Having A Partner Who Believes In You Is A Gift!

Having a Great Partner Is Crucial For Success


One of the most important parts of being successful is to have a partner who believes in you and believes you can do big things. A person who will never give up on you. Having someone who will stand alongside you and support you in anyway necessary to help you both reach your goals.

Time To Talk

I never get to talk about this because I never know how or when to do it. My beautiful wife (Beth) believes in me with all her heart and soul and I couldn’t be more appreciative of this. We’ve been together over 15 years (as of writing this) and she still encourages me and tells me that I will be super successful. She has worked many, many hours to pay the bills while giving me the opportunity to create businesses and without the time she gave me I wouldn’t have accomplished much. One business worked out and many others didn’t, but I never let that stop me. All it takes is one business to take off! I think that every successful person should have a partner like I have. A person who will stand beside you no matter how hot the fire gets! This article is to thank her for all she has done and to let everyone know that nobody can do it all alone.

A Great Friend

I am the luckiest man on this earth! I found a woman who believes in me and who has always believed in me no matter what. She is my wife and my best friend! Without her I might have given up on my dreams long ago. Having someone like her has always given me a reason to keep going. She believes in me more than I believe in myself. Sometimes I wonder why does she believe in me so much? Is there something about me I don’t see? Can I really be that convincing to her that I will be a huge success? I’m still not sure, but I do know she really does believe in me big time! She is not just my wife she is my best friend!

wedding picture

Stay Away From The Wrong People

I always had big dreams and couldn’t stand working for someone for as long as I could remember. I can not explain it, but the thought of punching a clock made me feel sick. I have worked many places in my younger years and I never ever enjoyed any of them. Sure I got by and did my time, but could never imagine myself working at any of those places my whole life. It’s a mindset I have and I can’t change it and never would. Life is short and we are not meant to be here to be average and just get by.

People who have the “average” mindset never understood my thinking. I have heard dumb comments by people who would never take a risk and build their own company. These same people even had the nerve to give me career advice! Never take advice from someone who doesn’t think and act above average! I won’t even talk to some of these people anymore because I don’t want their average thinking rubbing off on me. Stay away from those people because after awhile no matter how you try to shake it off it will rub off on you.

I’ve had people try to discourage me long ago even when I was 18 and 19 years old when I was trying to start an events company. They would tell me that maybe I should get a “real job” and that I need to start thinking realistically. A real job!? What the hell is that anyway! Is a real job something they think as real success? The same people who gave that advice long ago didn’t get anywhere since then and some even went backwards. Wow!… I am lucky I didn’t take their amazing advice! Haters will try to bring you down to their level. It will only work if you let them get to you. Embrace your haters and let them serve as more wood for your fire.

I am stubborn and I am glad for that. By stubborn I mean I wouldn’t take bad advice and get discouraged. I didn’t care if it took me 30 years I was going to be a success! Don’t ever listen to people if you wouldn’t want their life. Take advice only from successful people that you look up to. Stay away from the miserable people who will always try to bring you down. It’s really easy, just stay busy pursuing your dreams and you won’t have time for those people. If you are are busy working on your own success you won’t even hear them when they come within shouting range because you will be too focused to really care what they are saying.

anniversary picture
10 Year Anniversary 2014

She Always Believed In Me

Having such a great wife that believes in me makes me feel successful even on tough days. I don’t need to hear anyone else’s advice or criticism all I need to hear is her sweet voice always encouraging me. Even after writing this post I can’t put it into words how lucky I am to be her husband. Some things are too hard to put into words. I could not even give a speech at our 10 year anniversary party because I could not find the right words to explain my feelings for her. I just know that what we have could never fully be put into words and that is a good thing. If it’s so good you can’t explain it, then it must be beyond this world!

If you need to go around trying to convince people how good your relationship is then it probably isn’t that good. Some people try to make their relationship look so great on social media. It looks all good, but that is only a front for some people. (not all, just some people) When it’s genuine you will know and won’t have to explain it or put on a show for others. That is what my wife and I have and it’s amazing!

Beth always, always, always believed in me and I am so grateful for that. She never doubted me and always knew that I would do more than just work a basic job. She was willing to suffer financially during some tough times (years) even when the future wasn’t looking so good. Nobody wants to suffer financially because it sucks and it sucks bad! I’ve been there too many times to count and will never go back! My wife never gave up on me in those tough times and because of that I was able to keep moving forward. Even when I didn’t have enough money to even buy business cards!

When things were bad financially she wouldn’t even let me get a job because she knew it could take my focus away from our big goals. She was willing to struggle and deal with some temporary discomfort for the big picture. Some people give up because the temporary discomfort is too much to handle. Not us!

You just keep moving forward even if it’s one small step at a time! Every single little step will help lead you to your bigger goals. The main thing is to keep going! Don’t take the easy way out and quit. Adjust your plans if needed, but don’t quit. Having a great wife has helped me to realize some of my goals and to know that I must keep working on them.

Stand Side By Side

My wife and I are always side by side as a team. I would never say I have a strong wife behind me. No, she is right beside me ready to take on anything and anyone! A super strong woman who made me super strong! When we are standing side by side nothing can stop us. Nobody can discourage us and no person or situation can ever defeat us. We are a great team and if you can find a partner like that it will go a long way in your future success! Thank you Beth for everything and for never giving up on me and always standing by my side.

Still More To Do

I still have lots more to do in the business world and as long as I have my wife by my side I know I will conquer even more goals. I am now just getting the boulder rolling after years of pushing it uphill. The trick is to keep the momentum going! Success is a tricky thing because if you let up it could stop completely. Keep it going and don’t rest when things start to go your way. As a matter of fact when things start going your way hit it even harder because with all that momentum you will be able to achieve even greater success at an even faster rate.

It’s funny how nothing happens for a long a long time and after lots of work things start to get rolling more and more. If I wouldn’t have changed courses in business so many times in the past I could be a lot further with my goals, but I learned from the past and gained so many more skills to make my current business “Fun To Be Social” a success. If there’s anything I learned that is of the most value is to never ever, ever, ever, ever give up! If things aren’t going in the right direction just change your approach, but don’t give up.

Having a great partner in life will be a big key to success. If you are lucky enough to have that don’t ever let them down if they believe in you! Just think about that every time you want to quit. Think about how you don’t want to let your partner down because anyone who believes in you and encourages you should never be let down. They should be able to see you succeed so that they knew they weren’t wrong for trusting in you. They should be able to celebrate with you in your success.

Together Over 15 Years
Together Over 15 Years


I don’t think I could be a success if I had a wife who thought average and expected me to think the same. My wife never really thought big before meeting me, but since being together she realized that going by the “status quo” was not the way life was supposed to be lived. Anybody can live an average life. That’s why the middle class is the biggest class in our society. Schools taught us that is where we should live. People are conditioned at a young age to get a job, save money, and have a family. It’s a trap that most fall into. Whether you agree with me or not it’s the cold hard facts. Being average and shooting for mediocre goals is a crappy way to live a life!

If being average was so great they would start writing books on how to be average. Very few people would read a book about being average. That’s why there are so many books about success and that’s why some people have made lots and lots of money talking and writing about success. People like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Napoleon Hill and many more have made careers about thinking above average.


Strive For More!

After years of being together our goals have gotten bigger and we talk a lot about our future all the time. We always set new goals to strive for and that keeps our relationship fresh. Couples always need something to look forward to. Beth and I will always have something new to look forward to and new goals to strive for. It’s what makes life exciting and it’s what makes our relationship great.

Quick Story: Just two years ago we decided to leave the cold Wisconsin winters and moved across the country to Nevada. We wanted to enjoy the warm beautiful, sunny winters. It was a big move and there was a lot of uncertainty, but we had faith our plans would work out and that I could continue my business out in Nevada. My wife left a job she loved and took the risk by moving not knowing if she would find something she liked as much. I’m proud to say it worked out great and I’m glad we took that risk. We are doing better now than we ever have. Business is going great and my wife found a job she loves! We even get to go back to Wisconsin to visit family and friends in the summer. The risk and uncertainty of the move might have scared a lot of couples from ever doing it, but we embraced the challenge together.

Don’t be afraid of change and risk. Living in the safe zone is not a way to live, put yourself out there and take on challenges together and if your relationship is strong it will make it stronger and better.


In Conclusion

I will never let my wife down because she has never let me down! Always remember that having a partner who believes in you is a gift! Work together and set BIG goals together and success will be so much sweeter!



How has having a supportive partner benefited you and your drive for success? Share your story in the comments below!



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