How To Use Social Media If You Own A Car Dealership

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The next article in our “Your Business Series” is on how to use social media if you own a car dealership. Owning or running a car dealership is tough and competitive. Social media marketing can greatly benefit a car dealership if it is done right.

Your Business Series Article #4 – How To Use Social Media If You Own A Car Dealership


So you own a car dealership or maybe you manage one and you are wondering how you can use social media to bring in more business to your car dealership and sell more cars don’t worry we got you covered!


Live Video

If you own or manage a car dealership live video is a great social media tool to use. You have the power to instantly let your customers see what you have going on at the car dealership. Some ways you could use live video are;

  • Product Demos: Show your automobiles in action, show off the great benefits of certain vehicles. Do this live and give demonstrations to show why they should buy that vehicle. If they can see the benefits live it might peak their interest more!
  • Sales Events: If you are having a big sales event going on, put that on live video. Give a tour of the building and car lot and show off the sale prices! Tell your live audience of other things going on during the sales event like free food, drinks, etc.
  • Introduce Sales Staff and Management: Use live video to show off your staff and have them do a “take over” for a day so that they can show off their personality to potential customers.
  • Repair Shop: If your car dealership has a repair shop attached, do a live video and talk about the benefits of why your repair shop is a good place to bring a vehicle for repairs. Also let customers see some of the prices of basic repairs and specials so that they have an idea. Use the live video to tell them about any awards you may have won for the repair shop.
  • Answer Questions: If you get a decent sized audience for your live videos you will have people who ask questions and leave comments. This is a great way to instantly connect and maybe even make a sale that very day! Make sure to answer back during the live broadcast.

More Live Video Tips


Show Off Happy Customers

A lot of car dealerships do this and it’s a good thing. Showing happy people standing by a car they just bought is good for business. The mistake I see a lot is that too many car dealerships ONLY do this. Don’t believe me look up a local car dealership and chances are most of their posts are people standing by a car they just bought. There is way more to social media marketing than just posting a generic picture of the same thing over and over.

Don’t get me wrong this is a great way to show off some happy customers and you should do this, but don’t get stuck in the rut of only showing customers by their new car purchase. Expand your horizons and change it up a bit.


Updates On New Inventory

The car industry is always changing with new and improved vehicles and features. Use social media to tell your customers about the new inventory that you have or will be getting.


Community Events and Charities

If your car dealership is heavily involved in the community (and it should be) social media is a great way to show others what you care about. Talk about the charities you support. Show off pictures of teams or events that you sponsor. Give people that sense that you do care about the local community. Don’t do it to brag, just post things to show others that you care and to maybe even get more support for the local charities and events.


Updates and Improvements

If you have some new updates and improvements happening to the building you can show your customers what is happening on social media. Post pictures and videos of the improvements as they happen! Bring your customers along for the ride (no pun intended) on the improvements you are making to the business and the building. Tell them how the new improvements will help with the overall customer experience! Invite them down to come check out the new improvements or promote a Grand Opening.


Share Relevant Information

There is always something new to talk about in the automotive industry. Find good articles that you think your customers will like to read and share them on your social media. Are there new safety regulations taking effect? Share an article or video about it. Keep your customers educated and up to date and they will remember you when they are thinking about buying there next car.



If you sell cars and you know that there is a massive recall on a certain model post about it on your social media pages. When you post about it tell them how they can take the next step to get their vehicle fixed. Be proactive to show your customers that you care about them and their safety.


In Closing

There are so many ways to be fun and effective on social media if you own a car dealership. Don’t fall into the trap of just posting the same old stuff over and over again. Get creative to keep your customers and fans engaged. If you can do that you can create loyal customers who are happy that they follow you. Keeping your social media fun will only have your customers looking forward to your next post!



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How To Use Social Media If You Run A Nonprofit

How To Run Social Media If You Run A Nonprofit

If you run a nonprofit organization you know that marketing and fundraising can be a challenge. Without the proper revenue the nonprofit organization cannot survive. This means that every dollar counts when it comes to marketing. In this article we explore some fun and effective ways you can use social media to gain more visibility and eventually raise more funds.

Your Business Series Article #3 – How To Use Social Media If You Run A Nonprofit.


Special Events

Social media is a great place to promote an event. You can do this free or with paid ads. If your nonprofit has a special event coming up get on social media and promote it! Fundraising with social media can be fun with promoting your events.

Start early and post often to remind people to attend or register to attend your event. You want to post often, but not too much maybe space it out to about one post every three days. This way it isn’t too much, but enough to keep it fresh in people’s minds. Create an event on Facebook by going to the events tab. Facebook makes it easy to add events just follow the steps and after you create a few events you will get better at it. Share the link to this Facebook event on your other social media pages.

Use Snapchat to promote the event on your story. If you have a good following on Snapchat they will watch your snaps and this could lead to a nice turnout. Make the snaps interesting and show your followers why they should attend.


Show The Benefits

The great thing about running a nonprofit organization is that most likely you are doing it for a great cause that will help people or something else like animals or the environment. People like to see the reason you are out there raising money. They want to see how they can help out your cause.

Social media is the perfect place to show what your organization is accomplishing and how your cause is making a difference. Post pictures and videos to show your followers how your nonprofit is impacting others and why they should care too. The cool thing by doing this is it’s not bragging it’s showing others why your nonprofit is valuable and will get them interested!


Get Viral

Remember the “Ice Bucket Challenge”? That reportedly raised nearly 200 million dollars for ALS! If you are lucky you can find something that can raise one percent of that. One percent of that would still equal two million dollars!! Experiment with some videos and some ideas that you think can get some engagements and shares.

Find a challenge that is related to your nonprofit and maybe it will catch fire like the Ice Bucket Challenge. You never know until you do it. Sometimes things just catch on! Sit down with your team and brainstorm some ideas.

Contact us to find out how we can help your nonprofit with social media!

Pay attention to other things that are working or things that have worked in the past. Try to come up with your own viral challenge and it can lead to HUGE rewards!


Run A Contest

Running a contest will be a fun way to connect with your audience. It can be a contest that is related to the cause of your nonprofit or it can even just be a random contest.

Keep the contest fun! The main goal of a contest is to get more engagements. More engagements can eventually lead to more revenue if you run a nonprofit organization. A contest is a great way to build awareness for your nonprofit.

You can run a contest every week or plan one that runs once per month. If you run a contest on a weekly or monthly basis you can promote it on the days leading up to it. You can also make it a theme that people can look forward to. If you run a contest on a consistent basis people will look forward to the contest!


Ask For Donations

If you post valuable and engaging content consistently it’s fine to ask people to donate once in awhile. Don’t think that you can’t do this. The trick is you don’t want to ask all the time. Space it out to once in every ten posts or so. You are on social media to engage and eventually raise more funds for your nonprofit organization!

If you are just starting out on social media build your audience and focus on more engagements before asking for donations. Get your followers to like you and like what your nonprofit stands for.


Ask Others To Share

If you have a following that engages with your nonprofit ask them to share your content. If they believe in your cause they will share to help raise awareness. I see this all the time and on my personal social media accounts I see my friends share posts for nonprofit organizations. They do this because it’s a cause they believe in and they want to help even if it means just sharing a post. Build a loyal following and they will share your content also.


I hope you found this article useful if you run a nonprofit organization. There are so many ways to get creative and add some fun engaging content on social media. Just like any business you want to keep it fun on social media! You will want to raise awareness and eventually use social media to raise money. It can be done if you use social media the right way and stick with it. Use the tips in this article to get started or get better at it. Most nonprofit organizations have a great cause that is for good. Find ways that you can show why your nonprofit is worthy.


Do you have any tips to add? Let us know in the comments below or share this on social media with a comment!


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How To Use Social Media If You Own A Casino


The next article in our “Your Business Series” is on how to use social media if you own a casino. I know there aren’t many small business owners out there who own casinos, but since we are based out of Nevada I thought this would be fun to write. Even if you don’t own a casino you can use some ideas in this article for your own business.

Your Business Series Article #2 – How To Use Social Media If You Own A Casino.


If you are one of the few people that do own a casino that is awesome! Casinos are basically a license to print money. I give you lots of credit if you own a casino because I’m sure there is a lot of red tape to go through before you can even think about opening the doors.

Casino marketing is the same as any other business. You need to get the word out to as many people as possible. You need to keep it fresh and fun and give people incentives to come into your establishment.

There are many fun ways to promote your casino on social media while making it look as though you are not trying too hard. The main thing is you need to be doing social media for your casino. Believe it or not I know of some big casinos that don’t even do social media marketing yet or they do very little of it! It’s 2017 and I don’t know why any casino would not be taking advantage of social media marketing.

If you own a casino and haven’t done social media marketing it’s time to start. Let’s get into some fun ways you can do some fun and effective social media marketing.


Casino Events

Casino events such as concerts, blackjack tournaments, slot tournaments, etc. are great ways to show off your casino!

  • Post the dates and times of upcoming events
  • Put posters/pics of upcoming performers
  • Show off players in any casino tournaments
  • Post a picture of winners holding up their cash
  • Have a promotion for fans to have a chance to win tickets to concerts or shows


Profile Restaurants In The Casino

A lot of casinos have restaurants in them. Show off each restaurant to show your social media followers what your casino has to offer. There’s a chance that a lot of your followers haven’t been to the casino yet. This is a great opportunity to show them why they need to come in.


Feature New Slots

With technology always changing casinos are always adding in new machines and taking out the old ones. Whenever your casino gets a new machine brag about the cool new features on it! This will get people excited to come in and try the new and improved slots. If they haven’t been in the casino for a long time this might get them curious to come in to see the new slots.


Use Live Video

This is a must in 2017! Live video is now a big and growing trend in social media. If you own any business you will want to add live video into your social media marketing campaign.

There are so many ways to get fun and creative with social media and live video. If you own a casino here are some ways to use live video;

  • Show off your employees
  • Give tours of your casino
  • Do a live broadcast with your restaurant chefs and have them do a video on how to make a dish
  • Film the outside of the casino at night with the lights glowing
  • Give lessons on how to play some of the table games
  • Ask some of the talent from any shows if they would give an interview
  • Film any other fun events going on (concerts, local bands, comedy shows, etc.)

Of course if you film some of a show like a concert or comedy show you don’t want to give away too much maybe just a 3-5 minute live video broadcast.


Update People On New Changes

Social media is a great way to be transparent and let people in on new things coming to the casino. You can talk about some upcoming remodeling plans or any new restaurants coming to the casino. Post pictures and video of the changes as they happen to keep people up to date on social media. Doing this will make them feel like they are part of it. This is another way to build excitement around the casino.


Special Discounts

Social media is a great way to get people in the doors. Use special discounts for your social media followers to get them in to use at the restaurants or gift shops. Make the discounts for a short period of time like 1 day, 2 days, or up to 1 week.

Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are great for doing flash sales. A flash sale is a sale that lasts for a very short time. With disappearing content like Snapchat and Instagram stories you can use those platforms to do some limited time promotions that only your followers will see.

Doing very limited time special discounts for only your social media followers work and gives them great incentive to keep following you.

Here’s how to run special promotions for your Facebook fans only.


In Conclusion

As you can see there are many ways to effectively use social media marketing if you own a casino. There are so many other ways to do this in a fun way, but I hope this article helps give you an idea on some creative fun ways to promote your casino on social media.

If you are like 99.9% of the population that doesn’t own a casino take the ideas in this article and think how you can incorporate them in your social media marketing.

This is article #2 in the “Your Business Series” check back as we add more articles about other types of businesses and how social media can benefit any kind of business.



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How To Use Social Media If You Own A Restaurant

Social Media Marketing For Your Restaurant

This is the first article in the new category Your Business Series. In this series of articles we will talk about how you can use social media for a specific industry.

Your Business Series Article #1 – How To Use Social Media If You Own A Restaurant.

Owning a restaurant is a fun yet complicated business venture. There are so many things that can go wrong. In fact most restaurants close within three years of opening. It’s a tough industry, but it also can be very rewarding. If operated right you can have a restaurant or multiple restaurants that runs itself with the right management. That could mean more time for you and your family. Of course it will take some hard work to get to that point. Social media marketing is part of that work. You will need to have a good social media marketing plan in place if you own a restaurant or multiple restaurants. If you are not sure if social media marketing is right for your business here are 10 reasons why you need to be doing social media marketing!

Get A Good Feel For Your Restaurant

Sit down and write down a good profile about your restaurant and how you want it to be perceived online. Do this before starting any social media marketing campaign. I compiled a nice list of Questions You Should Ask Before Starting A Social Media Marketing Campaign click on the link and feel free to use the questions when evaluating your restaurant and putting together a good profile that will help guide you when finding a personality for your restaurant.

Create Content!

Now that you put together a profile of your restaurant and know how you want your restaurant to be perceived online it’s time to start coming up with some good content for posting. This is the fun part! You want to come up with content that is eye catching and will get people to stop in their tracks while scrolling through their social media feed!

Good content can be graphics, pictures, links, live video or regular video just to name a few. Video is hot right now and growing bigger each day. As a restaurant a video or live video can be very powerful. Consider that when coming up with your social media marketing strategy.

Some Fun Content Ideas

  • Pictures of the food
  • Videos of the food
  • Pictures of people eating your food
  • Video of people eating your food
  • Pictures of any events the restaurant is hosting
  • Live Video of any events the restaurant is hosting
  • The Menu
  • Specials of the day
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Pictures of the restaurant
  • 360 degree videos of the restaurant
  • Live videos of your chefs making a meal and giving instructions and recipes on how to make a similar meal. Just don’t give away the secret recipes of your top or signature meals.
  • Pictures of any local sports teams you sponsor
  • Awards you have won as a restaurant
  • If you are remodeling or making some upgrades to the restaurant share them on social media.
  • The restaurant sign
  • Pictures of some of your top customers (with their permission)
  • Pictures and videos of your staff

That’s a short list I could go all day with all the stuff you could post! A restaurant can really be shown off on social media. The problem is a lot of restaurant owners don’t really know how to do it. Remember you cannot just keep promoting over and over. If your audience see’s this they will tune you out or worse unfollow you! Make the posts engaging and get people talking! Add value first and the customers will follow. Don’t worry about ROI right away. Social media marketing is a marathon and it will take time to build relationships. If you don’t rush it you will see results after awhile and it will be worth it.

How do I know that? Because as of the writing of this article that’s how I get about 70% of my business. Yes a social media marketing agency that walks the walk! I figured if we are a social media marketing agency we better live by what we preach and that means doing great social media marketing for our business as well as our clients. Some social media marketing agencies are not very good at promoting their own business. How are they going to be very valuable to you?? Before hiring a social media marketing agency make sure to check out their social media pages first. As a matter of fact if you want check out our social media pages. (you should see the social media buttons on this page)

Do Special Social Media Promotions

Ok back to how you can be more effective on social media. Another idea on top of the ones listed above is to do a special promotion only for people who follow you on social media. Instead of getting into all of that here is an article I wrote on How to do Facebook Fan Only Promotions. Once you read that you can apply the same principles to other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat, and any other social media platforms that come along in the future. Giving you fans a special promotion shows you care and that you appreciate that they follow you on social media. It’s a great way to build a rapport with your fans on social media.

Just Have Fun!

A restaurant is a fun business and you are only limited by your own creativity. I love helping restaurants with their social media accounts because it is one industry where you can get really creative with the marketing! Use some of the advice in this article along with some of the other articles mentioned in here. Put together a plan and go with it! If it is not working change it up. Marketing is just a series of many tests and trials to see what works. Keep the stuff that is working and throw out the stuff that isn’t working.


Restaurant Statistics From 2015

  1. 8 out of 10 consumers will visit a restaurant in off peak times. This is true especially if there is a deal and they can save money.
  2. 76% prefer to visit a restaurant with healthy options.
  3. 70% of smartphone users use their phone to look at menus before visiting a restaurant.
  4. 6 Out of 10 chefs encourage customers to take pictures of their food to post on social media!
  5. Sales in the restaurant industry top $566 Billion.
  6. 13 million people work in the restaurant industry in the U.S. roughly 9% of the workforce
  7. 89% of customers say they have researched a restaurant before dining there.


Thanks for reading I hope you learned some ways you can incorporate social media marketing into your restaurant! I would love to hear from you! Have you used any of the techniques from this article for your restaurant? If so let me know how it worked out for you in the comments below.


If you would like to learn more about the benefits of social media call us at 920-246-7060!

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