Your Next Post Could Be Your Last


When you post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. it could be your last ever. None of us know when our time is coming. Think about this when you post on social media.

Is what you are posting, tweeting, or sharing something that you can be proud of if it was your last? Let’s face it most people never think of this because nobody wants to think that they could be gone from this world soon. So people just post not thinking of this.

I have seen family and friends pass away over the last few years. Sometimes I learn about it on Facebook. It’s a sad thing to go on Facebook and find out someone you knew passed away. I then go on their Facebook page and read the comments and even scroll down to look at some of their last posts. I’m curious to see what they have been up to leading up to their last days.

I’m not writing this to bring you down. I’m writing this to give you some insight about posting on social media. None of know when our last day or hour will be. Think about this when posting on social media because your friends and followers will look at your last posts. Social media is like a journal of your life. Don’t leave things on there that you won’t be proud of.


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Author: Rocco Byczek

Social Media Marketing Specialist - Over 16 Years in Marketing - I Love Getting Creative With Marketing - Movie Guy - Sports Enthusiast - Entrepreneur - Loving Husband - Maybe Kind Of A Comedian or Sarcastic (depending on who you ask) - Appreciate The Little Things In Life "I've failed many times in business, but I never gave up and the rewards of never giving up are paying off." - Fail often, but NEVER Give Up! -

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