How To Actually Enjoy Your Time Off

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Do you always have errands and things to do on your days off? You should use your days off to unwind and refresh!


I understand that everybody has different situations. If you have kids and need to bring them to school or activities you need to do that on your days off. That kind of thing is understandable, but what I don’t understand is why people save all their chores or errands for their days off?? There are ways you can actually enjoy your days off without putting off important things that need to get done.

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Shop On Your Work Days

It can be a lot to do things on the days you work, but if you can get some basic stuff done on days you work it will free up time later. Shopping is one of them. I hate grocery shopping, but my wife and I like to get this done on days we work. This way we can stay out of the grocery stores on our days off. I don’t understand why someone would want to grocery shop on their days off. It just seems like a boring way to spend free time.

If you have off on the weekend try to plan your grocery shopping for a Wednesday or a Thursday. Once you get into this habit you will not regret it.


Clean Early

If you clean your place on your days off that is one thing you won’t have to worry about when you have some time off. If you don’t have time for that maybe hire somebody to come in and clean while you work.

If you have kids this one will be hard to do because if you’re a parent you know cleaning is basically an everyday thing. My suggestion is to do the bigger stuff during your work days so that way on your days off you can just do the smaller stuff to keep your place kept up.


Get Other Errands Done

Whether you have to run to the hardware store or the department store to pick up miscellaneous items you can do this on your work days also. I personally like to stay out the stores on the weekends if I can. They are usually busy and it seems like everybody is shopping on the same day.

So if you have things to buy for around the house go get them on your work days. Who wants to miss a football game because they are out shopping! I know you won’t catch me shopping on the weekends during football season!! 🙂


Get Work Tasks Done

If you have things you have been putting off try to get them done little by little so that they won’t be on your mind. Even if you had to get to work a little early everyday just get there and work on the things you have been putting off. On your days off you won’t have to think about these things and you can focus on having fun and recharging!

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Make Your To Do List On Your Last Day

Put together things that you need to do when you get back to work on a list. Put it in writing so it’s not on your mind on your days off. I do this all the time and trust me it works great! I write down all the things I need to get done when I get back. It’s like freeing your mind so that you don’t have to think about that stuff all the time. It helps me to unwind and enjoy my time off. Try this and you will agree it works great!


Hire An Assistant

OK, I know this isn’t an option for everybody, but if you have the money in your budget this could really help free up more time. Even if you don’t want to pay a lot you could hire somebody one day per week to get small things done like shopping, cleaning, yard work, etc.

If hiring somebody can free up your time to let you recharge more on your days off it may be very beneficial. How can it be beneficial you ask? By recharging and getting away from work you can be more productive on the days that you do work. This can lead to more productive days which can lead to more income. More income could more than cover the cost of hiring someone to help with little chores and errands.


Enjoy Your Days Off!

Everybody needs a break here and there and by getting simple small tasks done before your days off you can really ENJOY your days off! Clearing your mind is essential to being more productive and to prevent burnout and fatigue. You want to do this because it can lead to more productive days when you are working.

Take a walk and smell the fresh air! Go for a swim, sit by the beach, go to a movie, or just do nothing. The point is your body and mind need a break every once in awhile so don’t save the mundane tasks for your days off! Get out and have fun and enjoy the days off that you earned!

During the week live by the motto Work Hard, Play Hard to keep you going. What’s the sense of life if you don’t take time for yourself and your family. Life is to be lived and working all the time is no life. Find the right balance so that you can create a happy balanced life.


What are some things that you do to enjoy your days off? Let us know on social media by sharing this article or leave a comment below!


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