grow your business. If a customer gives you a referral the chances of closing that sale are much higher. The question is how do you get more referrals from your customers?


Make Your Customers Happy! 

If you give your customers amazing service they will be very happy and happy customers are more than willing to help you out! A happy customer will not hesitate to give you some great referrals. If they love what you offer and they are benefiting from it they will want some of their friends and business colleagues to benefit as well.

Happy customers will not shy away from helping you out if you are helping them tremendously. Your number one job is to give your customers the best service you possibly can. Even if it means losing a little money on the account. You can make up that loss later on their account or through a very good referral.


Ask For The Referral

If you don’t ask the chance is you won’t get a referral. You cannot ask for the referral too early! First you must take care of the customer with amazing service. You need to do this for awhile before asking for the referral. If you ask too early you could annoy the customer and possibly never get a referral.

I cannot give you a timeline on when to ask because it depends on your industry and what kind of service or product you offer. This could take a little testing to find out the best time to ask a customer for a referral. Take notes and find the optimum time to ask for a referral. It could be a month or six months after they become a customer. After awhile you will get a feel on when to ask a customer for a referral.

The one thing you MUST do is ASK! Use your best discretion on the timing of when you ask for a customer referral.


Make Up A Short Form Or Email Template

Make up a customer referral form. You can do this on paper and through email. Just a short form with four spaces for customer name, phone number, email, and business name. That’s all you really need to have on the customer referral form. Print them off and give them to your sales team to use or save the template in a Word or Google docs form to copy and paste in an email.

Doing this simple step will get you in the routine of asking for customer referrals.

Good customer service


Give Out A Referral Bonus

You have probably seen a lot of business do this. Something like “refer a friend and get a $100 referral bonus.” I see this a lot at places like dentist offices, health clubs, etc. It is very effective because something like $100 is a good price to get a new customer. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers! This gives them even more of a reason to tell their friends about you.

Sit down and figure out how you want to implement a customer referral bonus program. How much are you willing to give out for a referral? What are the stipulations before someone is paid? Is there a limit on how many people they can refer? Sit down and write up a referral bonus program that will benefit both you and your customers.

Once you figure out the details of your customer referral bonus program advertise and promote it. Put it on your social media pages. Have signs and posters in your office or store. Put it at the bottom of the customers receipts or invoice. Get the word out and don’t forget to tell them the reward they will get!


Ask Family and Friends

This could be a very easy way to get good customer referrals. Ask family and friends if they know of somebody who could benefit from your service or product. Most family and friends will be willing to help, but if they don’t know of anybody don’t keep asking. If you do have a customer referral bonus program in place let them know about it and pay them if any of their referrals becomes a customer! If you do this it will give them even more reason to get the word out for you.


In Closing

Customer referrals can be a big part of generating new business if you know how to get them! A lot of business owners don’t even have programs in place to get customer referrals. Some sales people are afraid to even ask for a referral.

If you offer a great service or product don’t miss out on the opportunities that customer referrals can bring to your business. Sit down with your team and figure out ways that you can get more customer referrals to generate more business. Successful businesses use the method of customer referrals and you should too!


Thank you for reading! What tips do you have for getting more customer referrals?


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12 Ways To Persuade Others

12 Ways To Easily Persuade Others

Everyday we have to persuade someone. Whether it’s persuading your boss to let you have a certain day off, your kids to clean their room, or trying to persuade new clients to give your business a try. You are selling someone or persuading them on a daily basis whether you realize it or not. Are you good at getting your way? Most people aren’t that good at selling/persuading they try, but really don’t have the skills. There are people who are really, really good at this.

Here are 12 ways that you can persuade and sell people a little easier.


 1. Have Confidence: People who come off as really confident tend to get their way more often. Like the late great Vince Lombardi said “Confidence is contagious, so is a lack of confidence.”

Don’t be afraid to show off your awesomeness!


2. Limited Choice: Give someone a very limited choice and ask them to pick one. For example: if you are talking with a customer and they have some interest show them the two best options and ask them which one they would like. When you do this most people will answer with the one they like best. You gave them a limited choice so they don’t feel overwhelmed and this makes for a great close! For more sales tips click here.

3. Go Big First: Ask for something bigger than what you actually want first. This way you can negotiate down to what you really wanted in the first place. Do you want $100? Ask for $500 at first! When you go down to $100 the person you are asking won’t think of it as such a high dollar amount because $100 is far less than $500. (This works well when negotiating)

4. Talk With Your Hands: Use your hands more when you talk. This will make what you are talking about seem bigger. Don’t stand there with your arms at your side or crossed. Use your hands to make big gestures and the person you are talking to will take notice.

5. Do Favors: If you add value and do favors for someone once in awhile they will feel like they owe you. Don’t do favors for this reason only, but if you are of value to someone they will want to be of value back. (at least we hope so)

Add value first before asking for business.


6. Agree: Even if you don’t agree with someone don’t argue. Agree with them and they will feel like you have something in common. You don’t have to believe what they are saying, but agreeing with someone is a way to find common ground. If you don’t really like what they are saying agree anyway, because an argument will be worthless and your chances of persuading that person will drop significantly!

7. Use Their Name: When you meet someone use their name within the first minute or two of the conversation. This will bring a more personal feel to the conversation it will also help you to remember their name easier. Don’t overdue it with using their name in the conversation. Use it in the beginning, somewhere in the middle, and at the end of the meeting. You don’t want to come off as tacky for using someones name too much in a conversation.

8. Compliment Them: There is always something nice to say to someone. Complimenting people will actually give them a good impression of you. Who doesn’t like to get a nice compliment? It’s good practice to compliment people when you can. It reflects back on your character.

9. Dress Good, Feel Good: If you dress good you will feel good. When you feel good you will be more confident. If you dress good, it will be harder for people to tell you no.

10. Make People Come To You: It is always easier to get your way when people come to you. If you go to them they will almost always feel like they have the leverage. When someone feels like they have leverage the chances of persuading them goes way down.

11. Give Gifts: Everybody loves gifts! Even small gifts give people a favorable opinion of you.

12. Give Them A Vision: If you are trying to sell something like a service give your customer a vision of what you can do for them. Use the words “Imagine This” in the beginning of a sentence when explaining the benefits your service offers. Those two words can be very powerful.


Persuading and selling people is an art and mental chess game you are playing with the other person. If you use the right combination of these 12 ways to persuade others getting your way will be easier and the person you are persuading won’t feel like they made a bad decision.

Of course don’t use these 12 ways to deceive people to get your way. Be good with your intentions!


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A.I.D.A. Is Still Important In The Sales Process

Sales Tip

Put That Coffee Down!!! Remember the movie Glengarry Glen Ross where Alec Baldwins character had that famous sales speech? He used the terms A.B.C (Always Be Closing) and A.I.D.A. (Attention, Interest, Decision, Action). In this article I want to talk about A.I.D.A. and why it is still an effective sales strategy.


In any business and marketing strategy you need to have your customers attention. If nobody knows about you it will be hard to generate new business. You MUST get your customers attention! You can get their attention either before a meeting or during the meeting, but you MUST get their attention or they will get bored and tune you out. I’ve been in sales many years and know that when I don’t get a customers attention the sale is already lost before I even get started.

There is good news, you can recover if you failed at this step early in the sales process. If you noticed that you have lost them and that they are disinterested early figure out how you can grab their attention. Get louder, use hand gestures more, use keywords that will get them to perk up. Don’t give up on getting their attention, but do it early otherwise you will lose the sale no matter how good your presentation is.


If there is no interest in you, your product, or service what is the point? You must generate an interest for what you are selling! You must solve a problem they have. Show them that you are there not just to sell them, but to help them. Don’t go in trying to force a sale. You need to demonstrate in your presentation that your product or service is what they need! If they truly do need what you are selling their interest will peak.

Can your product or service really help them? If yes that is good! Now show them why and how it can help them! Really drive that point into the presentation. Sales is about showing how you can help them.



If you do the previous two steps of Attention and Interest right it will make this step easier. Getting a customer to make a decision is crucial in the sales process. If you cannot get this your whole sales process and presentation will be worthless.

First things first is you need to be talking with a decision maker! Don’t waste your time on someone who is going to listen and report to the decision maker. That is a huge waste of time! The person who is not the decision maker is going to report back to the decision maker and there is no way they can sell the product or service you are selling as good as you. Also they don’t care as much as you do so their explanation to the decision maker will SUCK! You will lose the sale 95% of the time if you aren’t speaking to the decision maker. There are times when you can make a sale without speaking with the decision maker, but it’s rare, time consuming, and frustrating. My suggestion is don’t set up a sales call without knowing that the true decision maker will be present.

For more videos and sales tips check out our Vlog here.


Most sales people are actually too scared to ask for the sale. It’s true they will go through the whole process and presentation, but clam up at the end when it comes time to close the sale. It’s actually more common than you think. I’m sure it has even happened to you too.

It’s happened to me many times. You need to make sure to ask for the sale! It needs to be part of your sales presentation. You need to practice the close and make it strong. Don’t be timid when asking for the sale it needs to be strong and commanding! Don’t overdue it, but also don’t be scared and timid when closing. If you know that they are interested and that your product or service is something that will help them solve a problem feel confident that they will buy. Be confident when closing the sale!

In Conclusion

Go into each sales meeting knowing that you will get the sale! There’s a phrase “Assume The Sale” and confident sales people know how powerful those three little words can be.

Even though sales and marketing are changing constantly some things remain the same and A.I.D.A. still remains an important part of any sales process.


Have you used the Attention, Interest, Decision, Action as part of your sales process? How did it work for you and what kind of tips can you give? Let us know in the comments below.



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