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Facebook Stories Has Arrived!

Facebook has just released it’s new Stories feature. You can find it at the top of your home page. From there you can post pictures and videos that last for 24 hours.

It’s very similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories. As a matter of fact it looks a lot like Instagram Stories with the stories appearing at the top of your home page. You can also send direct stories to specific friends.

Although I only played around with it for a little bit the functionality is a little different. To get filters you need to swipe up. You can add pictures and video from your camera roll also. Adding text, stickers, and drawings is pretty much the same as Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

This is a feature that could get a lot of use especially for people who aren’t on Snapchat or Instagram. Facebook has the biggest audience so I’m sure it will get plenty of use.

How will this effect Snapchat? Facebook has been looking at adding more Snapchat like features to slow their growth. The new Facebook Stories feature is a big feature that I’m sure Facebook is hoping catches on. This way they can keep more people on Facebook and draw them away from using Snapchat. The more time people spend on Facebook the more revenue they can generate.

In the end it’s a smart business move by Facebook. In business you always need to be growing and evolving and that’s what Facebook does best!


What are your thoughts on the new Facebook Stories? Let us know in the comments or share this on social media with a comment.


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Facebook Live Now On Desktop!

Facebook Live

Social Media News!

If you haven’t heard Facebook Live is now available on your desktop. For a long time it was only available on mobile devices. This new development is nice because it will make doing webinars and other videos from your office easier.

The Power of Facebook Live

Of course you will need a webcam on your desktop computer. I do like doing Facebook Live more on mobile because I can do it anywhere and anytime, but having the option to do Facebook Live on a desktop is nice and gives us more options!

I think live video should be a part of every social media marketing campaign in 2017. It is probably the biggest trend in social media right now. If you haven’t thought about using Facebook Live yet for your business you should start thinking of ways you can add it your social media marketing strategy.

The Biggest Trend In Social Media For 2017


What do you think? Do you like the fact that you can do Facebook Live on desktop now? Let me know in the comments or share this on your social media with a comment and I will respond.


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Instagram Adds Live Feature

Instagram Live


Instagram added a new live feature to their platform. It is out now on limited accounts, but will be rolled out app wide in the coming weeks. Since adding the Stories feature Instagram has been adding a lot of Snapchat like features. This one is different and more resembles Facebook Live or Periscope.

Disappearing Live Video

The new Instagram Live feature will have disappearing video. Meaning once the live broadcast is over the video disappears from the news feed for good.

This is meant to help people to get more comfortable with live video. Your friends and followers will get notifications when you go live just like on Facebook Live.

You will also see that they are live under their profile picture and in the stories bar. Instagram wants you to see when people are live to encourage you to view. This in turn can help the Instagram Live feature become more popular.


Will This Be Good To Use For Business?

Honestly I’m not sure if the new Instagram Live feature will be beneficial for business or not. The video disappears soon after the live broadcast and for a business that is not as good. For personal use it could be great.

If you go through all the time to produce a great live video and it disappears right after and not a lot of people seen it yet it could be a waste of time. There will always be pros and cons to new social media features.

I think Instagram should give us the option to keep the video or have it disappear. That would be a win-win for business and personal use. Maybe they will make that an option in the future.

One Way To Use Instagram Live For Business

I do think that this feature will be good for “flash sales” if you promote it through Instagram Live. Flash Sales are very short term promotions/sales. Just like Facebook Live you can let your audience know that you will be going live on Instagram soon and do a countdown posting every 5-10 minutes about the upcoming live broadcast and to let them know they won’t want to miss it!

Let’s Give It Time

Until it actually rolls out app wide I can’t tell you too much how good it will be for business. Once it comes out I will tinker around with some ideas once I use it. I’m sure other digital marketers will find marketing techniques with Instagram Live that will be creative and beneficial.

The fun part is once it’s out and we all get to experiment with Instagram Live we will all learn as we go. I’m sure after awhile I can find some fun ways to use Instagram Live for business and as I do I will share them in this blog. Stay tuned my friends!


What are your thoughts on Instagram Live? Let us know in the comments!



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Instagram Adds New “Stories” Feature

Instagram Rolls Out New Instagram Stories Feature
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If you haven’t payed any attention yet you might not know that Instagram added a new feature called Instagram Stories to their platform. It is very similar to that of Snapchat.

What Is The New Instagram Stories Feature?

It is a lot like Snapchat Stories in which you can create a story out of video and/or pictures. You can then add text and emoji’s to your videos and pictures to make them stand out. The videos and pictures you create only last for 24 hours and they disappear.

New Instagram Stories Feature
New Instagram Stories Feature

Instagram Stories is similar with short videos and lasting only 24 hours before they disappear. This way you can keep posting and put out content without over posting on your Instagram Feed.

Stories will also be seen by a specific algorithm set by Instagram. Basically people you are closer to will see your stories first. Instagram has rolled out an algorithm for the home feed already a few months ago. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook they are heading in the same direction with organic reach in order to get businesses to pay for more people to see their posts.

When Will The New Instagram Stories Feature Be Available?

Instagram just rolled out the new features. I have an android and when I updated the app it was on there. You should have the new Instagram Stories feature as well. If not update your app and it should be on there after the update.

You will see the Instagram Stories at the top of your home feed. All you need to do is click on the profile picture and watch the story. You can also access an Instagram Story by clicking on a profile picture on their actual profile.

If you want to add a picture or video to your story all you have to do is tap the plus (+) button at the top of your home feed. You can also add text, drawing and emoji’s before posting it.

How Can You Use This For Social Media Marketing?

If you have used Snapchat you will know basically how this can be applied to social media marketing. There are no geofilters or custom filters yet so you won’t be able to apply those, but give it time I’m sure it’s coming!

If you haven’t yet used Snapchat and don’t know much about it you will need to get familiar with the Instagram Stories feature first and come up with some FUN ways to use it for social media marketing. It’s not hard just be creative once you get a feel for it. Add some videos of your products, office, storefront, employees, company events, etc. Keep people engaged with great content! The main thing is to keep it FUN!!!! That’s what it’s all about right?? If you aren’t having fun with it you will lose interest fast and give up on it. Here is an article about having fun on social media.  Like any other marketing it is up to you how you want to engage people and how you want them to perceive your business/brand.

What Do I Think?

I think it is great! It is a new way to engage with people on Instagram. It is a new way to get more views on Instagram. The way I see it the more views and impressions the better. Marketing is all about getting in front of people and the new Instagram Stories feature is just another way to reach people. It also give me more ways to be creative and fun.

On the down side it means that I have to basically create stories and post daily on both Snapchat and Instagram. I will continue to do so, but it is more work and more time consuming so that is a negative. Also Snapchat views could go down on my account because more people are using the Instagram Stories. Hopefully there is not much of a decline. Who knows Snapchat may respond with another cool new feature that we can all get excited about in the near future! Social media is always changing and it is always important to keep up on the new changes. As a business owner and a social media marketer it is even more important.

Either way I will think about the positive and I look forward to using the new Instagram Stories feature more and more!


Have you used the new Instagram Stories Feature yet? If so let me know what you think of it and how you use it for social media marketing in the comments below. Thanks for reading and have an amazing day!!

Snapchat Adds New Features!

Snapchat Adding New Features

As we all know social media changes almost daily. Snapchat is now adding some new features that are sure to change the way you Snap!

“Memories” Feature

The new “Memories feature on Snapchat will allow you to now save Snaps. You will be able to search your old Snaps with search and bring them up. With this new feature you will also be able to edit your old Snaps and post them to your Story. This new feature will let you re-purpose Snaps that you really liked and show them off in a new way.

“Memories” will be a new way to save Snaps and Stories on Snapchat.

“You can use Memories to create new Stories from Snaps you’ve taken, or even combine different Stories into a longer narrative!” Snapchat wrote on their blog. “It’s fun to celebrate an anniversary or birthday by finding a few old Snaps and stringing them together into a new Story.”

This will also be a great way to bring old Snaps into your Story for #TBT (Throw Back Thursday)

If you post a Snap taken more than 24 hours ago, it will have a special white border around it to indicate that it’s from the past. This will let people know it is an older Snap. You will be able to edit it and add new filters and time stamps.

Just swipe up from the camera to get to the new “Memories” feature.

“My Eyes Only” Feature

Another new feature of Memories: If you have any content you want to keep private, you can mark it My Eyes Only. This makes it impossible for anyone looking at your Snapchat camera roll to accidentally stumble upon it. Users must enter a pin to access anything marked with the label. You will be able to set the pin up when the “Memories” feature is available.


When Will It Be Available?

You can expect the features to roll out in about a month or so. (Nationwide) Snapchat will send a Snap to let you know when “Memories” is up and active.

Get Creative!

The new “Memories” feature will allow you to be even more creative on Snapchat. If you are in social media marketing or own a business play around with it and find ways you can have fun with it! The cool thing about Snapchat is there are so many ways to engage with your audience while having fun and getting creative. Now Snaps won’t all disappear in 24 hours and can be used again! I think this is going to be pretty cool!!


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New Instagram Features For Business

In the coming months Instagram will start rolling out features that will give businesses more options on their profile pages. This will give businesses more ways to communicate and effectively advertise from within the Instagram app. These changes could make your social media marketing efforts even better on Instagram!

Social Media News

Some of the features include:

  • A Contact Button (similar to Facebook I’m assuming)
  • Access to Insights
  • Ability to turn well performing posts into ads

These new features will be rolling out over the next couple months. Maybe one at a time or all at once. I guess we will see how they decide to do it.

My Take On The New Features

As of right now I think they could be very helpful features for businesses. The contact button especially will be pretty awesome. Just like on Facebook the contact button is a great feature. Right now the Instagram profiles are pretty basic so I can see why they would want to start adding some useful features.

Being able to view Insights right from the Instagram app will be very nice also. Right now in order to view page statistics you must go to a third party.

My only reservation about these new features is that they will start limiting organic reach over time just like Facebook. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook it can be assumed that over time it will be pretty similar in which you must “pay to play”. Only time will tell either way Facebook and Instagram are still very awesome ways to reach people on social media!

What’s your take on the upcoming changes? Will this help you with your Instagram Marketing efforts? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: Social Media Examiner

Group Voice Calls Now On Facebook Messenger

Facebook adds group calls to Messenger

Facebook has now added free group voice calls on Facebook Messenger! How cool is that!?

Free Group Voice Calls On Facebook Messenger

Well now anyone with with Messenger for Android or IOS can now initiate a group voice call for up to 50 people. This is the latest in the many improvements that Facebook has added to its platform.

Users should have seen the phone option worldwide this week, Facebook messaging chief David Marcus said in a recent post.

The new call feature only applies to voice calls for now. Video calls are still only one to one.

Facebook Messenger Group Voice Calls

How It Is Important For Business Owners

This could be a sign that messaging apps are the next tool for gaining and keeping users. I expect other social media platforms to start tinkering with ideas on how they can improve their direct messaging. If not they could fall far behind the likes of Facebook and Google+.

I don’t see a play here at the moment for businesses to really take advantage of, but it’s an innovation that will kind of tell you the way social media is heading into the future. It’s an ever changing industry and that’s why I love it. Social media never gets old and stale it will keep evolving to keep users and to keep them engaged and coming back. The innovations will only get better!

Ticketmaster Will Sell Tickets On Facebook

Ticketmaster To Sell Tickets On Facebook

Ticketmaster Just Made Buying Tickets Even Easier

Ticketmaster will be selling tickets directly on Facebook per Buzzfeed News reports.

They plan on launching the service at the end of the month on a limited basis. This is because of the number of customers who spend more time on mobile apps than they do on websites. This will lead to making it easier for customers to buy tickets from Ticketmaster.

“By putting the ability to buy tickets directly on Facebook, we hope that we’re going to provide a more seamless purchase experience and sell more tickets.” Dan Armstrong Ticketmaster’s Vice President and General Manager of distributed commerce, told BuzzFeed.

Convenient Ticket Buying

If this goes well I think this will make it so much easier to buy tickets for concerts, shows, events, etc. Don’t get me wrong it is pretty easy already to do it online. I do it all the time and find it very convenient, but not having to leave an app to buy tickets is even better. Buying your tickets on Facebook will lead to bigger things being integrated into social media. It is still growing and there is still so much room for growth in social media and this new buying experience proves that.

Will you buy tickets on Facebook? I know I will at least give it a try. Let us know your opinions in the comments.