Social Media Changes So Fast!

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Social media changes so fast that even social media marketers heads are spinning on a daily basis! Just when you get used to something or a certain format they change it!

That’s not a bad thing. The reason for most changes is to improve the social media platform.

Just last year Instagram introduced Instagram Stories. Since then they have added so many features. It already looks totally different today than it did last year when it came out. Most of the improvements are meant to make it more fun for users. The new improvements encourage people to use the features more. The more people use the new features the more traffic they can generate and more traffic equals more ad revenue.

As a social media marketer it can be frustrating, but good at the same time. It is a daily task to read up on any new or upcoming changes to social media. If you don’t keep up with the changes you can get lost fast.

Keeping up with the changes to social media is very important because if you don’t you could be wasting money on advertising or you could lose opportunities to reach people with the new features they introduce.

My advice to you is to find a couple resources like Social Media Examiner or Social Media Today and read some articles daily to keep up with the constant changes in social media. It doesn’t take long maybe 15-20 minutes, but it will be worth your time to do some reading so that you can keep up or stay ahead of the competition.


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Author: Rocco Byczek

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