How To Get More Customer Referrals


Referrals are one of the most effective ways to grow your business. If a customer gives you a referral the chances of closing that sale are much higher. The question is how do you get more referrals from your customers?


Make Your Customers Happy! 

If you give your customers amazing service they will be very happy and happy customers are more than willing to help you out! A happy customer will not hesitate to give you some great referrals. If they love what you offer and they are benefiting from it they will want some of their friends and business colleagues to benefit as well.

Happy customers will not shy away from helping you out if you are helping them tremendously. Your number one job is to give your customers the best service you possibly can. Even if it means losing a little money on the account. You can make up that loss later on their account or through a very good referral.


Ask For The Referral

If you don’t ask the chance is you won’t get a referral. You cannot ask for the referral too early! First you must take care of the customer with amazing service. You need to do this for awhile before asking for the referral. If you ask too early you could annoy the customer and possibly never get a referral.

I cannot give you a timeline on when to ask because it depends on your industry and what kind of service or product you offer. This could take a little testing to find out the best time to ask a customer for a referral. Take notes and find the optimum time to ask for a referral. It could be a month or six months after they become a customer. After awhile you will get a feel on when to ask a customer for a referral.

The one thing you MUST do is ASK! Use your best discretion on the timing of when you ask for a customer referral.


Make Up A Short Form Or Email Template

Make up a customer referral form. You can do this on paper and through email. Just a short form with four spaces for customer name, phone number, email, and business name. That’s all you really need to have on the customer referral form. Print them off and give them to your sales team to use or save the template in a Word or Google docs form to copy and paste in an email.

Doing this simple step will get you in the routine of asking for customer referrals.

Good customer service


Give Out A Referral Bonus

You have probably seen a lot of business do this. Something like “refer a friend and get a $100 referral bonus.” I see this a lot at places like dentist offices, health clubs, etc. It is very effective because something like $100 is a good price to get a new customer. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers! This gives them even more of a reason to tell their friends about you.

Sit down and figure out how you want to implement a customer referral bonus program. How much are you willing to give out for a referral? What are the stipulations before someone is paid? Is there a limit on how many people they can refer? Sit down and write up a referral bonus program that will benefit both you and your customers.

Once you figure out the details of your customer referral bonus program advertise and promote it. Put it on your social media pages. Have signs and posters in your office or store. Put it at the bottom of the customers receipts or invoice. Get the word out and don’t forget to tell them the reward they will get!


Ask Family and Friends

This could be a very easy way to get good customer referrals. Ask family and friends if they know of somebody who could benefit from your service or product. Most family and friends will be willing to help, but if they don’t know of anybody don’t keep asking. If you do have a customer referral bonus program in place let them know about it and pay them if any of their referrals becomes a customer! If you do this it will give them even more reason to get the word out for you.


In Closing

Customer referrals can be a big part of generating new business if you know how to get them! A lot of business owners don’t even have programs in place to get customer referrals. Some sales people are afraid to even ask for a referral.

If you offer a great service or product don’t miss out on the opportunities that customer referrals can bring to your business. Sit down with your team and figure out ways that you can get more customer referrals to generate more business. Successful businesses use the method of customer referrals and you should too!


Thank you for reading! What tips do you have for getting more customer referrals?


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