Why GenX Has It Good

Gen X

If you are born between 1961-1981 you are considered to be in Generation X. Millennials are the group born between 1981-1997. This article is about the benefits of being born in the Generation X era or even just a little after like an older Millennial. So I got you covered too Millennials.

I am not writing this article to bash any generation or age group. I wrote this to talk about the benefits of my generation. Each generation has it’s advantages, but below are some of the benefits I noticed with my age group.


Technology Back In The Day

If were born during 1975-1990 you are right in the sweet spot when it comes to technology and how it has changed. You grew up with very little technology, but you are not too old to have lived a lot of your adult life without it. You were young enough to keep up with technology as it grew. You are old enough to have gotten away with not having social media to catch your younger self doing dumb stuff. I am so glad that social media was not around when I was a kid! There would be some dumb stuff that I did probably posted on there that I would not want people to see today. 😀

I remember growing up and at 18 years old got my first phone in my car. It was the greatest thing in the world! It was a bag phone with a cord on it…lol. The bag part was the size of a big book. (that part carried the battery) I would call people on it and the first thing I would say is “I’m calling from the car on my car phone.” I thought it was so cool to tell people I was calling from my car! Don’t get me started on the cost! I could only talk for a couple minutes to who ever I called because the minutes were super expensive.

T.V.’s were still big huge boxy things when I grew up. A lot of times you needed two people to move a T.V. because they were so bulky. I remember seeing people who had a 32″ T.V. and thinking that they must be rich to have a T.V. that big. Today a 32″ T.V. is considered small.

Video game systems have come so far since I was growing up. My siblings and I were so excited to get a Nintendo in the mid 80’s! We would sit up and play all night and fight about who gets to play. Playing Super Mario Bros. I had to sit there and wait for player 1 to lose a life until I got my turn. It sucks to think about now, but I think the anticipation of getting my turn made it more fun. Today video game systems have such great graphics, speed, and features that I think people forget how ancient they used to be.

Technology has come so far since I was a kid. The best part about my generation is we got to experience it while it was still in it’s infancy. I think that alone helps us appreciate what we have today.


We Played Outside

Because technology wasn’t as far along as it is today I grew up in a generation that played outside a lot more than today’s generation. It was a fun time because we had to go outside or sit inside and be bored. I loved my childhood and am glad I grew up when I did.

Kids today do go outside and play, but I think a smaller percentage of them do now. It’s so easy to go on the phone and to communicate in so many ways that people don’t get together as much.


Learning Technology As We Go

When smartphones came out I was about 28 years old. When things started to advance more and more online I was still in my early 20’s. I was not very old when things were starting to take off in technology and I see that as an advantage. I was able to learn technology more as it was advancing.

Younger people have this advantage as well, but they don’t have the advantage of knowing life before technology. That’s why I think my generation is right in the sweet spot when it comes to being in between two worlds. One world with very little technology and another world with lots of technology.

If you are between 30-45 years old you will be in the same group as me. You have the best of both worlds right now. Your life experience along with your knowledge of today’s technology can be an advantage. How will you use it to create a better life today?


Author: Rocco Byczek

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