50th Blog Post, Here Are 5 Great Tips I Learned

5 Blogging Tips

This is our 50th blog post!! Over the course of one year and fifty blog posts I learned a lot about successful blogging. I would like to share with you five great tips with you to help you with your blogging.


Let me start by saying that I did not like blogging at first because I am not really a writer and really had no ambitions to be one. I am in marketing and I love being creative, but not through writing. I want to be creative with ad campaigns and digital marketing strategies, social media marketing, etc.

Blogging was never something I never even considered when it came to marketing. They didn’t teach this to me when I was in college in the early 2000’s it wasn’t even a subject, but neither was social media marketing. Things have come a long way since then and I had to learn a lot on my own even though I have a degree in marketing (2004).

Having a blog on your website is very important in today’s business world. It is a great way to help your customers, creating internal links on your website, show your expertise, help you with SEO (search engine optimization), and have great content to share on your social media pages.

It can also serve as future content down the road if you needed it for a course, an ebook, or for a speaking engagement. You can reference some of your older blog posts to gather info needed for future endeavors. Just because a post is older doesn’t mean it won’t be useful in the future.

You can also use a blog to generate some great revenue after awhile. There are lots of bloggers out there making six or seven figure incomes. If you are good at it you can make a very good living.

I have written more than fifty blog posts because this business was actually named Rattlesnake Marketing in past years. I changed the name to reflect more on what we do, but I lost a lot of blog posts when I created the new website. So even though this is about my 50th blog post on this website I really have more experience than that.

OK, so let me dive into the five tips that I hope can help you with your blogging or future blogging endeavors.


Tip#1 – Quality Over Quantity

You will see some articles out there talking about “The longer the post the better” this is true in a way, but not a rule. I think that quality content is always better than quantity. Who cares if a post is 5,000 words long, but it is horrible and doesn’t entertain or add value. People don’t have time for long useless posts.

Most people skim posts and look for quick points that they can use from the article. I skim posts all the time and get the info I need quick. If I do it I know a lot of other people are doing the same thing.

Don’t worry how long your blog post is, focus on creating a quality blog post that can add some great value for your readers. You will want to write to help with your SEO, but focus on value first and work the SEO into your post.

The main takeaway here is a post between 500-1,000 words can be very useful when written well. I am not even concentrating on the length of this post and I ended up with 1,477 words in this article. All I am doing is trying to give you the best advice I can. I am not concentrating on the length of this post at all.

Longer posts are great, but only if they are useful or entertaining to the reader. Focus on quality content!


Tip #2 – You Will Get Better

Like I said earlier I did not really want to blog for this website, but as a marketer I knew it was important so I sucked it up and did it anyway. I doubt my earlier post were even that good. The first 25 posts are probably OK at best, but maybe that’s me being my own worst critic.

I am however more proud of my last 25 blog posts or so and even more proud of my last 10 blog posts.

I know that my next 50 blog posts will only get better and better. Just like anything you will get better at it over time. You will look back at some of your earlier posts and think “What a rookie!”

In order to get better you need to start! Whether you are good at writing or not, just get started and over time you will get better. Keep reading and educating yourself in the process to build up your skills.

It’s fine to doubt yourself we all do, but just keep going and learning and you will start to erase that doubt over time.

Tip #3 – Images Are Important

When I started out I would put only one image on each blog post. Now I try to put two or more in each blog post. Images are proven to keep people’s attention longer. They can help tell the reader what your article is about before they even start reading.

I suggest that at minimum you put at least two images in each blog post. This will also keep your readers attention rather than just having tons of text and no images.

Pro Tip: I use Canva for a lot of my blog images. (the header image in this post was made on Canva)

Pro Tip #2: Videos are great for putting in your blog post as well.


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Tip #4 – It Takes Time

If you are just starting out with a new blog it will take time to grow it and to get a good following. Search engine optimization (SEO) can take awhile. Sometimes over a year for your blog to start getting some good traffic from the search engines.

It took me at least six months to really see any traffic on this website. It’s frustrating at first because it seems like all your work is going unnoticed. That is true at first, but if you keep at it people will notice and the hard work will pay off. Don’t look for a bunch of traffic at first. If you keep this in mind you won’t get discouraged and stop altogether. 

Just keep going and doing the best SEO that you can. If you have some money to invest maybe hire someone who is really good at SEO to optimize your site to get more organic traffic.

Set up Google Analytics to track how your blog traffic is growing and where the traffic is coming from. After a few months you will start to see what kind of content and blog posts are getting the best traffic. You can capitalize on that and create more of the same kind of content.

social media marketing

Tip # 5 – Always Promote Each Post

Every time I publish a post I post it on ALL of my social media platforms. This gets the word out fast about your new blog post.

If you have some money put a little money in promoting it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Doing some paid ads on social media will get you more visitors even faster. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money just put $10 – $20 in ads to promote it.

The key here is to get the word out as soon as possible and in as many places as you can. What’s the point of having a great blog post if nobody see’s it? Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars to promote it. You put all that work into the blog post so paying a little money for more people to see it will be worth it.

Pro Tip: Always have a CTA (call to action) somewhere on you blog posts. Whether it be a phone number, email signup, contact us, etc. Just have something to let readers know what their next step is. I usually put this at the end of a blog post. (see below)


Of course there will always be more to learn as we go. Once we reach our 100th blog post I will write another post with even more tips that will help you with blogging. I hope this article was very helpful for you! Thanks for reading and if you have anything to add please comment below.



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Give Value Before Asking For Business

Value First!


Give As Much Value As Possible

Social media and your blog are great ways to show people how valuable you can be to them. It can be a way to show off your skills in your particular field. Prospective client’s will use social media and your blog to find out information on you and your company. Don’t waste this opportunity to show what kind of value you can bring to them!

Use Social Media To Show Your Skills

Social media is a great place to show people that you know what you are talking about and that you know what you are doing. If prospective customers like the value you give them you won’t even have to sell to them. They will come to you because the value you give them will be so great they can’t resist!

What Would You Like To See As A Customer?

Would you find your content valuable? Think about that as you create valuable content for your your readers and prospective customers. It’s a great way to evaluate if what you are offering in terms of value is good. No I take that back, you want GREAT content not just good!

Create A Blog With Great Content!

A great way you can add value includes having a good Blog. This will give your readers/customers a look into your process and knowledge. It will also give them an idea of your personality. Write for your customers not for SEO. If you write great content the SEO will take care of itself. Focus more on how you can help your customers not how you can rank high up in the search engines. Plus writing for SEO can make you look boring and obvious to the people who know what you are doing.


“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little better.”  – Jeff Bezos, Amazon


Thunder and Lightning Approach

Using social media and your blog will be a great 1-2 punch when it comes to giving your customers or potential customers some great value. Using both as a “Thunder and Lighting” approach to really make a good impression. Try to make them correspond to your brand and identity. Stick to what you know and write and post about that subject. Add some humor to both your blog and social media. Maybe add some really cool facts about your industry that you know your customers will love.

Figure out what your customers like and keep them engaged on both your blog and social media. It will take some time to really find out what your customers really want and like, so keep at it until you get a really good idea.

In Closing

Add value, value, some more value, then ask for their business. Better yet just add as much value as you possibly can and maybe you won’t even have to ask. Customers will come to you because they like you and what you are offering them before they even become your customers.

It will take a little time to get new customers from your “Valuable Content Strategy” so be patient. Once they come it will be like the movie “Field of Dreams” when all the people are lining up to see you. Build your dream through valuable and intriguing content. Who knows maybe Ray Liotta will come out from nowhere and read it. Then maybe play a little catch with you!

“If you build it they will come.” -Field of Dreams-

How do you use your blog and social media to get new customers? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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Always Over Deliver

Always Over Deliver

Always beat expectations by over delivering on promises to clients and customers. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Under Promise

When you under promise results it is a good thing because it gives you a little room for mistakes or problems that may arise. Let’s face it most the time things don’t go very smoothly when running a business. You need to account for that when giving clients and customers promises on work that you can do for them. Don’t get all hyped up because you are getting a big client and start making promises that you know are going to be very tough or almost impossible to meet!

Set Expectations

When you are working with a client let them know how long it will take and some obstacles that could make the project last a little longer. Set the expectations so that way they know what to expect.

Time Expectations

If you know for sure that a project will take at least a week tell your client that it will be done in 10 days. This gives you time for any unseen things or events that could delay the project. Try your best to get it done within the week and you will have a happy client because they expected 10 days, but you delivered in 7 days!

Don’t Be Dishonest

When telling clients a time estimate or how good the project will be, don’t be dishonest. Don’t use the under promise as a way to make more money off of the same project. The under promise is to be used as a tool to help you over deliver to your clients.

Over Deliver

Once you set expectations for a project do your absolute best to do better than promised. Take the initiative to give much more value than your client was expecting. Beat the time you gave them on the project. Let them know that you are all about being the best at what you do and they will come back again and again. Throw in a couple upgrades to your project that they were not expecting. If possible try to do the project for a little less than the estimated budget. All the little things add up!

Stay In Contact During The Project

Do cool things like send email updates on how the progress is going. Add pictures and a quick caption to let your client know how it is coming along. Staying in contact during the project can be a way of over delivering and adding value!

Any Kind of Business

This advice is good no matter what kind of business you run. The main objective is to over deliver anytime you possibly can. It’s great for keeping customers and getting referrals. If a client/customer loves what you do they WILL tell people and that will lead to more business in the future!


As always thanks for reading! How do you Under Promise and Over Deliver in your business? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear from you.


Don’t Pitch People On Social Media

Be Social, Don't Pitch People


Be Fun and Social

This isn’t 1985 people don’t want or need to be sold with the old school marketing techniques. Years ago companies would push their sales and marketing messages down people’s throats. Just advertising their products and services with very little value to the consumer in the message.

Add Value

In today’s business world people don’t want to be pitched or sold. Instead they want to connect with a company or brand on a personal level. Think about how you respond to other companies online. You don’t care about their products and advertising so much. Most people care if the company can offer them something of value first. That’s where social media really becomes valuable to businesses in today’s world.

Use Social Media To Be Social

When using your social media for business don’t even think about how you can promote. Think about how you can connect with your audience in a FUN way! Is there a post that people will engage with? Can you share some info about your company and employees? How about a FUN contest! Here are some post ideas. Just use social media to be “social”. Test posts and find out what gets your customers talking about you. Earn respect and business will follow!

Can You Promote Ever?

Now don’t get me wrong you can do a promotion here and there, but keep it to a minimum! When I say minimum maybe 10% or less of your posts should be promoting your products, services, or brand. Even when you decide to do a promotional post try to keep it social in some way so it doesn’t look too promotional or pitchy.

Keep It Fun!

No matter what you do never get too serious on social media! Keep it FUN!! Make sure the value you add outweighs the selling. Customers will come to like you and trust you and in today’s business world that’s what matters most.

How often do you promote on social media? Let us know in the comments.

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Have A Personality On Social Media

Have A Personality On Social Media


Use Social Media To Show Off Your Personality!

Basically what I am saying is people like people. Don’t be a robot and post as a business only. Use social media as a way to show your personality and the personality and culture of your business. Post FUN stuff!

How To Be More Personable

There are many ways to be more personable on social media. Do posts that are fun and engaging. Be as social as possible without looking too much like a business. Here are 17 posts you can totally steal. Below are some things to do when posting to be more social and less like a business.

  1. Post pictures of employees
  2. Run fun contests
  3. Talk about some mistakes you have made as a business
  4. Ask people for their opinions
  5. Post pictures at seminars/events

Be “Likable” on Social Media

By posting more as a person your customers will see a human side to your business and you will become more approachable. It’s natural for people to put up a barrier when they think they might be sold. Most people don’t like to be sold. Don’t pitch people all the time be a person.

Barriers Will Fall

By being personable on social media it opens up the dialogue between you and the customer. People will begin to trust your company. They will take down the barriers that they put up at first when they don’t want to be sold. Building trust on social media is very important. It may take some time, but, it will be worth it in the long run. Just like real life it take time to build relationships. The same holds true for social media.

Act As If

Act as if you don’t want to sell them. Act as if you want to just be social. Act as if you really genuinely care! Here is the main part DON’T ACT! Really be like that. What I really am getting at is just be FUN!! Use social media for what it is meant to be “A Social Place”. Just be likable and a person and after awhile it will get easier. The posts and customer engagements will flow like a beautiful chocolate river. Like the one in Willy Wonka! MMMM……..Chocolate!


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What do you think of chocolate? Oops…I mean what are your thoughts on being more personable on social media? Let me know in the comments below.

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